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The Mariah Carey Discography Rate Pt.1 • #13

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by vague, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. This version was lodged in my brain last night.
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  2. I think I gave it a 6 and I fear for my life ever since. I didn't think people on this forum loved it that much.
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  3. When was this?

    I feel like she's embarrassed by a fair bit of the first album but she did do Sent From Up Above not so long ago. I feel like we'll get Prisoner live one day.
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  4. I guess it’s simply ‘too pop’ for her taste nowadays.
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  5. She didn't like the changes that were made in the arrangement of the final version, as far as I read.
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  6. Interesting - a google seems to suggest she hates this song even more than Someday.

    She's loosely quoted as saying "That song was crap on the demo, crap on the album and it's still crap so stop asking or I'll get angry".
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  7. Wait, I've misread, I meant that comment about "Someday".
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  8. I actually don’t even remember hearing it on the radio as a kid. I assumed it was a European release. I didn’t know it come out here as a single too.
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  9. Not sure, I think the story was recounted on one of her threads here.

    WHOA. She said that about Prisoner?!
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  10. Then maybe it SHOULD win. Surely the best song should win, regardless of whether it’s a Christmas song or overplayed or whatever.
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  11. Supposedly. A while back, the post with that quote was from 2007.
    It was a response to a fan with a sign so either on the Charmbracelet or Mimi tour (I think the former).
    I'm sure she said it with a jokey tone though, it does read as very harsh for how she usually speaks.

    EDIT: A quick google also brings up this post:
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  12. Wow, well maybe one day she'll see the light! I read an interview lately where she said the label wanted to launch her with an "awful uptempo", which I think she said it didn't get released, but it would have been funny if it was Prisoner!

    Also I recently I found this site, which compiles quotes from Mariah and her co-writers about her songs:
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  13. What was the last thing she did with Walter? Did they have a falling out or did she just go in a diffferent direction? Do we think she’ll ever work with him again?
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  14. Anther similarity in our Mariah journey, I bought Music Box after Hero and instantly fell in love with Without You. It was a contender for my 11 along with Can't Let Go and Fantasy. I'm not actually sure I made the right decision now, and Im not talking about Without You...
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  15. Not me finally looking up Walter and realizing that he's basically Russian.
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  16. They last worked together on Butterfly, but they had a falling out during the recording process (I think he was siding with her ex-husband) so he views his work on Butterfly as "unfinished." She used a song from the Butterfly sessions "Lead the Way" on Glitter so that is there last official collaboration.

    I was very surprised when I watched a performance that Sophie Ellis-Bextor did on Russian X-Factor and found out he was a mentor!
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  17. Mariah hating Prisoner. Just breaks my heart.
  18. I know, right? I hate when a pop star hates one of their bops! Mariahs always been too interested in being seen as credible within the hip hop/r&b circles to ever truly appreciate more poppy songs like Prisoner. Shame.
  19. Prisoner, would have been a fantastic single and then some back in the day. It's only that even then I still can't fault the superb run of singles from the debut album, that I can deal.
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  20. 'Prisoner' sounds like a lost 80's pop classic. Probably why Mariah hates it.

    I want her to release 'Hypnotized' like now.
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