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The Mariah Carey Discography Rate Pt.1 • FINISHED

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by vague, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. an extra song or two is no biggie for me! I mean, that mix is one of personal faves and was a super last minute cut; in fact, I had already used the remix video for one of the front page graphics before I ultimately cut it ddd... I was just worried people would be like “why are we rating so many remixes?” dddd.

    I decided on just including “My All / Stay Awhile” and “I Still Believe / Pure Imagination” in the end because they’re basically brand new songs, and “Fantasy (Bad Boy Remix)” because it was a huge hit and had such an impact on Mariah’s career (and pop music as a whole tbh) afterward. I’m 100% willing to add the other remixes I cut back to the rate if t’s cool with y’all.
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  2. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Oh, I’d totally be up for rating the remixes as well! So many of them are so dramatically different from the originals - I love how Mariah used to resing the vocals for the remixes back in the day.
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  3. this one is gonna be interesting. I just know a few albums of hers. I'm in!
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  4. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    RIP all the Mimi ballads.
  5. I could wind up being an outlier in this rate, but I might actually adore Mariah’s ballads even more than her bops, especially earlier in her career. I was just doing a mental inventory in my head and the amount of 9-10 scores was real.
  6. okay, so the three alt vers/remixes I ended up cutting (and am now adding back ddd) were:

    -Anytime You Need A Friend (C+C Mix)
    -Always Be My Baby (Mr. Dupri Mix feat. Da Brat & Xscape)
    -Whenever You Call (with Brian McKnight)

    @londonrain I feel like you're way more knowledgeable of her remix discography than I am, so are there any others you feel should be included?
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  7. Added all 3 and rating! The more Mariah the better!
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  8. @Rhombus are you coming to show us girls how it’s done?

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  9. No, like a real diva, I'm too busy.

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  10. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I actually think this list is spot on:
    I would suggest the Bad Boy remix of Honey, but it doesn't really add much apart from having a different music video and more rap.

    How about the So So Def remix of Honey? That one was included on the Asian releases of Butterfly.

    You could also include the Def Club Radio Edit of Fantasy (which Mariah keeps performing live instead of the original version) but I think this short version never made it onto digital services.

    (There is a longer club edit on The Remixes, which is on digital services, but that might be a bit much for everyone to sit through.)
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  11. Won't be rating this one since I only know Mimi's biggest hits and I don't feel I could do her popjustice, but I'll be following along to see what y'all think are her best tracks! Also if My All doesn't place highly I'll hex you all.
  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    It was actually @P'NutButter's rate that made me decide to dive into Mariah's discography, and I have been a dedicated stan ever since. I'm really looking forward to doing this again, after having been able to live with and form a strong attachment to the material over the past few years.
  13. This will be my first time listening to the first two albums in full. I only know the singles and Prisoner!
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  14. I may actually do this as it covers The Original MariahTM period before 1997 and probably the best debut pop album of all time.

    I'll be over here enjoying my Mariah playlist:

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  15. agreed that "Honey (Bad Boy Mix)" isn't different enough to include as a separate song, but I'll add the So So Def Remix to the list.

    oh, man, even though I own The Remixes album, I'd never actually listened to that "Fantasy" mix, but it's great. however, since we're rating three different versions of the song already, I'm going to opt not to include it in the song list, unfortunately. hope that's okay with everyone.

    thank you for the recs, @londonrain!

    and with that, since no one else has asked for any other inclusions, I'm going to say the song list is done and settled. I've updated the opening post, the PM list, both playlists, and have also PMed our first two voters to alert them of the added tracks. thanks everyone ❤
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  16. Count me in!
    There are going to be so many tens for Daydream and Butterfly. My 11 is pretty much decided on as well!!!
  17. I'mma need for Someday to come in top 10. What a BANGER.

    I was fuming when I downloaded the non-NA 1s to Infinity & found it had been replaced by fucking Westlife.
  18. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I just want Mariah to actually put the single edit of Someday online. It still annoys me that it’s not on any of her compilations.

    Which version are we rating, @vague? The single mix or the album version?
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  19. I've known the words (by heart) to most of these tracks since I was a kid so I went into this confident that my 11 would be my favorite Emotions track....HOWEVER re-listening to my childhood favorites has me drowning in my feelings and now the pool for my 11 is 5 tracks deep. Hellllllppp Meh Agent M dahhhhlinng, you're my only hope.
  20. per the first post:
    so, feel free to rate whichever version you'd like! and if you’re planning on including commentary, you can just mention which version you’re rating there.
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