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The Mariah Carey Discography Rate Pt.1 • FINISHED

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by vague, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. I'd be up for a fourth part of all the highest ranked songs personally. Be nice to see all the best of the best fight it out for ultimate Mariah supremacy.
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  2. I would be more interested in an anti-rate like we did with Kylie that concerned fan favourite remixes, unreleased, tour versions and such other niche but high quality tracks.

    If there will be a top 50 of Mariah songs only I am afraid for much more troll votes to make sure certain faves can be higher. Basically all the rates together will provide a master list using the average (though I know not everyone votes in every rate; on second thought will there be such a difference in voter pool?!)
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  3. An Anti style rate, could be rather interesting too.
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  4. I'd be up for any extra Mariah rates if I'm honest. Love her too much.
  5. Eeek! Am on my final run of rating, and this choice of so many #11's, is all so overwhelming!!!
    What talent!
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  6. Ok, so have narrowed down my #11 to 3 songs! Almost there!!!
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  7. At long last, I've done it! Scores all sent in, now can sit back, relax and enjoy!
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  8. I'll get started on this tonight. Right now I have 7 options for my 11. The original rate was my first so I didn't know I could choose an 11. Serves me right for not reading the rules more carefully.
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  9. Good luck and hope you enjoy! I agree, just so many #11's to chose!
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  10. Literally me during this rate. Playing absolute havoc with my throat screeching for those notes but idc x

  11. I've given so many 10's for this rate, and quite frankly, am proud of the fact.
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  12. They really are album-worthy tracks!
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  13. They most certainly are, among her bets ever work for me.
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  14. Been putting in some progress on my ratings for this. I've finalized my actual ratings through Musicbox (might add some more commentary later, I'm not sure) and I started my first/preliminary listen of Daydream.

    I knew this was gonna be good but I'm shaken. The bops, the ballads, the everything on Daydream...


    Can't wait to hear everything else across these rates but especially Butterfly.
  15. we're three weeks away from the deadline, and i've received seven ballots so far, so here's a little leaderboard tea since i finally had a chance to enter the last couple of ballots into the spreadsheet tonight ddd~
    • the song in first place currently has an avg. of 10.167
    • the song in dead last has an avg. of 5.6 and is currently the only track with an avg. below 6
    • 17 songs currently have a 9+ avg., and 43 have an 8+ avg.
    • the album track with the highest score is currently at no.4 (and is an unexpected choice, i think)
    • the song with the most 11s (three, so far) is currently sitting at no.7
    • no other track has gotten more than one 11 yet
    i'm pretty surprised at how things are turning out so far, but there is still plenty of time for things to change, so gets your ballots in!
  16. I've been meaning to get this done but Madonna's new album and a whole bunch of k-pop releases have distracted me ddddd.

    I really don't know what could actually win, there's a bunch of songs I feel are all widely beloved by fans. Albums wise I expect Butterfly to do the best overall, but really none of the albums will do bad, Music Box will lose all of its songs first, that's for sure.
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  17. Just finished Hurts and am wrapping up my P!nk scores, then it will be a Mariahthon. Could rate everything by heart but listening through usually strikes up more accurate thoughts.
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  18. I have such a soft spot for the classic 90s albums. My mum is a huge fan of the early Mariah and she had the albums on repeat when me and my sister were little. She even listened to ‘Emotions’ when she was pregnant with me. Thanks to that I’ve always known the songs by heart and what a surprise was that’s actually Mariah later on when I was actively exploring her stuff. Thanks Mom and Mariah for making me gay I guess!
    Less talking, more ranking Lapras.
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  19. Wow! Goes to show just how high quality her work is, if even the lowest score gets a average of that!
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