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The Mariah Carey Discography Rate Pt.1 • FINISHED

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by vague, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. I know there are two bonus/b-sides tracks from the Glitter and Charmbracelet eras, "There Goes My Heart" and "There For Me."

    Edit: There's also "When I Feel It", but it's an unreleased track from the Emancipation era.
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  2. thanks! I'll give them all a listen and then see about adding them to the song list.

    thanks for the suggestions! "There Goes My Heart" and "There For Me" are both already included in the song list, but I don't think I'll include "When I Feel It" since it wasn't officially released. I know someone (was it @The Hot Rock?) mentioned an interest in doing a pt.4 of the rate with leaks/unreleased stuff last year. we can discuss its inclusion if there's enough interest in doing that once the main rates have finished. I'm honestly not even sure how many leaks/unreleased songs she's actually got.
  3. she really hasn't got a lot leaked honestly...only like six actual solo leaked tracks and we're not making love and then we have shit like friends and the damizza collabs which i dont know if they were actually released back then or not.
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  4. [​IMG]

    please come join us to rate "Rainbow", "Glitter", "Charmbracelet", and "The Emancipation of Mimi"!​
  5. While people are complaining about rate fatigue, I decided to do this rate so I can have a rating of all the Mariah albums by the part 3 of this rate. And that was a great decision as you can see below that I found some incredible albums that have been on repeat in the last few weeks.

    Album Averages

    Daydream : 9.1 (10 x 4)
    Mariah Carey : 8.8 (10 x 3)
    Butterfly : 8.7 (10 x 5) (This would be 9.1 if it wasn't for the Prince cover)
    Music Box : 8.2 (10 x 2)
    Emotions : 5.9 (10 x 1) (Ddd)

    Some thoughts about the results:

    - Y'all did the ballads so so wrong. I understand the hatred for ballads in other artists' rates but in the Mariah rate when she has some of the best ballads ever?

    - That top 10 is so iconic though. I think I gave almost everything on there a 10.

    - The only difference that I think I would make if I had participated is that Music Box probably wouldn't be her lowest rated album anymore nn.

    Also I'm going to share my scores because why not.

    Vision Of Love - 10
    There's Got To Be A Way - 8
    I Don't Wanna Cry - 9
    Someday - 10
    Vanishing - 6.5
    All In Your Mind - 8.5
    Alone In Love - 8.5
    You Need Me - 9
    Sent From Up Above - 8.5
    Prisoner - 10
    Love Takes Time - 9

    Emotions - 10
    And You Don't Remember - 7.5
    Can't Let Go - 7
    Make It Happen - 8.5
    If It's Over - 3
    You're So Cold - 7
    So Blessed - 6
    To Be Around You - 5
    Till The End Of Time - 3
    The Wind - 2

    Dreamlover - 10
    Hero - 10
    Anytime You Need A Friend - 6
    Music Box - 9.5
    Now That I Know - 9.5
    Never Forget You - 7
    Without You - 8
    Just To Hold You Once Again - 7
    I've Been Thinking About You - 7
    All I've Ever Wanted - 8

    Fantasy - 10
    Underneath The Stars - 10 (11 contender)
    One Sweet Day - 9.5
    Open Arms - 9
    Always Be My Baby - 10 (Strong 11 contender)
    I Am Free - 8
    When I Saw You - 9.5
    Long Ago - 8.5
    Melt Away - 10
    Forever - 8
    Daydream Interlude (Fantasy Sweet Dub Mix) - 7
    Looking In - 9.5

    Honey - 10
    Butterfly - 9
    My All - 11
    The Roof - 10 (Almost my 11)
    Fourth Of July - 8
    Breakdown - 9
    Babydoll - 8.5
    Close My Eyes - 10
    Whenever You Call - 10
    Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) - 6.5
    The Beautiful Ones - 4
    Outside - 8.5
  6. Me thinking part 2 finished and being puzzled how much I missed during the forum breakdown.
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  7. ddd same!

    I was thinking miss vague did a mass reveal of fifty songs at once and quit.
  8. Thus causing the servers to meltdown - it would be an iconic exit if ever there was one!
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  9. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

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  10. I rated the other 4 albums first and then I realized that I have only two scores below 7, so I decided to be a bit meaner on this gospel album dd.
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  11. Literally same.
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