The Mariah Carey Discography Rate Pt.1 • FINISHED

For those folks opposed to rappers on a track, there is a version of that remix without them.

'You Need Me' like I mentioned in my commentary, is the low point of her debut. It sounds like an early eighties production, yet it's on an album that came out in 1990...
With some of the losses we've had much earlier there's people upset over So So Def Remixes leaving now?
As far as the Extras remixes are concerned, Anytime You Need a Friend is the only one that deserves to go far, Always Be My Baby is alright, everything else should be long gone by this point. I thought that the Extras section in general was just a reason for the Music Box B Sides to be included, but people really are trying with some of these remixes.
‘Sweetheart’ still being in is a joke.



A full moon is waiting in the twilight
Maybe soon you will come to be my night
Here we are, hoping that we never part
Stay with me, baby, won't you be my sweetheart



with JD

Score: 7.472
High scores: 10×6 (@playboy69, @Jimmyandroid, @GimmeWork, @Daniel_O, @BreatheBox, @Remorque), 9.5×1 (@ysev), 9×7 (@Music Is Life, @Imagineitwasus, @soratami, @Ana Raquel, @godspeed, @PayMe, @Oleander)
Low scores: 4×5 (@CasuallyCrazed, @Slice of Life, @mokitsu, @Veeis, @RainOnFire), 5×1 (@Sprockrooster), 6×6 (@ohaimanabu, @nikkysan, @pop3blow2, @londonrain, @Mushroom, @Seventeen Days)
My score: 8.75

5 ballots: #34 (tied), 8.65 avg.
10 ballots: #31, 8.505 avg.
15 ballots: #39, 8.27 avg.
20 ballots: #41, 7.978 avg.
25 ballots: #41, 8.002 avg.
30 ballots: #43, 7.868 avg.
35 ballots: #38, 7.837 avg.
40 ballots: #48, 7.533 avg.
45 ballots: #49, 7.573 avg.
50 ballots: #50, 7.486 avg.
55 ballots: #48, 7.533 avg.
60 ballots: #50, 7.48 avg.
61 ballots: #50, 7.472 avg.

"Sweetheart" is one of five new tracks on Mariah's first compilation album "#1's", and is a cover of Rainy Davis' 1987 single. Its lyrics and music were written by Rainy Davis and Pete Warner and Mariah's cover was arranged and produced by herself and Jermaine Dupri. "Sweetheart" was first released on Jermaine Dupri's album "Life In 1472" on July 21, 1998, and was released as the album's third single on October 6, 1998. Sony had planned to give the track full single treatment with maxi CD singles already pressed ready for release, but abruptly canceled those plans at the last minute. Some of those CDs had already been shipped to stores before the cancelation and, thus, were still sold throughout late 1998.

Mariah chose to include the track on her first greatest hits compilation as well since she had been a fan of the song when she was younger, saying, "I was thinking of the old songs I used to listen to when I was in school. It's a really cute record. Young girls'll like it the way I liked it when I was growing up". "Sweetheart" also appears on three of Mariah's other compilation albums: "Greatest Hits", "The Remixes", and "The Essential Mariah Carey".

I've mentioned before that "1's" was my first Mariah album, so (almost) all of those songs are firm faves of mine to this day. I listened to that album so often on my walkman when I was a kid that about half of the songs ended up skipping dddd. One of my most-played tracks was "Sweetheart"... actually, it was probably thee most-played song from the album to the point where I actually got sick to death of it for a few years and didn't listen to again until fairly recently. I nearly gave it a 10 for the nostalgia alone, but I don't think it's aged that well dddd. Still, it's fun as hell and a super solid song for what it is - and doesn't try to be any deeper than that.​

@Jimmyandroid (10) — "Such a bop, I've always thought this deserved more success."

@BreatheBox (10) — "i used to think this track is boring but now i LOVE IT."

@ysev (9.5) — "Bop. Bop. Bop!"

@Music Is Life (9) — "Another great single, perfect to open this collection. How come this didn't go number one too? It's such a bop."

@Imagineitwasus (9) — "I have a soft spot for this one. It's so groovy and metallic. Back in 1997 when #1's was the first CD I bought ever, I used to keep repeating it with my headphones on."

@godspeed (9) — "When this thread was announced, I wondered if we'd get to rate 'Sweetheart' and I am so happy we do! As I've probably said twenty times - unless this leaves early which I wouldn't surprised if it does - 'hip hop Mariah' is, to me, Mariah at her best. I love when she works with Jermaine Dupri on this kind of tracks where it's not about belting and being the greatest singer in the world but just about having fun and making a song that is tongue-in-cheek. 'Sweetheart' is an extremely underrated track in Mariah's catalog in my opinion. That music video was also absolutely glorious."

@WhatKindOfKylie? (8) — "SO late 90's it hurts! Not a bad thing of course, but wish also we had an original bop from Mariah on #1's, to sit with the 3 ballads."

@DominoDancing (8) — "Really quite good. I listened to Rainy Davis' version for the first time in the context of this rate (love this Soul Train performance:
and I've been going back and forward on which version I prefer. Davis' version is a bit more straightforward pop I guess, while Mariah/Dupri's version has the nostalgia factor of being released when I was 14."

@RUNAWAY (7.5) — "I've never been as big a fan of this song as everyone else seems to be. It just feels kind of basic to me, and I'm also not a Jermaine Dupri fan, oh at all."

@bonnieetclyde (7) — "average."

@abael (7) — "Has a promising intro and chorus, but doesn't do enough to capitalise on them with slack production."

@pop3blow2 (6) — "Meh. Not a great song or overall collab."

@londonrain (6) — "This is a bop, but in a rate full of classics, a cover from a Jermaine Dupri album just can't compete. I still think it deserved better than it got as a single, though."

@Sprockrooster (5) — "Aside of the middle-8 this production comes over as extremely lazy and it looks like Mimi is not even tryin'. Mariah and rappers have sounded more lush (Lil' L.O.V.E., I Know What You Want and even Triumphant)."

@mokitsu (4) — "This song just isn't it. It feels like a pre-cursor to some of the filler on Rainbow (namely How Much which is a Jermaine production)."

@Veeis (4) — "It's really nothing special."​

(flashing light warning starting at 2:33)

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Well, I jinxed it.

Yeah, this isn't a good day for you in this rate ddddd​


And daydream is all that I can do
I feel raptured over you
In silence, I keep it to myself
Come and take me, don't want nobody else


"Daydream Interlude (Fantasy Sweet Dub Mix)"

Score: 7.500
High scores: 10×5 (@Ana Raquel, @ysev, @japanbonustrack, @Blond, @codecat), 9×11 (@Music Is Life, @GimmeWork, @Womanizer, @The Hot Rock, @Maria, @Tigerlily, @Sprockrooster, @abael, @soratami, @nikkysan, @Seventeen Days), 8.5×7 (@pop3blow2, @Slice of Life, @evilsin, @mokitsu, @LeBratt, @Veeis, @Island)
Low scores: 1×1 (@WhatKindOfKylie?), 2×1 (@Sail On), 3×1 (@Daniel_O)
My score: 8.25

5 ballots: #71, 6.65 avg.
10 ballots: #55 (tied), 7.525 avg.
15 ballots: #62, 7.483 avg.
20 ballots: #59, 7.463 avg.
25 ballots: #50, 7.69 avg.
30 ballots: #50, 7.642 avg.
35 ballots: #47, 7.636 avg.
40 ballots: #49, 7.519 avg.
45 ballots: #50 (tied), 7.511 avg.
50 ballots: #48 (tied), 7.49 avg.
55 ballots: #47, 7.564 avg.
60 ballots: #48, 7.508 avg.
61 ballots: #49, 7.5 avg.

"Daydream Interlude (Fantasy Sweet Dub Mix)" is the eleventh track from "Daydream", and is, of course, a remix of the album's lead single "Fantasy". Its lyrics were written by Mariah, Chris Frantz, and Tina Weymouth; its music was written by Mariah, Dave Hall, Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth, Adrian Belew, and Steven S. Stanley; and it was arranged and produced by Mariah and David Morales. The full-length, 8-minute version of the remix was released exclusively on the UK CD2 maxi-single of "Fantasy".

God, I love this remix. Listening to Mariah hit those glorious whistles and coo over a house beat for 8 minutes is honestly my idea of heaven. This does seem like the perfect time for it to go, though. I'm just glad it made the top 50 and didn't overstay its welcome to the point where people were constantly calling its elimination.​

@Ana Raquel (10) — "Not the 3-minute interlude being one of my favorites ddddddd."

@Blond (10) — "I NEED a Mariah album produced by Kaytranada which sounds exactly like this."

@Music Is Life (9) — "This dance mix is... interesting. It's actually pretty good, and I like that it has different lyrics. (It does, right? That's not just me hearing things?) But I prefer the original." (dddd yes this does have mostly new lyrics)

@The Hot Rock (9) — "I saw an interlude was listed in this rate and was ready to give this a 5 or something but it slayed."

@Sprockrooster (9) — "Morales is doing fantastic production. Definitely among his best."

@abael (9) — "Definitely a great switch up, and does what an interlude should, and perk you up a bit."

@Seventeen Days (9) — "Yasss, give me that house bop! I can't believe there was a point where this was my least favorite track on the album."

@pop3blow2 (8.5) — "An interlude doesn't deserve to be this good (or this long!) really. She did that, because she's Mariah-effing-Carey."

@evilsin (8.5) — "Classy AF. I love this even if it sounds a bit out of place on the album."

@mokitsu (8.5) — "Definitely one of the album's more inventive moments - aptly placed after the mid-section of the album which, while excellent, is a bit Mariah-by-numbers. Ever since she performed it as the intro to The Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour I have had the best memories associated with it."

@Veeis (8.5) — "I love how she WENT out with that song, vocally and musically. Great interlude."

@ohaimanabu (8) — "So good, even in its truncated form!"

@godspeed (7.5) — "I love how Mariah included these house mixes on both Daydream and Butterfly. Even though the 'Butterfly' reprise remains my favorite out of the two, this one is very nice as well and such a surprising moment on the album. I'll be honest, this might be one of the only song that I skip on the album from time to time, but I still love it because THIS was Mariah being in control of her music and her career and doing whatever the hell she wanted and that is nice."

@bonnieetclyde (7) — "not much to say about this. It is what it is."

@DominoDancing (5.5) — "If it weren't for some of those whistle notes, this would be totally generic wailing over a generic beat. Not very convincing."

@WhatKindOfKylie? (1) — "I just don't get the point of interludes. Especially when another new full song could have taken its place instead. Sorry."​

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