The Mariah Carey Discography Rate Pt.1 • FINISHED

Quite what the Bad Boy remix of Fantasy is still doing here after outlasting so many classics is utterly beyond me.
It’s one of the classics, honey. What you gonna do when you get out of jail?


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I don't have an issue with remixes generally - the Always Be My Baby remix is legitimately good and is basically a completely different song from the original.

The Fantasy remix is basically ODB shouting all over the track with all the best bits of the melody taken out.
In my rush to get the cuts posted yesterday, I forgot to mention that we'd be losing another 11 today . . .

It's not this song . . .

However, both cuts today have the same score . . .


I was so enraptured
No sensibility to open my eyes
I misunderstood
Now you're fading faster


#29 (tie)

Score: 8.021
High scores: 10×14 (@P'NutButter, @WhatKindOfKylie?, @Imagineitwasus, @ohaimanabu, @RUNAWAY, @nikkysan, @pop3blow2, @londonrain, @Lapras, @LeBratt, @Veeis, @Oleander, @codecat, @Island), 9.5×4 (@Jimmyandroid, @godspeed, @japanbonustrack, @RainOnFire), 9×9 (@Music Is Life, @GimmeWork, @Womanizer, @The Hot Rock, @EricG1990, @tylerc904, @AdzBrown, @Slice of Life, @Mushroom)
Low scores: 3×1 (@playboy69), 3.5×1 (@Aester), 4×3 (@Ana Raquel, @Hurricane Drunk, @DominoDancing)
My score: 8.25

5 ballots: #49, 8.05 avg.
10 ballots: #37 (tied), 8.425 avg.
15 ballots: #33, 8.483 avg.
20 ballots: #31, 8.388 avg.
25 ballots: #33 (tied), 8.15 avg.
30 ballots: #27, 8.258 avg.
35 ballots: #28, 8.136 avg.
40 ballots: #31, 7.994 avg.
45 ballots: #32, 8.017 avg.
50 ballots: #34, 7.876 avg.
55 ballots: #33, 7.996 avg.
60 ballots: #29, 8.072 avg.
61 ballots: #29 (tied), 8.021 avg.

Kicking off the second (and final) tie of the rate is "Vanishing", the fifth track from Mariah's self-titled debut album. "Vanishing" was written, composed, and arranged by Mariah and Ben Margulies, and was produced solely by Mariah.

To be honest, I normally wouldn't really care for something so simplistic, but Mariah is able to keep my rapt attention throughout the whole track. Is it just because I'm a stan? maybeso.gif but there's no denying the pure talent on display here whether you like the song or not. Come to think of it, as Mariah's first self-produced track, it actually was incredibly smart of her to keep the arrangement relatively simple thus allowing the song to solely showcase her divine vocals and incredible way with words. A genius... literally a genius.​

@P'NutButter (10) — "The finest female vocal display, ever. Helps the song is stunning too."

@WhatKindOfKylie? (10) — "Out of all the songs from Mariah Carey aka the greatest debut album of all time, I think it is Vanishing, that showcases the young and ambitious talent and singer songwriter genius of Mariah Carey. This is just a flawless song from start to finish and easily one of the most strong accomplishments she's ever done."

@Imagineitwasus (10) — "A stunner."

@ohaimanabu (10) — "Somebody's doing the wrong note. And it's me constantly singing my damn heart out to this. Let it be known that I do not do balladry, but Mariah's such a vocal wonder that it makes these early cuts impossible to skip."

@pop3blow2 (10) — "This was an 11 contender. My favorite song on debut. When people would try to tell me Mariah wasn't a legit artist because, you know, she made stupid pop music. I would just say, 'have you heard Vanishing'?' They would say no & I'd say this conversation is over. Her best vocal on the album & that saying something. The actual song is a masterpiece of songwriting.... like 70's era Carole King/Paul Simon level-shit."

@londonrain (10) — "The vocals. Who knew you could chuck so much melisma at the word 'vanishing'?"

@Veeis (10) — "The first song that I've ever heard from Mariah and I adore it, it's one of the best ballads of her whole discography. Those runs are truly heavenly."

@Jimmyandroid (9.5) — "Stunning vocal."

@godspeed (9.5) — "It's a stunning song. Really stunning. The kind of song that leaves me speechless and that's why I can't come up with something more interesting to write. Lyrically speaking, it's up there with 'The Roof,' 'Looking In,' 'Underneath The Stars' and 'Outside'. Vocally, it's also one of her most beautiful and passionate performance. And that Saturday Night Live performance... WOW!"

@Music Is Life (9) — "Another great ballad that shows off her soulful voice. I really like the lyrics in this one as well. The piano is gorgeous."

@GimmeWork (9) — "Whew! The power her voice has at the close of this song is it!"

@Womanizer (9) — "An incredibly unique gem in Mimi's discography."

@lalaclairi_ (8.5) — "One of her many outstanding vocal performances."

@evilsin (8.5) — "Ooh, the vocal gymnastics are real in this one. Wig."

@bonnieetclyde (7.5) — "great vocal but I don't find the song particularly memorable."

@Seventeen Days (7) — "A little jazz, a little gospel, and stir vigorously. I'm not totally sold on this one, but it's got a decent vibe in there."

@abael (6) — "It's polished, sounds like 90s Mariah, but this isn't enough. Boilerplate balladry, with the chorus being notably poor."

@If You Go (6) — "I never really got the 'hype' over this song, but it somewhat clicked with me while listening to it during this rate I was originally going to give it a 4!"

@BreatheBox (6) — "live performances of the song are way better than the studio version."

@Oceandrive (5) — "I know this is kind of iconic within Lambily Folklore and its one hell of a vocal ... it's just kinda boring?"

@DominoDancing (4) — "Really dislike the vocal hook, and her wailing towards the end of the song is one of the very few instances were Mariah's vocals actually kinda annoy me."​

And the second part of our last tie of the rate is someone's 11 . . .


And I'm truly inspired
Finding my soul there in your eyes
And you have opened my heart and lifted me inside
By showing me yourself undisguised


#29 (tie)
"Whenever You Call"

Score: 8.021
High scores: 11×1 (@RainOnFire), 10×11 (@playboy69, @EricG1990, @tylerc904, @Robsolete, @japanbonustrack, @londonrain, @Slice of Life, @Lost In Japan., @Oleander, @Remorque, @Posh Spears), 9.7×1 (@Womanizer), 9.5×1 (@JamesJupiter)
Low scores: 3×1 (@Ana Raquel), 5×2 (@Imagineitwasus, @abael), 5.6×1 (@BreatheBox)
My score: 8.75

5 ballots: #30 (tied), 8.75 avg.
10 ballots: #36, 8.445 avg.
15 ballots: #36, 8.363 avg.
20 ballots: #36, 8.148 avg.
25 ballots: #48, 7.738 avg.
30 ballots: #46 (tied), 7.815 avg.
35 ballots: #39, 7.827 avg.
40 ballots: #34, 7.936 avg.
45 ballots: #35, 7.879 avg.
50 ballots: #33, 7.886 avg.
55 ballots: #34, 7.96 avg.
60 ballots: #30, 8.013 avg.
61 ballots: #29 (tied), 8.021 avg.

"Whenever You Call" is the ninth track from Mariah's sixth studio album, "Butterfly". Its lyrics were written solely by Mariah and it was composed, arranged, and produced by Mariah and Walter Afanasieff. The reworked version of the song with Brian McKnight from "#1's" left us way back in 64th place with an average score of 7.068, so it's safe to say that Popjustice as a whole largely the solo version of this track - and @RainOnFire clearly does, as they chose to give it their 11.

I love both versions of this song, but, as I mentioned in the duet version's elimination post, I grew up only listening to that version, so it remains my personal favorite take on the track. Still, "Whenever You Call" is a gorgeously written and performed song in each of its iterations, so I hate seeing it get cut again.​

@tylerc904 (10) — "That last minute is a BITCH on the vocal cords."

@londonrain (10) — "One of her best ballads. That key change and the final chorus... whew."

@Posh Spears (10) — "A huge 11 contender for me. One of my favorite performances of hers period."

@Womanizer (9.7) — "ONE OF HER BEST."

@Music Is Life (9) — "This is a nice ballad, but so far it might be my least favorite song on the album. Wait the production just started building. I think it hit the middle-8. Yeah this is a 9, never mind."

@bonnieetclyde (9) — "beautiful build up throughout the track. Powerhouse vocals towards the ending. Nice lyrics too."

@WhatKindOfKylie? (8) — "Just beautiful. And only not awarded a full house score, as there are even greater heights on this masterpiece of an album, that even a song as great as this, just falls slightly short!"

@godspeed (8) — "I used to really love this song when I was younger to the point that I think, for a period of a time, it must have been my go-to-song when it came to Mariah Carey, the one I thought about instantly when her name was brought up or that I would call my favorite. Years later, I still love it because, yes, it's beautiful and she sounds incredible on it, but I mostly love it for the nostalgia because it's not the type of songs I really gravitate around."

@pop3blow2 (8) — "Not great. Not Horrible. Just a basic Kinda boring ballad, but fine."

@evilsin (7) — "Wait, didn't I just listen to this on one of the previous albums? Very similar and a bit by the numbers."

@DominoDancing (7) — "Okay. Gets a bump for a cute key change."

@Veeis (7) — "Very beautiful album track."

@Imagineitwasus (5) — "Melisma overdose. This feels like the only relic of her past eras. I think I like it better with Brian McKnight, they compliment each other well."

@abael (5) — "Essentially been done better before, but the track is passable."​

three more people will lose their 11s.