The Mariah Carey Discography Rate Pt.1 • FINISHED

It's hard to be mad at When You Believe 'because it could have been more' (a point I don't disagree with), when it was already everything.

Whilst I thoroughly disagree with the placing of some songs that are outlasting these two, and some songs they themselves have outlasted, these scores seem about right.
Mariah and Whitney have amazing voices, yes, but I think they're completely wasted on that song, which has always seemed generically "inspirational" and dull to me. Apologies to the many, many of you who love it, but I didn't get it in 1998 and I don't get it now. And this is coming from someone who loves "One Sweet Day," which feels far more genuine and heartfelt in its message, so I promise, I'm not an all-out ballad hater!

I am full agreement, however, on the wonderfulness of "Melt Away" and its magical last thirty seconds.
When You Believe is my first 10/10 to leave, I gave out 8 x 10/10 plus my 11/10. Just checked my scores and every album had 1 x 10/10 except Music Box and Butterfly which both had 2 x 10/10. I adore When You Believe and have never got sick of it.
Though I am nowhere near the highest scorer or the lowest Melt Away is a gorgeous track. Mariah sounds fucking magnificent and the production's fantastic, but... there's so much incredible stuff left, so I really can't complain.
I've got a few errands to run, so the results will start a bit late, but here's a hint about today's cuts to hold you over:

today's cuts are actually very similar to yesterday's in that the first out is a single that received over 20 tens but no 11s, and the second cut is an album track that got less 10s but did receive a couple of 11s.

any guesses?