The Mariah Carey Discography Rate Pt.1 • FINISHED

Thank you all for being patient with me this week!! There shouldn't be any more interruptions for the rest of the rate. Now let's get back to business . . .​

There are just two songs left in the rate that have not received any 11s . . .

But this isn't one of them . . .


I'm not one of those girls who'll wait around
Crying 'cause you're playing dirty all over town
You can't do that, I'm not a doormat
You're just a player, that's not my format



Score: 9.044
High scores: 11×1 (@Ana Raquel), 10×24 (@Music Is Life, @WhatKindOfKylie?, @GimmeWork, @tylerc904, @Maria, @Daniel_O, @Tigerlily, @abael, @soratami, @RUNAWAY, @nikkysan, @Cowboystyle, @lalaclairi_, @If You Go, @londonrain, @Slice of Life, @Lapras, @PayMe, @LeBratt, @Oleander, @Blond, @RainOnFire, @Island, @vague), 9.5×5 (@AdzBrown, @CasuallyCrazed, @Lost In Japan., @Seventeen Days, @Veeis)
Low scores: 6×2 (@playboy69, @ysev), 6.5×2 (@Aester, @Remorque), 6.52×1 (@mokitsu)
My score: 10

5 ballots: #21 (tied), 9.000 avg.
10 ballots: #20 (tied), 8.900 avg.
15 ballots: #13, 9.100 avg.
20 ballots: #10 (tied), 9.075 avg.
25 ballots: #9, 9.220 avg.
30 ballots: #9, 9.180 avg.
35 ballots: #11, 9.069 avg.
40 ballots: #10, 9.073 avg.
45 ballots: #11, 9.070 avg.
50 ballots: #11, 9.033 avg.
55 ballots: #12, 9.049 avg.
60 ballots: #12, 9.078 avg.
61 ballots: #12, 9.044 avg.

"Prisoner" is the tenth track from Mariah's self-titled debut album. Its lyrics and music were written by Mariah and Ben Margulies; it was arranged by Mariah, Ben Margulies, and Chris Toland; and produced by Ric Wake. Ric Wake is a Grammy and Oscar-winning producer known for his work with Taylor Dayne ("Tell It To My Heart", "With Every Beat Of My Heart"), Céline Dion ("Love Can Move Mountains", "A New Day Has Come"), Diana Ross ("Until We Meet Again"), Jennifer Lopez ("Waiting For Tonight", "Love Don't Cost A Thing"), Mýa ("My First Night With You"), Anastacia ("Not That Kind", "Love Is A Crime"), Monica ("Just Another Girl"), Jessica Simpson ("A Little Bit", "Sweetest Sin"), Play ("Cinderella"), and Dream ("I Don't Like Anyone").

Probably the cheesiest thing Mariah has ever recorded tbh. But that cheesiness constitutes 90% of its charm for me. I can kind of understand why Mariah is less than fond of this, since its such an outlier in her discography, but at the same time that's what makes me love it so much. The rapping, mas any of you mentioned in your commentaries, is iconic and really elevates this to a higher level than the other debut-era album cuts.​

@Ana Raquel (11) — "ddd not me giving an 11 to the most dancey track here shocking nobody."

@Music Is Life (10) — "This is the best song on here, no doubt. It's fun, it's got great lyrics about being strong after a break up, and at points she even raps, which I was not expecting and am surprisingly really here for. I will be forever pressed this wasn't released as a single and a huge hit with a great video."

@WhatKindOfKylie? (10) — "Camptastic and then some! In fact, I'd say that Prisoner, is still the most camp and unashamedly fun song Mariah's ever done a near 30 years on. Produced by the great Ric Wake, this is very similar to the other great Hi-NRG dance records he made with Taylor Dayne. Yet, this still just feels SO Mariah, and I can't imagine anyone else doing this song as fantastic as her. The highlight of so very many? Well, that 'See Ya' followed by THAT distinctive laugh at the end. Perfection."

@GimmeWork (10) — "The voice over sass bits are heaven!"

@abael (10) — "Sent From Up Above to this, and they're both album tracks? I couldn't be arsed looking up how much this album sold, it deserved better on this 1-2 punch alone."

@nikkysan (10) — "The #1 smash that never was. I'm sad Mariah has gone on record that she hates this song. The rap is ICONIC."

@lalaclairi_ (10) — "Honestly wouldn't be surprised if this won the whole rate, or at least goes top 10."

@If You Go (10) — "I hate that she hates this song, someone needs to make it go viral so she's forced to acknowledge it!"

@londonrain (10) — "Taylor Dayne wishes she had a bop this good. This is one of her best songs ever and I will not accept anything less than a top five placement for it."

@Blond (10) — "This slaps and Mariah rapping is EVERYTHING."

@Seventeen Days (9.5) — "Okay, but I need to hear this at a 90s dance night like immediately. Bop status achieved. (oh my god the rap in the middle 8, goodbye I'm dead)"

@Veeis (9.5) — "The thing that we never got a live performance of that one is devastating. Great bop, she did that, etc."

@P'NutButter (9) — "Lost gem. Should be brought out on tour!"

@Jimmyandroid (9) — "If only she'd do an anti tour and perform the rap."

@Imagineitwasus (9) — "That chorus is undeniable. So great to have her rap at least one time."

@evilsin (8.5) — "THE RAPPING!"

@bonnieetclyde (8) — "great chorus and love the urgency in this track. Another 'should have been a single' track."

@Pinky25 (8) — "It reminds me a lot of Expose from the late 80's..."

@godspeed (8) — "For the rap alone, this song deserves a strong 8."

@DominoDancing (8) — "The most 80s song on the album. Pretty catchy."

@pop3blow2 (7.9) — "Always one of my least fave songs on the album, it's fine though. It's got the big chorus & everything, but it just never stuck with me."

@Oceandrive (7) — "Mariah rapping is iconic. The single that never was."

@mokitsu (6.52) — "Whilst this is one of the weaker songs on the album, I have to shout out the iconic rap. I need her to do it live."​

Despite spending most of the voting period securely in the top ten, our next cut just missed out on a top ten finish . . .


Believe me, I'm not pretending
It's not hard to predict this ending now
'Cause I know you'll soon discover
You're needing me in spite of all the others



Score: 9.106
High scores: 11×1 (@If You Go), 10×25 (@Music Is Life, @P'NutButter, @WhatKindOfKylie?, @GimmeWork, @The Hot Rock, @EricG1990, @tylerc904, @Maria, @Daniel_O, @Tigerlily, @Pinky25, @Ana Raquel, @RUNAWAY, @japanbonustrack, @CasuallyCrazed, @Slice of Life, @BreatheBox, @Lapras, @Seventeen Days, @LeBratt, @Veeis, @Remorque, @codecat, @Posh Spears, @vague), 9.5×2 (@AdzBrown, @Hurricane Drunk)
Low scores: 6.5×2 (@mokitsu, @Sail On), 7×3 (@bonnieetclyde, @godspeed, @Lost In Japan.), 7.5×1 (@DominoDancing)
My score: 10

5 ballots: #6 (tied), 9.600 avg.
10 ballots: #11, 9.300 avg.
15 ballots: #7, 9.433 avg.
20 ballots: #7, 9.425 avg.
25 ballots: #7, 9.420 avg.
30 ballots: #8, 9.198 avg.
35 ballots: #8, 9.241 avg.
40 ballots: #8, 9.274 avg.
45 ballots: #8, 9.243 avg.
50 ballots: #8, 9.119 avg.
55 ballots: #8, 9.154 avg.
60 ballots: #11, 9.108 avg.
61 ballots: #11, 9.106 avg.

"Someday" was released as the third single from Mariah's self-titled debut album on December 13, 1990. Its lyrics and music were written by Mariah and Ben Margulies; it was arranged by Mariah, Ben Margulies, and Chris Toland; the album version was produced by Ric Wake; and the single version was remixed by Shep Pettibone. "Someday" was Mariah's third consecutive #1 single in the US and reached #1 in Canada, but underperformed in the UK (#38), Australia (#44), and most other territories it was released. The single sold 740k physical copies worldwide in total, 500k of which were sold solely in the US.

"Someday" was one of four tracks included on the original demo tape given to Tommy Mottola at an industry party in 1988. Mariah has since stated that it was her favorite track from the demo, and she would "listen to it over and over again on the subway after the studio sessions". Mariah personally asked Ric Wake if he would like to work on the final version of the track with her, but ended up disliking the production changes he ultimately made, like replacing the horns on the demo with an electric guitar, for example. Mariah, with Walter Afanasieff, would later rearrange the track for her MTV Unplugged performance. That arrangement would go on to become the defacto version for Mariah, as she opted to include the live performance on the DVD release of "#1's" as well as her 2015 compilation album "#1 To Infinity".

What a B O P. This is probably my favorite single from the first two albums, so I've always hated how much she hates it. I hope we get to hear the demo someday, but no matter how good it may be, I doubt it could ever top the album or Unplugged versions for me personally.​

@If You Go (11) — "I cannot put into words why I love this song, I just do. The vocals and the lyrics are just perfect, and the horns on the 7' Straight Mix add that little something that you didn't know was missing from the production."

@Music Is Life (10) — "The most up-beat song so far, this is such a fun kiss off towards an ex and it really makes me want to get up and dance. The middle-8 is a serious highlight, especially with that guitar solo."

@P'NutButter (10) — "Shame Mariah hates it as it's incredible."

@WhatKindOfKylie? (10) — "How can she possibly hate this?! Again mostly due to behind the scenes tensions and dislike of the overproduced production compared to the original demo. Which is fair enough I suppose. But still, Mariah, this is a BOP!!! And one of your all time best songs too dahling!"

@GimmeWork (10) — "Hands down my favorite bop from the debut. Early Mimi sassiness at its best."

@The Hot Rock (10) — "Go off a bit, queen."

@Pinky25 (10) — "This one of those songs I listen to when I need inspiration."

@Ana Raquel (10) — "Mariah might hate it, but I love it and that's what matters!!!!!!!!!!11"

@RUNAWAY (10) — "I rated the Unplugged version because it is INCREDIBLE. I got my entire life from it and it's one of those rare versions that does nothing but improve the song. Those vocals, that ATTITUDE! It is everything~"

@BreatheBox (10) — "10 for the New 7' Straight version but 7 for the original version i like the horns more in the new 7' straight one the guitar kinda dated it in the original."

@Seventeen Days (10) — "God, this track is a monster bop. I love the 7' version, as it amps up the New Jack Swing style and makes it even better."

@Veeis (10) — "Absolute BOP, I can't stand that queen herself doesn't like it."

@Posh Spears (10) — "I hate that she hates this megabop."

@Jimmyandroid (9) — "I'll take the Unplugged EP version over the studio version but I love this and wish she'd perform it more. Also love the Sesame Street parody 'Some Hay.'"

@Womanizer (9) — "I know she hates the album version but it's my favorite."

@Imagineitwasus (9) — "A bopp."

@ohaimanabu (9) — "I KNOW she hates this song, but it's such a great product of that late 80s-early 90s sound, and who can forget that AMAZING bridge?"

@abael (9) — "A tempo change to showcase her lows and breathy bests. Of course it's good."

@londonrain (9) — "Nothing can touch the album version, but MIMI RELEASE THE VIDEO EDIT ON STREAMING ALREADY."

(9) — "I need Mimi to not hate this song. The final ad-libs go off."

@pop3blow2 (8.7) — "This song makes me smile even if it a maybe a tad generic to when compared with some other bops of the day by her peers. The fade on the album version is weird, too, to me."

@Blond (8.5) — "Confession time... I'd never actually listened to this album before doing this rate (sue me). I thought it'd be full of piano ballads, so I'm pleasantly surprised to find a sassy break up bop like this."

@evilsin (8) — "Wonder why MiMi hates this one. Did the label force her to write it?"

@DominoDancing (7.5) — "Catchy upbeat pop song. Bit slight."

@bonnieetclyde (7) — "musically, it's a bit late 80's/Madonna. A bit wishy-washy. Nice enough but doesn't leave much of an impression."

@godspeed (7) — "The fact that Mariah HATES 'Someday' maybe makes me love it even more! It's a fun song and a really great throwback, and I personally think it aged quite well compared to 'There's Got To Be A Way' for example. Regardless of what it could have been if Mariah had it her way with it, it's still a 'feel good' song done well and hearing her harmonize along a guitar solo is something special we all should appreciate! I do however think Mariah did this kind of songs better later in her career... (see the marvelous and often overlooked 'Make It Happen')"

@mokitsu (6.5) — "Whilst it's nothing special for her standards, Mariah should give this cute bop a break."​

I still bop on the regular but it's a pretty unremarkable track for her standards.
Have to say I am really happy with these past two eliminations, even if they were long overdue.
A very solid, albeit predictable Top 10. I need Dreamlover and All I Want For Christmas Is You to leave next however.

Everything else I gave a 10 to (I did actually give All I Want... a 10 as well but I hope it hasn’t won), so I’ll be pretty happy with whatever wins.

Wait... I only gave Always Be My Baby a 9.5, oops.
Ahh. Someday. One of my favourites. Shame it missed the top ten. I loved this back in the day. Again another track I first heard in the Music Box era after buying the proctor theatre video. I even choreographed a dance routine to this and performed it in front of the whole school! We even had a guy run on and fake play the guitar in the middle 8 section haha

someday would definitely make my top 10
As I mentioned, all the songs got a 10 from me but I feel like ‘Vision Of Love’ or ‘Fantasy’ objectively deserve to win the most. My pick from this list would be ‘Breakdown’. Honey’ will probably take the crown once again though.

Kinda surprised ‘Emotions’ got so high to be honest. I feel like when people speak about their absolutely favourites this is actually never being listed.
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Can’t believe Breakdown is in the top 10! I had the butterfly album but I don’t even remember this one. Probably the worst song in the rate for me. Not the Mariah I loved. I guess fans of her more recent output would love this but I just don’t get it at all. Give me the ballads and bops any day.

I’ve forgotten how much I love Emotions but relistening as part of this rate has reminded me what a brilliant song it is. Probably her best uptempo. It’s not one you instantly think of but when you listen to it it’s incredible