The Mariah Carey Discography Rate Pt.1 • FINISHED

Id be fine with any of these songs ranking as 11 but I’d prefer My All to win.

I've got bad news for you . . .


I am thinking of you
In my sleepless solitude tonight
If it's wrong to love you
Then my heart just won't let me be right


"My All"

Score: 9.239
High scores: 11×2 (@JamesJupiter, @Slice of Life), 10×34 (@P'NutButter, @playboy69, @WhatKindOfKylie?, @Jimmyandroid, @GimmeWork, @The Hot Rock, @tylerc904, @Maria, @AdzBrown, @ohaimanabu, @Daniel_O, @Tigerlily, @Sprockrooster, @soratami, @Pinky25, @RUNAWAY, @nikkysan, @Cowboystyle, @Robsolete, @japanbonustrack, @lalaclairi_, @BEST FICTION, @londonrain, @Aester, @evilsin, @Lapras, @PayMe, @Lost In Japan., @LeBratt, @Veeis, @Oleander, @Remorque, @Island, @vague), 9.5×2 (@pop3blow2, @Love Deluxe)
Low scores: 5×1 (@Blond), 5.5×2 (@Ana Raquel, @DominoDancing), 7×2 (@abael, @Hurricane Drunk)
My score: 10

5 ballots: #4, 9.750 avg.
10 ballots: #3, 9.615 avg.
15 ballots: #5, 9.543 avg.
20 ballots: #3, 9.708 avg.
25 ballots: #4, 9.466 avg.
30 ballots: #5, 9.472 avg.
35 ballots: #6, 9.390 avg.
40 ballots: #5, 9.454 avg.
45 ballots: #6, 9.434 avg.
50 ballots: #7, 9.331 avg.
55 ballots: #7, 9.301 avg.
60 ballots: #7, 9.259 avg.
61 ballots: #7, 9.239 avg.

"My All" was released as the fifth and final single from Mariah's sixth studio album, "Butterfly", on April 21, 1998. Its lyrics were written solely by Mariah, and it was composed, arranged, and produced by Mariah and Walter Afanasieff. While technically the fifth single taken from the album, "My All" was only the second single to receive a wide release and label support following the album's lead single, "Honey". As such, the single was largely a success, peaking within the top 20 in most territories it was released. It became Mariah's thirteenth Billboard Hot 100 #1 in the US, and also peaked at #4 in the UK, #6 in France, #7 in Switzerland, #9 in Belgium and Spain, #12 in Canada and Scotland, and #15 in Norway. "My All" sold 2.08 million physical copies worldwide during its initial chart run, 1.484 million of which were sold in the US.

While writing and recording her sixth studio album, Mariah was given more freedom to begin incorporating R&B and hip-hop influences into her songwriting; she would call this period of her life a "redefining moment for herself". However, simultaneously, she separated from her then-husband, Tommy Mottola; the mixed emotions she felt over the creative freedom she had finally attained juxtaposed against the dissolution of her marriage obviously seeped into the music she was making. In a 2003 interview with Billboard's Fred Bronson, she explained her thought process behind the creation of "My All": "I had gone to Puerto Rico and was influenced by Latin music at that moment. When I came back, the melody was in my head. It was at a melancholy point in my life, and the song reflects the yearning that was going on inside of me. It was like being in a situation, but you want to break free and you can't, so you're confined, yet you're releasing those emotions through the lyrics and the actual act of singing. That's why think a lot of people felt very strongly about that song, because the emotion is clear when you listen to it".

"My All" was co-written with Mariah 's long-time writing partner, Walter Afanasieff, who had been working with her since her debut album - although it would end up being one of their last collaborations. Walter, who was a close friend to Tommy Mottola, disagreed with the creative direction Mariah wanted to take her music; in 2003, he stated, "I needed to maintain a very strong relationship with Tommy. During that period, the beginning of their end, I had to stay away more than normal from her because she was going through a rough time. She felt that shutting her relationship with Tommy was also a cleansing of who she was. She felt that part of what she was dropping was the schmaltzy pop singer, ballad kind of stuff he was adamant about. I had to make my exit and say, 'Mariah, you need to redefine yourself, that's fine. I'm here doing what I do and if and when you want to come back and do it again, I'm here'." The pair would not work together again after the release of the "Butterfly" album.

In a December 2018 Radio Times interview, Walter blamed their falling out on Mariah's "jealousy issues", said she was insecure of his work with other singers, and also stated, "She doesn't like to acknowledge other people". Although she has never outright stated why she would not work with him again, it has been alleged that Mariah felt Walter was keeping tabs on her for Tommy Mottola and felt betrayed, thus ending their relationship. During a German TV interview during the "Emancipation Of Mimi" era, when asked if she had plans to work with him again in the future, she bluntly said, "Nah".

"My All" has aged almost as well as Mariah herself, hasn't it? There's such a timeless quality to this song that helps it still sound fresh today. I love how restrained and soft her vocals are for the first two minutes or so of the track; it really makes that second chorus POP when she finally starts belting. Lush. Also, can we talk about how gorgeous the video is?? It's a stunner and far and away one of her best visuals. The "Butterfly" era really was when everything truly came together for Mariah, wasn't it? It's just a stunning body of work musically overall, and it also has her best collection of music videos as well. I wish I could've experienced it all in real-time.​

@Slice of Life (11) — "I'm sure I'm not the only one able to do this but damn, lemme just flex that I can sing all of Mimi's adlibs on this song ddddddddddd. And for that, it gets my 11. xoxo" (let's hear it pleathe)

@WhatKindOfKylie? (10) — "Out of all her many love songs from the 1990's, I think this is the one that's lasted the test of time the most, with its utterly ageless sound. The latin pop vibe suits her extremely well. I adore how laid back and chilled Mariah's vocals are into the second chorus kicks in, and you get that classic Carey belt come through! Divine."

@Jimmyandroid (10) — "Love those belts at the end."

@GimmeWork (10) — "Serious contender for my 11. WHAT an incredible ballad. Along with the video it gives me Little Mermaid teas and knowing how Mimi feels about Ariel, I'd say that wasn't a mistake." (Ariel is the best princess so of course Mariah stans)

@ohaimanabu (10) — "The RANGE in this song."

@Pinky25 (10) — "So close to being my 11. I adored this song as a child. I'd be so excited anytime they'd play it on the radio. As an adult I still love it."

@londonrain (10) — "When this first came out I was convinced it was a cover because it has such a classic sound to it. I love how much she embraces the dance remix as well."

@evilsin (10) — "That iconic anywhere recognizable guitar that sends chills down my spine, ugh. I believe I heard the dance remix first and was a little underwhelmed by the original when I heard it eventually, but over time it grew on me and it remains one of the most beautiful ballads ever."

@Veeis (10) — "The instrumental and her delivery here is outstanding. I adored it from the very first listen and I still do. Also, Pavarotti performance is one of my favourites from her."

@pop3blow2 (9.5) — "Some of the softer/hushed tones in her voice on this album sound like she's emotionally fried... which she very well may have been. It works better on some songs than others. I like it here. This here has some of that darker 'Looking In' feel that give the song a starkness."

@Imagineitwasus (9) — "Gorgeous ballad."

@Music Is Life (8.75) — "Another ballad with a latin feel, and of course she makes it work extremely well. This isn't one of my faves but I do enjoy it."

@bonnieetclyde (8.5) — "I love the build-up of her vocals over the course of the track. The production is a little timid and I wish it would kick in some more towards the end."

@godspeed (8) — "'My All' is another song that is such a staple in Mariah's career that it's kind of hard to write something remotely constructive about. For what it's worth, I think this is one of her best ballads and probably one of the most surprising from the first decade of her career. If melodically-speaking this is classic Mariah and Walter Afanasieff, I think that production-wise it's unusually stripped down and the hispanic influence provided by the glorious acoustic guitar really adds something new, fresh, sensual and quite moody and melodramatic to this beauty of a song."

@Seventeen Days (7.5) — "I used to really like this song, until it started playing 4 times a day at my old work (which I hated with a passion). Thankfully, not listening to it for a long time has made me enjoy it a little more each time I hear it again."

@abael (7) — "This track is probably where Mariah sounds best on the album, but the degradation vocally is noticeable. She got 4 albums out before it hit, but those whistle notes were gonna catch her eventually."

@DominoDancing (5.5) — "Sounds plasticy in the way a lot of late 90s R'n'B did."

@Blond (5) — "Probably the only Mariah hit that I find overrated. It's not offensive but I just don't get it."​

He / Him / His
Prefer both ‘My All / Stay A While (So So Def Remix)’ (one of her all time best, as I’ve covered) and Morales Mix to the original and it’s the lesser of the album’s singles but it’s still a great song and it’s always fun watching a fave stack up classics.
I will always have a special place in my heart for My All/Breakdown because before my parents bought me the album a friend of mine gave me the My All CD single which had Breakdown on it too and I listened to it for months.. just those two songs. They were both serious contenders for my 11! They will both truly be "forever emblazoned in my mind." CLASSICS!