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The Mariah Carey Discography Rate Pt.2 • FINISHED

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by vague, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. I love the higher backing vocals on this one.
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  2. Fuck this fucking elimination.
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  3. I'm glad to see other people love it as much as I do. I regret not giving it a 10 because it really is one of the best non-singles.
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  4. I spilled.
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  5. Me to be honest.
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  6. we're losing a biggie tonight . . .

    it has received the most 10s of any song we've lost so far . . .

    it's also a #1 single . . .


    I wish I could just make you turn around
    Turn around and see me cry
    There's so much I need to say to you, so many reasons why
    You're the only one who really knew me at all


    "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)"

    Score: 7.688
    High scores: 10×13 (@Sprockrooster, @Tigerlily, @WhatKindOfKylie?, @RainOnFire, @Jimmyandroid, @stomp, @GimmeWork, @Pinky25, @BEST FICTION, @Slice of Life, @Rem, @londonrain, @Music Is Life), 9.5×1 (@tylerc904), 9×7 (@AdzBrown, @Dangerous Maknae, @abael, @Butterfly, @Oceandrive, @Holly Something, @Sail On)
    Low scores: 0×1 (@Ramalama), 3.5×1 (@Aester), 4.5×1 (@Mushroom)
    My score: 8

    5 ballots: #35, 8.000 avg.
    10 ballots: #61, 6.800 avg.
    15 ballots: #49, 7.233 avg.
    20 ballots: #33, 7.700 avg.
    25 ballots: #33, 7.770 avg.
    30 ballots: #35, 7.525 avg.
    35 ballots: #40, 7.421 avg.
    40 ballots: #37, 7.481 avg.
    45 ballots: #36, 7.444 avg.
    50 ballots: #35, 7.560 avg.
    55 ballots: #37, 7.577 avg.
    60 ballots: #33, 7.688 avg.

    "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)" was released as the fifth and final single from Mariah's seventh studio album, "Rainbow", on September 15, 2000. The track was written by Phil Collins, and is, of course, a cover of his blockbuster 1984 single, which peaked at #1 in the US and #2 in the UK. The album version of "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)" was produced by Mariah, James "Jimmy Jam" Harris III, and Terry Lewis, while the single version, featuring Irish boyband Westlife, was produced by Mariah and Steve Mac.

    The solo, album version of "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)" received a limited, promotional release in a few territories - including the US, where it failed to chart on any Billboard chart - in May 2000 and performed moderately in a few European territories. However, not long after, Mariah was approached by Keith Affdellie of Arista records to re-release the track as a duet with Westlife. In September 2000, the single was re-released, this time as a duet, and peaked in the top five in several European countries, including at #1 in the UK and Ireland, #2 in Denmark, and #3 in Sweden.

    This is quite a pretty ballad, even if it is terribly cheesy ddd. I've always quite liked the solo version, although it's not really a personal favorite of mine. The version with Westlife, though... well, it certainly exists. I'm glad Mariah was able to use their popularity in the early '00s to bag herself a second UK #1, but... yeah. I never listen to the duet version, like ever ddd.

    @Sprockrooster (10) — "A sad thing that half of this album has features and the singles with a feature performed better ánd on top of that: this becoming a hit after achieving a feature. This is a 10 on merits of Mariah (and technically Phil) alone! No need for Westlife!"

    @Tigerlily (10) — "Probably my favourite of Mariah's cover."

    @Jimmyandroid (10) — "A hastily recorded Phil Collins cover doesn't have 10 written all over it but I love this. It's how emotional the vocals are that gets me. I remember she said she was on the verge of tears when she recorded it and that comes across. The Westlife version sucks all the emotion out of it and must be destroyed."

    @GimmeWork (10) — "This is probably my favorite Mariah cover of them all! Her vocal just pulverizes me."

    (10) — "I gave this a nine but... I actually really like the one with Westlife. If that was the one to vote for I would have given it a 10."

    @Slice of Life (10) — "the way i stanned the version with westlife so hard........ im not proud of my past, precious, but here we are."

    @londonrain (10) — "Muffy, sis, the absolute SCHMALTZ. It's still ridiculous that Mariah's only UK #1s are the duet version of this and Without You when she has so much incredible original material, but you know what? She sells the fuck out of this so I'm still giving it a 10."

    @Butterfly (9) — "One of my favourite Mariah covers, and another track that's elevated by her tone on this album."

    @Oceandrive (9) — "Phil Collins could never."

    @Holly Something (9) — "I really like this nn."

    @M24 (8.5) — "It kind of sounds very upbeat for such sad lyrics! I know it's a bit of a fan favorite but it's not one of my favorite ballads of the rate."

    @Blond (8) — "Full disclosure. I hate the original version of this song and I largely can't stand Phil Collins. I hate every X Factor/Idol cover of this song. I hated the Mariah/Westlife collab. But for whatever reason I actually found myself enjoying Mariah's solo version. Her vocals are great and this could so easily have been such an over the top mess (as many versions of the song are). I also fell asleep with this song on repeat while I was doing my scores so there's a very strong possibility that this will be my most played song of 2020 in my Spotify Wrapped."

    @pop3blow2 (7.5) — "I love this song, but Mariah's version feels a bit phoned in to me."

    @evilsin (7.5) — "Why did this flatline for me so much? I thought it would arrive at something eventually, but it never really got off."

    @DominoDancing (7.5) — "This is not one of my favourite Phil Collins songs, and I actually prefer Mariah's version quite a bit due to her vocal performance, but it's still Against All Odds."

    @maikos87 (7) — "The song is boring to me, but I reckon she did it justice."

    @RUNAWAY (7) — "this is a great vocal performance from her, and her version is so good, but the original is one of my least favorite I can't push myself to like this version that much."

    @godspeed (7) — "I used to think this was a cute cover. Actually for a long time when I was a kid, I didn't even know that this was a cover. I guess it still is a cute cover. It's no 'Without You' but it's better than 'Open Arms.' I don't mind it but I just don't really use it anymore."

    @Ramalama (0) — "Awful, but I don't hold it against her. You can only do so much with a Phil Collins track."

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  7. I am so happy I’m not alone in adoring this ddd. Obviously Mariah has way better but sometimes I love a schlocky ballad moment (including other Westlife tracks!), and this is up there with the best of them. The vocals — solo version ofc — and the dramatics of the production are perfect.
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  8. The solo version is cute. I listened to the Westlife version once and that was enough for me...
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  9. I stan Phil Collins tbh, A Groovy Kind of Love is my fave.
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  10. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The fact that I thought it would be out in the bottom ten and it made it to #33... I'll take it!
    Like you guys have said, it's absolute cheese but her vocal sends it to the stratosphere and I can't help but get swept up in it.

    I'm so mad that I can't find it anymore but do y'all remember that gif of Nicole Scherzinger belting a note and suddenly the sparklers fall behind her and the camera does a full 360 around her? That's me in my head when I'm singing Against All Odds.

    (And just so we're clear, my 10 is for the solo version. The Westlife version? I don't know her.)
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  11. Now I'm re-listening (to the solo version)... I'm feeling like maybe I actually underscored this with an "8"...
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  12. One of her best cover versions, and totally perfect for her too.
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  13. Love both the solo and Westlife versions, though I am in general a ballad and boyband fan.
  14. Solo version is the one obviously, but even then it's nothing special. My overriding memory of the single release was Brian leering at Mariah's boobs, which he is even doing in that gif/cover!
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  15. I'm not very happy about tonight's cut . . .


    I'd given up hope
    Losing the faith that love could be mine to treasure
    And now nothing's the same
    I found myself reborn on the day I met you


    "Lead The Way"

    Score: 7.703
    High scores: 10×8 (@WhatKindOfKylie?, @ysev, @Robsolete, @Slice of Life, @japanbonustrack, @Rem, @londonrain, @vague), 9.5×1 (@AdzBrown), 9×7 (@P'NutButter, @Ramalama, @lalaclairi_, @RUNAWAY, @Coochi, @Music Is Life, @ohaimanabu)
    Low scores: 3×1 (@Hurricane Drunk), 4.5×1 (@Aester), 5×2 (@fatyoshi, @Ana Raquel)
    My score: 10

    5 ballots: #56, 7.200 avg.
    10 ballots: #32, 8.070 avg.
    15 ballots: #28, 7.980 avg.
    20 ballots: #26, 7.935 avg.
    25 ballots: #31, 7.888 avg.
    30 ballots: #31, 7.688 avg.
    35 ballots: #34, 7.604 avg.
    40 ballots: #33, 7.623 avg.
    45 ballots: #35, 7.509 avg.
    50 ballots: #38, 7.504 avg.
    55 ballots: #36, 7.599 avg.
    60 ballots: #32, 7.703 avg.

    "Lead The Way" is the second track from Mariah's eighth studio album, "Glitter", released on September 11, 2001. It was written by Mariah and Walter Afanasieff and was produced by Mariah, Walter Afanasieff, James "Jimmy Jam" Harris III, Terry Lewis, and James "Big Jim" Wright. Although not released as single, Mariah performed the track on an episode of the US dramedy Ally McBeal in January 2002.

    Originally written around the time of the "Butterfly" album recording sessions before her relationship with Walter Afanasieff had soured, Mariah dusted the unused track off for inclusion on the soundtrack of her first starring feature film, Glitter, believing the track was the perfect theme song for the film's central couple, Billie and Dice. In a Fox Family Channel TV special for the film and soundtrack, Mariah explained: "I actually started writing songs for this album prior to the movie getting greenlit, prior to me even submitting the first treatment. And I wrote songs that I actually forgot about, because it's been so long since I came up with the first idea, that when I heard them again, I was like, you know, this is perfect. And it's so funny because it really is the essence of the love story between Billie and Dice. There's a song called 'Lead The Way' that really makes the love story work and it's one of the first songs that I wrote for the movie."

    Mariah has cited "Lead The Way" as one of her favorite tracks from the "Glitter" soundtrack, and it's definitely one of my own favorite tracks as well. I mean, that vocal run at the end alone is worthy of complete astonishment and should have earned this song a perfect 10 average in this rate, to be frank. I'm kinda pressed this didn't make the top twenty, but oh well! It going out at #32 doesn't really change the fact that it's a gorgeous, perfect song, does it?

    @londonrain (10) — "One of her best ever vocal performances. This is absolutely INCREDIBLE and the final held 'WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY'... icanheargod.gif"

    @P'NutButter (9) — "Even attempting the long note I almost collapse from lack of oxygen. Incredible."

    @Ramalama (9) — "You could kind of tell it was a few years older than the rest of the album from the vocals alone. The last truly great belt of her career?"

    @Jimmyandroid (8.5) — "The Walter writing credit makes you wonder how long this had been in gestation for. A nice ballad which gets an extra mark for that sustained note."

    @pop3blow2 (8.2) — "A bit of a boring and basic ballad, but still kinda pretty."

    @If You Go (8) — "I can see why it was left off of Butterfly since it sounds a lot like Whenever You Call, still a great song though!"

    @Oceandrive (8) — "All points for that Olympic vocal run that hits 3/4 of the way through this song."

    @godspeed (7.5) — "I don't return to the ballads on Glitter that much and I can't really explain why because I'm not a balladphobe and I do think they're really good and they are perfect theme songs for a movie. I just think that whenever I listen to the Glitter album - which is surprisingly quite often - I'm looking for big over-the-top songs like 'Loverboy,' 'Don't Stop' and 'If We' that I'm gonna be able to get my life to, not ballads. But one thing that I have to praise though is Mariah's vocal performance on all of these songs. She sounds IN-CRE-DI-BLE on all of the songs on the Glitter soundtrack and the ballads especially show that she was in top form."

    @evilsin (7) — "There is something about this that I quite like. Isn't it kinda jazzy? I don't know, brain farts instead of thoughts over here."

    @DominoDancing (7) — "Fantastic performance, not so remarkable song."

    @M24 (6.25) — "Cute ballad, though nothing too special in the context of better ballads in this album. It barely had its moment in the movie too, so maybe that didn't help me warm up to it."

    @Tigerlily (6) — "I appreciate her vocals on this but that's about it. Too stale and i feel she has done this kind of ballads a thousand times and a lot better."

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  16. A silly confession...
    Every time I listened to this at night, I would imagine that I was this talented & performing the song in concert and my throat would get sore from all the lip-syncing dd

    I remember reading somewhere that the song was re-recorded for the soundtrack in 2000 or 2001?
    Do you guys think this could've worked as the lead from Glitter? I think it would've been the good, safe choice but maybe this type of ballad was in declining popularity by 2001?
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  17. The order of Glitter eliminations has been way off, if you ask me. I would put Twister, Reflections and Lead The Way all in the better half of Glitter, but apparently y'all prefer Last Night A DJ Saved My Life that goes on for like forever like its title to these beautiful tracks.
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  18. Not happy either @vague at this one going. Not happy at all. An absolutely beautiful ballad and a stunning opener to Glitter (if you ignore the horrible Loverboy remix which I gladly do) . Oh well, at least your great artwork for it, was something.
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  19. Absolutely incredible ballad. I've loved it since the first listen as it has elements of the two preceding eras in it.

    and the Ally McBeal moment...

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  20. Stunning performance.
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