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The Mariah Carey Discography Rate Pt.3 • #69: "The charisma. I love this one."

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by vague, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. Now you know I'm taking part in this - but how the hell will I be able to pick an 11?
  2. Yeah, picking an 11 is really much harder in this part of her discography than the other two parts isn’t it?
  3. I'm fairly certain I'm in the minority but this section of her discography has the weakest lead singles for me. #Beautiful is the only one I'd score near her previous leads.
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  4. I would say so yes, such a strong run of material. Again! Legends only
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  5. You should be, since all four lead singles here are absolute 10s.
  6. I like/love the other lead singles here, but Obsessed is definitely my least favourite lead single of her career.
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  7. Here here, all modern day Mariah classics.
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  8. Just finished listening to One Child for the first time

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  9. Late to the party but this is the part I’ve been the most excited for ever since this rate began! Butterfly is forever my fave Mariah album but this run of albums is without a doubt her strongest, I adore all four records. So many 10s, and I have zero clue on what my 11 will be.
  10. Gonna give Me I Am a listen and run through again next, quite a solid record on the whole.
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  11. FFFF my 11 is sorted!!!

  12. Busta Rhymes knowing very well his new song with Mariah 'Where Do I Belong' isn't even close to 'I Know What You Want' and will not do as good as the latter did in it's rate, so he does some well timed promo in this rate and gives Mariah the opportunity to shine and serve looks in the music video to persuade us, and for that I stan:

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  13. I love how often Mariah references other artists in her songs, like "Bobby Wormack's on the radio", "laying in bed bumping Jodeci", "playing Confessions", etc. It's just cool how music is such an important thing to her (I mean, aside from it literally being her job of course), you can tell that from the way she knows her back catalogue inside and out too. It's definitely one of my favourite things about her.
  14. Yes, you really can tell her own love of music and it's always very well done her shout outs too.
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  15. I'm currently spinning E=MC2 and even though it's one of my least favourites of hers it's still amazing. So many bops. I'm That Chick is seriously one of her smoothest grooves isn't it?
  16. I'm That Chick, is just one of her best songs all round for me, such a feel good bop.
  17. I'm That Chick not being released as a single was such a waste.

    Speaking of E=MC2, I used to be obsessed with this remix:

    1:40-3:00... icanheargod.gif. It's still my 6th most played Mariah song according to The downside of listening to the remix so much is the original version of the song always sounds a bit too slow because of it dd, it's still a 10 though.
  18. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I know I haven't commented yet, life has been hectic for the past few weeks, but @vague I will absolutely be participating! You did such a stellar job with the previous parts, and this is my favourite section of Mariah's discography so I refuse to miss out.

    I'm so excited for this, because I genuinely have no idea how the Top 10/20 will shake out, compared to the previous parts where you could basically predict how it'd go based on the singles & key album tracks. The haphazard singles runs from all of these albums basically leave everything up in the air.
  19. Uno


    Just discovered OOC and I am bopping! Played it 3 times before moving onto the next song.
  20. I really do think I prefer E=MC2 more than Emancipation overall if have to be honest.
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