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The Mariah Carey Discography Rate Pt.3 • #69: "The charisma. I love this one."

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by vague, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. I've finished rating, just going to write some more commentary and send the ballot to @vague hopefully by tonight.

    Here's my averages:
    E=MC2 - 8.2
    Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel - 7.6
    Merry Christmas II You - 7.8
    Me. I Am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse - 7.9 (this would have had a higher rating if it wasn't for those damn bonus tracks...)
    Caution - 8.1
    The Rarities - 7
    Extras - 6.5
  2. Just submitted my scores! Here are my averages:

    E=MC2 - 8.53
    Me. I Am Mariah - 8.06
    Memoirs- 6.42
    Caution- 8.18

    With the exception of Memoirs, these all had a higher average than any of the albums in the previous rate (Rainbow 6.92, Glitter 6.66, Charmbracelet 6.85, Emancipation 6.71). And that feels so right- this really is a golden period of her career, and I do think that the three above (excluding Memoirs) are my three fav Mariah albums actually. (I didn't take part in the first rate, but I feel confident that no album there would have had matched these three).

    Merry Christmas II You- 6.8
    The Rarities- 7.07
    Extras- 7.13
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  3. I wish dddd but it will probably do okay.
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  4. Yes, think it will cling on a bit better than I hope.
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  5. I voted!

    My averages...
    E=MC2 - 7.9
    Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel - 8.3
    Merry Christmas II You - 6.4
    Me. I Am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse - 7.8
    (without the last two tracks included in the rate, otherwise it's a 7.0)
    Caution - 9.0
    The Rarities - 7.5
    Extras - 6.4

    And a few thoughts... Although Butterfly and the albums included in the second part of the rate represent my favorite "era" in Mariah's career, this is easily the most varied and upbeat part of her discography so it was a lot of fun to re-listen to and rate all of these albums. Some massive moments here, some genuinely fantastic gems, some not so good songs also but almost nothing that is actively bad or mediocre. Her quality control is truly unmatched!

    E=MC2 and Me. I Am Mariah... are some of Mariah's most fun albums to listen to with plenty of very catchy and surprising songs. Although everything is not great on these records, they're much more adventurous and bolder than they get credit for. The gems on these albums show how daring Mariah can be with her music. Memoirs is the ultimate "vibe" album but it's also one of her best in my opinion. The production is subtle but rich and beautifully executed, it lets Mariah's more restrained vocals breathe and you can tell the songwriting was the main focus here and it's nothing short of brilliant. Some songs haven't exactly aged well though but I really admire Mariah's decision to really focus on this breezy laid-back R&B sound and to make a much more low-key and personal album after big ones like E=MC2 and The Emancipation of Mimi. I don't like Christmas music but I thought Merry Christmas II You was much better and more fun and interesting to listen to than the previous one. Caution is a late-career masterpiece. It's Mariah reclaiming her status by putting her own twist on the current R&B landscape, mixing the old with the new, the nostalgia with the trends. It's incredibly ambitious and among her best work. The Rarities was a nice present to the fans and gave us the OG "Loverboy." And the extras were mainly good, which I was a bit surprised about to be honest.
  6. And I'm in!

    E=MC2 - 7.16
    A middling album overall for me, a lot of people were saying Memoirs hasn't aged well, but this is one that suffers from that fate for me. It's probably my least favorite studio album of hers from the last 15 years - I've never been able to latch onto it, even when it was first released.

    Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel - 8.86
    I already revisit this album so much on my own time, but this full listen through really solidified it as one of my favorite albums of all time.
    It's just such breezy, smooth-listening R&B and the lyrical content is some of her best.

    Me... I Am Mariah, The Elusive Chanteuse - 7.03 (7.79 without the bonus tracks)
    This album really had more than a few really special moments inside of it ("Money," "#Beautiful"), but it doesn't capture me as a special album overall.

    Caution - 8.37
    Dreamy, modern, experimental, and most of all, fun.

    Merry Christmas II You - 6.50
    Rarities - 6.96
    Extras - 6.13
  7. [​IMG]

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I've submitted <3
  9. I have Rarities and Extras still, should be able to finish in time.
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  10. Memoirs doesn't even sound that dated to be honest? Aside from Obsessed which is so 2009 it hurts dddd. Even the complaints about her vocal production is way overblown, we joke about them stitching together a hundred vocal takes for H.A.T.E.U.'s chorus, but for the most part she sounds fine on the album, if anything the use of melodyne and pitch correction was more apparent on Me I Am Mariah and Caution, which doesn't stop those albums from being great anyway.
  11. the last PM reminder just went out to anyone who's shown even the barest hint of interest in Mariah and/or this rate nn.

    ballots are ~technically~ due in just a bit over two full days from now - by the end of day in the last time zone on May 16th - but I doubt I'll be able to get an elimination posted until the evening of May 17th in my time zone (around 6 pm EST), so I will accept ballots until then! I'm really, really hoping we can hit 60 voters again!!! we're over halfway there, so fingers crossed.
  12. Can't wait for the results to kick off!
  13. Well, I voted
  14. I'll try my best to remember to do this for Monday evening!
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  15. E=MC² 8,344 (10x3, 4x1)
    Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel 8,464 (10x3, 5x1)
    Merry Christmas II You 7,000 (10x1, 3x1)
    Me. I Am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse 7,823 (10x2, 6x1)
    Caution 9,136 (10x4, 8x2)
    The Rarities 7,346 (10x1, 5x1)
    Extras 8,281 (10x4, 5x1)

    Oh wow, "Caution" really is that bih, huh?
  16. Submitting shortly x

  17. What a treat it is to get to celebrate the absolute greatest part of her discography like this. I waited til the last minute going back and forth on scores and commentary and the likes, but I think I'm satisfied with these.

    E=MC²: 7.375
    Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel: 8.75
    Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse: 8.176
    Caution: 7.91

    Merry Christmas II You: 5.6
    The Rarities: 7
    Extras: 5.031

    Can't wait for the opening night! ❤

  18. It's going down like a denominator...

    Caution: 8.95 (4×10, 1×7.25)
    The Rarities: 8.13 (1×10, 1×6)
    Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel: 8 (1×9.5, 1×6.25)
    Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse: 7.87 (8.36 without bonus tracks; 2×10, 1×4.25)
    E=MC²: 7.80 (2×10, 1×5)
    Extras: 7.75 (1×10, 1×4)
    Merry Christmas II You: 6.7 (1×8.5, 1×4.75)

    I haven't included my 11 in the scores or descriptions above, but it doesn't change the overall ranking of albums.
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  19. Good evening!


    I chickened out and did not give my 11 to Auld Lang Syne - The New Years Anthem. That's how over the top I am. It did end up to be one of my fifteen 10s though! My actual 11 belongs to Caution in the end.

    Caution: 8.73 (that feels correct)
    The Rarities: 8.35
    Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse 8,32
    Merry Christmas II You: 7,9 (I love Christmas so it's a good thing we’re actually rating this in May otherwise this could be even higher)
    Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel: 7,71
    E=MC2: 7,56 (love this transitional summer moment of an album but it was dragged down by some serious dudes in the latter half, bye bye!)
    Extras: 7,34
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  20. The dudes in that album are all in the first half though (sorry)
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