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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Ha, I was just coming here to say how great he is. He's cropping everywhere which is getting a little tedious but I enjoy him as an actor hugely.
  2. I like Benedict Cumberbatch, I think he'll make a good Doctor Strange.

    I don't really know Doctor Strange, is he the guy in the comics that has the orb for a helmet which is filled with smoke? Or is that Mysterio from Spiderman?
  3. Google/Wikipedia is your friend.

    I'm super stoked for this. Can't wait to see Scarlet Witch in action.
  4. I've only ever seen Benedict Cumberbatch play condescending indifference. Literally, no other emotion. He never changes, it's like he just plays himself in every movie.
  5. Thor.

    That's all.
  6. It's going to be amazing, of course it is. The trailer isn't that great though.
  7. Dr Strange: 2016
    Captain America Civil War 2016
    GotG2: 2017
    Thor Ragnarok: 2017
    Black Panther: 2017
    Captain Marvel 2018
    Inhumans 2018
    Avengers: Infinity War pt1: 2018
    Avengers Infinity War pt2: 2019
  8. I've heard the Captain Marvel movie will be based on Carol Danvers, SO excited for that.
  9. There's just too much now.
  10. I saw somewhere reporting Captain America 3 as subtitled Serpent Society... hmmm.
  11. It's Civil War, the Serpent Society announcement was a "joke."

    I would have preferred Serpent Society, honestly.
  12. Serpent Society >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
  13. I barely know anything about the comic book universe side of things other than what I read on Wiki, but this is all VERY EXCITING.

    My biggest worry is all the other people copying the whole cinematic universe idea and people getting sick of all these films by the time they come out. Marvel seem to be the most prepared and organised so they might ride out any possible backlash easier than the others.
  14. I'd take the DC slate with a huge pinch of salt (Cyborg? Green Lantern again?!) as long as the films are good, people will come and see them. I mean, even if they aren't they will... Look at Transformers.
  15. My only concern is that in between 2016 and 2018 there will be almost no space for any other blockbuster that isn't about super-heroes, Star Wars, Harry Potter or Avatar. There are simply no big dates left in the calendar.
  16. I thought things got pretty saturated a couple of years ago, from Thor onwards, but people seem to lap this shit up so I suspect it's just me.

    Only really here for Captain Marvel (especially if they cast Katee Sackhoff) and Black Panther's thighs.
  17. I don't think people will tire of Superhero movies. We've been getting superhero movies every year since the first X-Men and the genre is stronger than ever!

    As long as the stories are great, I'm there.

    I'm psyched for Captain America 3. Not sure on that Thor title, it sounds a bit lame.

    I'm excited to FINALLY get a female led movie but bit disappointed that it's Captain Marvel. I would have liked She-Hulk.
  18. The Thor movies have both been entertaining enough but are probably the weakest so far along with the first Captain American film. I loved the sequel though.
  19. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I've really enjoyed the Avengers-related movies but I am getting a bit weary of them now. It is funny that characters that were considered a bit of a joke outside of the comic community are now household names once more. I mean Captain America, really?

    I much prefer the X-Men, I have to say.
  20. Thor 2 is a terrible film. I haven't watched anything from the MCU apart from The Avengers, but that movie put me off from watching anything else.

    I'll watch Guardians of the Galaxy when it comes out on blu ray, though.
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