The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Thor 2 is a terrible film. I haven't watched anything from the MCU apart from The Avengers, but that movie put me off from watching anything else.

I'll watch Guardians of the Galaxy when it comes out on blu ray, though.

I really enjoyed Thor 2 but the first one was way better.

For me, they didn't get the right balance of comedy and drama in The Dark World. Something really serious is happening and then there'd be a jokey bit. Malkeith is about to destroy the Universe and Thor is on the London Underground...
I think I'm being burnt out on these films and I'm shocked because I'm the biggest nerd going. I'm hoping the new Avengers can give the series the kick up the arse it needs because it's become a little too safe. I think the incoming slew of new heroes could help too. I'm overdosed on the same few.
The more they do, the less they can interlink anyway, so what's the point? you can't expect people to keep up with it all anymore.

Especially when you're asking us to follow seven different TV series.
The best thing about Thor 2 was seeing Lucozade, Vimto and digestive biscuits in a Hollywood movie.

I didn't even realise they still made Vimto until that film. Money well spent. The film itself was great (though I do see the flaws). The humour kept is fresh and enjoyable.

Avengers and Captain America 2 are the two to beat though.
I didn't really know where to put this but I had to share it because it's too perfect not too. I had the best dream ever last night - a Marvel/Buffy team up.

Some mysterious evil that nobody could see (or was a ghost/wasn't corporeal or something) popped up and started terrorising Thor, Capt. America, Iron Man etc. For some reason Kevin Spacey was Iron Man, not RDJ. I'm watching House Of Cards at the moment so blame that. ANYWAY, the evil made his first surprise attack on Iron Man, leaving Kevin Spacey a broken man, with bloody scars all over his face from being sliced by this monster. Then he went for Thor in Asgard, then Star Lord in deep space. THEN BUFFY.

So they used the same method the evil thing was using the travel between dimensions, so Buffy teamed up with Star Lord (which was essentially Chris Pratt trying it on with Buffy, and she was having none of it). Then Xander and Anya following Thor around, Anya being hypnotised by his arms, and Xander was equally curious/confused by the wonder that is Sir Hemsworth.

I don't really remember Willow in it, which makes no sense as she's the best. Anyway, it all culminated with a ton of characters in the middle of an empty city, bracing themselves for an army of weird demon things that were about to pummel them. I woke up just as Star Lord (who was now Andy Dwyer) was climbing up a lamppost, think he'll be safe from the demons up there.

Basically, somebody give me Joss Whedon's email address so I can blackmail him into making this a reality.
Or we could just beg for a Buffy movie?

Anyone still watching SHIELD? I'm just catching up with it now (UK Pace). Great to see Agent Carter again and all of Cap's team from the first film. I hope they are all in the Peggy Carter show (which starts at the very beginning of January)
I'm watching it. It's definitely keeping me interested, which is more than can be said for the start of Season 1. I know he won't, but it would nice if Joss had more involvement once Age of Ultron is done and dusted.

Unless he ditches Marvel completely for some amazing new TV show, which would be fine.
According to leaked e-mails between Marvel and Sony, Marvel is desperate to get Spiderman into the MCU but want to start fresh and remove Garfield from the role.
It's a shame Garfield was let down by so many scripting and editing issues because I loved him in the role.
Why was he fired?

Also, my favourite in recent times has been Captain America 2, Avengers and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

ps: shit, Guardians of the Galaxy was great as well.
They really need to fuck right off rebooting Spider-Man again. Either use the existing universe or don't borher at all because it's getting ridiculous now.
Why was he fired?

According to the reports, the American executives didn't like that he complained publicly about them interfering on the creative matters (same old story with this franchise). The tipping point was that Andrew backed down at the last minute from an event with the head of Sony Japan, including CEO Kaz Hirai. He did it as a way of protest, and the Japanese executives felt extremely offended, so they don't want him anywhere near their property.

Aside of that, it's clear that Sony Pictures would not hesitate in cutting the TASM series short even if they had no problems with Garfield. Amy Pascal said that they are trying to get Captain America on Sinister Six, but that if that film could bring problems with the MCU continuity, they would cancel the project.

They are literally open to any option when it comes to the franchise.
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Why was he fired?

Andrew spoke out about studio interference with the last film, bowed out last minute at a big Sony conference/dinner he was due to appear at, which is believed to be taken as a slap in the face to the company.

And as recently as a couple of months ago, the studio correspondence with Sony and Marvel basically talk about a different actor as a foregone conclusion and a new continuity moving forward with this potential Marvel deal.

EDIT: Beaten to it.

Basically, Sonty's Spiderman is a case of massive diminishing returns and they see this potential Marvel deal as a massive saving grace.
How ridiculous to kill off and fire the two best part of these films.

I also feel for Andrew as he seemed really enthusiastic about turning up in the MCU.
So Spiderman will officially enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He will appear in an unspecified Marvel movie (I'm predicting Captain America) and Kevin Feige will produce the next Spiderman movie in 2017. Looks like Garfield is out but not clear if it'll be a full reboot.

Some Marvel films have been moved to not clash with Spiderman 3 now with Thor moving to Winter 2017 and Black Panther & Captain Marvel moving to 2018.