The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

I just finished Moon Knight and what a slog it turned out to be. The post credits scene was truly embarrassing. I can't believe how hyped I was for... that.
For me Moonlight is the worst MCU show by a mile. The writing has been slipping for MCU content lately. There is only so much a talented cast can do with what they’re given.
Can’t believe they gave Oscar something more boring and messy than Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

I hope the next shows have better writing. Same with the movies.

They’re in a strange position where they can flesh characters through the shows, but then don’t go far enough as they have to again simplify everything for the films.

I know it won’t happen but it’d be great to see a film that is not crammed to the brim with “events” and cameos. Imagine a solo Wanda film that examines her situation and actions for more than a couple of minutes.
Is it controversial of me to say I think the only story that truly needed to be a show and not a movie was Wandavision. Maybe Loki. I really enjoyed Hawkeye, but I think that story could’ve easily been a solid 2 hour movie. The others too.
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I was listening to a podcast and they made the point that Marvel has been stretched to the breaking point because of Disney's insatiable need for streaming content and that's why the last few movies and TV shows haven't been quite up to par.
why the last few movies
Okay but that's a lie because every movie in phase 4 has absolutely slapped. People with taste get it. Genuinely my favorite phase of the MCU, at least so far.

God, this film.

The first two Raimi Spiderman films really are amongst the absolute very best of the genre. My warmth for them has only increased in recent years. There’s an absolutely outrageous shot in that clip like every ten seconds. I remember seeing it in the cinema as a kid and being absolutely horrified.

It’s a shame he didn’t quite stick the landing with the third one. I liked the Mary Jane stuff and I liked the Sandman stuff, but the Venom storyline should’ve been cut really. The best bits are the scenes between Kirsten and Tobey where the film just becomes a full-on relationship drama.

This scene is also fucking great:

God I love this scene. And this movie. And I know it's messy as hell but I still really love the third one. It tried to do too many things for sure, and while I don't love the Venom stuff, I don't think it's as bad as it could have been. If everything that's in there had to be in there, I think it would've benefitted from being longer. Still, I wish the main focus was Harry's story. I hate how rushed his arc is in the third one. I honestly can't believe that Sony hasn't learned their lesson when it comes to meddling with a Spidey-adjacent film.

I'm kinda sad we'll probably never get Harry in the MCU after No Way Home. I know he's been done to death - and I love Ned, Jacob is great and I'm still hoping he'll become a heroic Hobgoblin or something - but Harry is one of my favorite Spidey characters ever.
My favourite thing about the release of a MCU film is the clearly bullshit reviews on Twitter from film reviewers.

[Name of film] is absolutely fantastic, a completely different take on the superhero genre. [name of actor] is brilliant and [name of actor] is the absolute star of the movie.

It’s like when Tories copy and paste the same tweet.
I haven't seen the MCU shows on Disney+, but WandaVision definitely made me consider to subscribe. It's nice for the fans that there's constantly so much content, but, personally, I don't really need that much MCU. I'll stick to (some of) the movies.

I skipped 'No Way Home' (though I spoiled myself). I want to see the new Doctor Strange movie in the cinema because of Wanda, but I don't feel the rush or excitement like I used to. Last time I felt it was 'Shang-Chi' and 'Eternals'. As far as MCU movies go, they're more fresh for me and they don't hinge too much on what came before or comes after.

Maybe I'm just old.

Honestly? The volume. I watched WandaVision because I love Elizabeth but it's so much stuff to catch up on, it feels overwhelming.
That's extremely valid. Personally, I love that we're getting so much content but I get how overwhelming it can be if you're not constantly keeping up with it, and I understand how exhausting that can be.
Honestly phase 4 feels very disjointed and some of the scrips are terrible. I do not think they have the same excitement nor vision of the phases before. Perhaps it’s a case of things being more uniform, definitely nothing has been a dud but the highs are not as high either.

Wandavision stands tall amongst all though.
I think the MCU is at a crossroads. For however many films, we were watching them build to the Infinity War. Right now, there is only very subtle hints at maybe adapting Secret Wars. I think the films need to rely less on cameos and more on just telling an exciting one off adventure.
WandaVision stands tall amongst all though.
And anything involved with Elizabeth Olsen’s acting!
I don’t know what you are all on about, I loved Moon Knight. In fact, it’s the second best TV show they’ve done (after the obvious first place).
I don’t know what you are all on about, I loved Moon Knight. In fact, it’s the second best TV show they’ve done (after the obvious first place).
I also enjoyed it very much. The last 2 episodes were bloody fantastic and I think they handled the scale of the action in the finale really well. I'd put it way above Falcon/Winter Solder and about about on par with Loki, but not as high as Hawkeye and not even in the same universe as WandaVision.