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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. That's extremely valid. Personally, I love that we're getting so much content but I get how overwhelming it can be if you're not constantly keeping up with it, and I understand how exhausting that can be.
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    Honestly phase 4 feels very disjointed and some of the scrips are terrible. I do not think they have the same excitement nor vision of the phases before. Perhaps it’s a case of things being more uniform, definitely nothing has been a dud but the highs are not as high either.

    Wandavision stands tall amongst all though.
  3. I think the MCU is at a crossroads. For however many films, we were watching them build to the Infinity War. Right now, there is only very subtle hints at maybe adapting Secret Wars. I think the films need to rely less on cameos and more on just telling an exciting one off adventure.
    And anything involved with Elizabeth Olsen’s acting!
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  4. I don’t know what you are all on about, I loved Moon Knight. In fact, it’s the second best TV show they’ve done (after the obvious first place).
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  5. I also enjoyed it very much. The last 2 episodes were bloody fantastic and I think they handled the scale of the action in the finale really well. I'd put it way above Falcon/Winter Solder and about about on par with Loki, but not as high as Hawkeye and not even in the same universe as WandaVision.
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  6. I haven’t finished it yet but Moon Knight is easily the best Marvel tv show after Wandavision.
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  7. I don’t think it’s fair to really compare phase 4 films to the films from Phase 3. Phase 4 is more like Phase 1 and soif you compare Phase 1 to 4, 4 is leagues ahead.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Thats not how you spell Hawkeye.
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  10. How can one recognise WandaVision as the best MCU TV show but also think Moon Knight wasn't dreadful?
  11. Yeah, I’m not begrudging the lack of direction just yet - what made Infinity War and Endgame so great was how slowly they built to it. There will be a plan in place and I’m glad they haven’t rushed into anything too fast. Imagine the hype when we eventually get a proper Avengers film.
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  12. Yeah, I mean when you consider it took 11 years to complete the Infinity Saga (and 4 years from Iron Man to the first Avengers movie), the concern about the direction of Phase 4 seems unfounded when we've been in it for only a year and half. If we hit 2025 with no clear direction then I think we can be concerned.
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  13. The biggest difference is that Phase 1 (And Phase 2) had a slew of stand alone hero stories.
    And Phase 4 has really only Shang-Chi when it comes to stand alone hero story. And Eternals- which is technically a stand alone story, but also has an enormous group of characters on it's own. And then it has a LOT of sequels - which are fine, obviously. But feel more like a bridge between what came before and what's coming next. The endings of Spiderman and Dr Strange didn't feel like definitive enough for me? They just felt like a pitstop on the way to... wherever. I think that's why there's such a air of "Where the hell is this going?" in MCU conversations.

    The importance of standalone Disney+ shows like Moon Knight when it comes to the films at large, remains to be seen. Like... why introduce him in a series instead of a film?
  14. TV shows helps with complex characters or themes that’ll be hard to portray on film with its limited time structure. It’s why Wanda still works in Dr. Strange despite no downtime with her character (and the messy script). Dr Strange needed the downtime with Ms America and the flashbacks with Christine.

    WandaVision did such a great job building her character. It’s the same structure that MoonKnight tried to do but failed miserably in my opinion. When the character does crossover to film I hope the film writer is much better or the character will come off flat as a pancake.
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  15. Therein lies another problem: Everything feels essential viewing. I don't really care to finish Falcon & The Winter Soldier, or watch Moon Knight. And I hope the next films lets me in on everything I need to know without feeling like I massively missed out their subpar offerings.
  16. But it’s not? The two shows you mentioned have not moved the overall narrative of the MCU. It may have fleshed out some characters to a degree but that’s it. While WandaVision and Loki might seem like essential viewing, the effects of those shows barely made a blip in the movies in a meaningful way. These shows are totally optional.
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  17. Yeah when Sam shows up in his next movie, audiences who didn’t watch the tv show will just assume he accepted the shield and became Captain America following Endgame.

    The next few projects will tell us just how important/unimportant the tv shows are to the wider MCU. Especially as we see how established Disney+ characters like Ms. Marvel is integrated into The Marvels and Kang in Quantummania.
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  18. He


    For the movies they will just quickly explain their backstories, or give them small flashbacks and that’s it.
  19. Also, I think we’re overestimating the GPs relationship with the films and these characters. I saw Doctor Strange with friends who hadn’t seen Wandavision or Loki or anything but the films and they loved the film and didn’t bat an eye at any of the storylines. People will just accept what’s going on without interrogating it too much I think.
  20. Also… so much of this stuff gets seen and discussed on Twitter feeds, YouTube channels, entertainment websites. Even if you haven’t seen the shows, a lot of the big beats and consequences are out there in the public consciousness.
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