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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. After Moonknight I’m officially side-eyeing every MCU show that comes out now. I hope Ms. Marvel proves me wrong but I’m not optimistic. I probably won’t get excited for another show until they start announcing X-Men ones.
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    Yeah, the quality control is not there for the series. Only Wandavision brought something special, and Hawkeye was definitely not a time waster.
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  3. The Netflix Marvel shows as drawn out as they were at least had more of a tone and storyline. The Disney shows (except Wandavision) seem like GCSE Drama projects.
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    Indeed, they had a very distinctive goal and portrayals. They were drawn out a bit too much, but that is Netflix's gist.
  5. I agree....

    ...But on the other hand
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  6. I would very much like this to be a film. It’s what Peggy deserves.
  7. Right? Yes her variant had had a series and this version has already been featured in What If…why not give her a proper movie? Not to take anything away from Falcon but a trilogy of Falcon, Peggy and maybe a Bucky/US Agent films would be nice.
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    The way Hayley Atwell has spun gold from straw out of a supporting role in a period piece over a decade ago. When will Emily VanCamp?

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  9. Emily Thorne would eat Captain Carter up quicker than Wanda
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    Yet, she gave that toothless Power Broker.
  11. Doesn't Captain Carter have her own comic series now? Or at least a limited one, there's clearly demand for her and I am here for more. Especially if it somehow means we can get more Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark.
  12. Captain Carter’s comic series literally had the over the top, diabolically evil British government propose that immigrants are deported to Rowanda . . . on the same week the actual U.K. Gov announced the policy.

    Considering the lead time of script to print that’s a very impressive feat.
  14. The power of the multiverse.
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  15. She Hulk looks a bit rough in places and that trailer went a totally different way than I was expecting.
  16. Yeah the CGI isn’t the best but that’s usually the case with first trailers
  17. She's a big green thing on a tv budget, the CGI was never going to be great
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