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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. The shows have been reported to haves budget of $25 Million per episodes which is a big budget for tv.
  2. Oooo that looks like fun!
  3. Its still a tv show?And she is a big green thing, it was never going to look real? I guess I can look past CGI

    Im not looking forward to the "I fixed the CGI" videos when people put a filter over the huge amount of work someone else did and say they "fixed it"...
  4. Im not saying she should look real, I’m just saying the CGI looks rough in the first trailer which is usually the case for projects that rely heavily on CGI. By the time the finished product comes out I’m sure they’ll have ironed out the kinks and it’ll look great.
  5. Ther s TV budgets and looking...bad. like the model doesn't look right in the scenes
  6. Just caught the She-hulk trailer. Looks fun and I will be watching, but the CGI looks so crunchy in places?
  7. Ok I did laugh a bit in some spots but the CGI? ooph.
  8. Disney+ better not do Tatiana dirty.
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  9. Hopefully the CGI is refined a little when it comes out, all in all I’m interested though.
  10. Howling
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  11. Okay guys, let's ponder this:
    With the Scarlet Witch movie in the works. How would you like it to be done?
    I'd like them to bring back the horror element, it worked really well in Multiverse of Madness.
    But what other theme should it incorporate?
    Would you like it to help build Wanda back into a more stable, good hero?
    Anti hero?
  12. Who said that?
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  13. This is kind of surprising to me?

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  14. The fact of the matter is that CGI'ing over actors whilst trying to keep them looking humanoid is kind of wonky, has been for years, and continues to be. It gives off an uncanny valley type vibe. It's honestly probably why they changed Ms Marvel's powers visually, stretchy skin CGI looks weird as hell.
    It'll just be something we'll have to suspend our disbelief on.

    The fact that Hawkeye got less views than Falcon is sad. But, I guess I understand because Hawkeye has never been a particularly favorite MCU character for audiences.
  15. I’m not surprised by the Marvel show ratings. Loki was always a popular character. WandaVision made Wanda a household name. A season 2 of WandaVision would probably devour any MCU show that comes out. The ratings for Hawkeye is as expected.
  16. Not the CGI lowkey turning Tatiana into a Sim. These girls (and Marvel) need to learn from ms. Rebecca Romjin and invest time and money into full body make up!
  17. CGI aside, that She-Hulk trailer gives me hope that it will strike the right tone.
  18. I’m surprised at Loki being the highest rated, but Wanda was THE show and like others have said it made Wanda a household name. Loki was fun though, it just reminds me of the heatwave and constantly refreshing the NHS website for vaccination slots, sigh!
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  19. He


    Some scenes look decent, CGI wise, like that dating part. Others are giving me Twilight Sims baby.

    I trust Tatiana to deliver.
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  20. I am getting strong Shrek vibes from the CGI and the humor. I'm scared.

    Anyway, excited at a potential Captain Carter project!
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