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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. They’ve opted to make She-Hulk look more human than Hulk himself does, so of course it’s going to look a little Uncanny Valley. It’s kind of in line with the comics too. I imagine she’ll “hulk out” at points at get bigger.

    Anyway I love the character and it looks fun.
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  2. The CGI for The Hulk in the trailer looks better, so I’m sure it’ll look better when they eventually release. This is probably my most anticipated of the series to come!
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  3. He


    Honestly I prefer they get the story and characters right, first.

    Im guessing for such an expensive show, they must have high hopes?
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  4. I’m sure they do, see MoonKnight but look how that turned out. At the end of the day it comes down to the writing and I’m praying the She-Hulk has a decent script. She-Hulk used to be my go to comic back in the day. It was known for being really funny with its break the 4th wall humor. What Deadpool was based on.
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  5. Everyone's optimism is nice. Meanwhile i'm like "It looks weird and it's going to look weird because CGI pasted over actors always looks out of place". But i'm okay with it as long as the writing is good. It's like a video game... sometimes the graphics aren't good, that doesn't mean there can't be enjoyable things to be found.
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  6. He


    I just hope they serve another flavor here, and allow Tatiana’s talent to come through.
  7. Elizabeth Olsen extended her contract a few months back, and there's been hush talk about her getting her own movie

    I mean, it's common sense for this to be true as well, Wanda has been getting insanely popular ever since Infinity War and WandaVision only showed that she could successfully headline her own project
  8. Yeah, rumors have it that the next Scarlet Witch 'main event' will take from Children's Crusade in the comics where Tommy and Billy (aged up, of course) go looking for Wanda. Though I believe that was the rumor prior to Multiverse of Madness dropping where Billy and Tommy obviously weren't teenagers at the end as expected.
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  9. The CGI of She Hulk looks awful, please stop convincing yourself this looks good. It doesn't. And I am a super fan and love everything MARVEL related, but I can't believe they released that trailer. They are still working on the VFX as we speak, don't understand the rush to release it now...and to have this release in August. The only thing left after She Hulk is Secret Invasions and that will be out in 2023...
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  10. This was never officially confirmed by anyone reputable.
  11. BTG


    I’m pretty sure all the old guard stars of the MCU like Elizabeth negotiate on a film by film basis these days?
  12. It's impossible to say what their clauses look like in detail, but actually not. Chris Hemsworth has signed on for three more movies after Love and Thunder:'

    Although I'm sure Disney has release clauses in case the overarching story requires somebody to be written off, just like the actors probably could beg on their knees to star in "blink and you'll miss them"-cameos if they wanted to be released.

  13. God this show was too good.
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  14. Literally the best thing out of the MCU. There, I said it.

    It was so fresh, exciting, a different direction. It was GRIPPING. They took chances, went outside the box. The cinematography, the costumes, the sound design, truly incredible.
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  15. He


    I wonder why Marvel has not tried to replicate it a bit? It’s really their most buzz worthy show, and the best reviewed I bet.
  16. It was a probably a lightening in a bottle moment and Marvel know that.
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  17. I think they tried to with Moon Knight but it just didn't work (in my opinion)

    I think What If falls into the "outside of the box" category as well, I really enjoyed that
  18. He


    If Moonknight was them trying… yikes.
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  19. I still haven’t watched anything other than Wandavision and the first 2 episodes of Loki oop.
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