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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. I wonder if they’ve just planned a bit too far ahead. You can see how they’ve tried to shoehorn some avant-garde aspects of it into Moon Knight, but retrofitting just leads to a janky end product. WandaVision worked because its form was clearly intended from the very start.
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  2. He


    Yeah that’s what I’m thinking. Maybe the influence will be felt in a different phase of tv shows. At least I’m hoping.
  3. Marvel in general, movies or shows or comic books, is at it's best when the emotion, vulnerability of the characters and relatableness of the characters is palpable. Wandavision delivered that.
    And I hope now that Wanda is done? being evil - she will move forward still being that emotional character we can root for. But Dr Strange teetered her on the edge of burning everything Wandavision built her up to be. And the resolution at the end of the film left such an unknown...
    I will be curious what she does next. And I cannot wait for Vision to show back up. I'm wondering if they'll give her a film for this, or if she'll play a primary part in Agatha House of Harkness.
  4. Will the show be a continuation of the Netflix show or completely separate with the same stars? I actually loved that show.
  5. The idea they’ve planned too far ahead isn’t ringing true to me, I feel like they’re throwing a lot of shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. I think the next Avengers line up is probably still somewhat in flux depending on the popularity of the new characters being introduced.

    Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I doubt they had Phase 3 mapped out when they were making Thor and Cap.
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  6. Yeah - I remember they said Captain Marvel would be the lead/face of phase 4 but it certainly doesn't seem that way anymore due to her popularity (among straight white men)
  7. They’re stuck in the mud with middling films and dragging shows, because they stopped developing the emotional lives of their characters a long time ago. And that’s the essential piece of storytelling - the emotional arc of a character.

    The reason WandaVision was (seemingly) a breath of fresh was because it re-centered the emotional life of a character we’ve loved for a long time, when for several years they had been trading on our affection for characters (and some of the performances) over actually developing them.

    If you want a reset, and create something exciting, you need to build the franchise around characters we care about in the way we did about Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. In my opinion, the only way to do that is with X-Men and Fantastic Four, but Marvel seems to have other ideas.
  8. I agree with all this, except that it can only be done with the F4 and X-Men.

    Marvel has proven that it can be done with characters like Wanda, who isn’t particularly well known in the way Tony and Steve were.

    I think their best bet at this point is to slow down with the introduction of so many new characters and move forward with people who have clear connections to the previous phases. These being Doctor Strange, Captain America, Wanda, Spider-Man and Thor.

    My honest opinion is that they’re being too ambitious and it’s starting to show that they’re doing too much. Moon Knight and Hawkeye went by with little to no impact, MoM had mixed reviews, Ms Marvel and She Hulk are again trying to introduce new main characters to a universe already suffocating under the weight of the characters it’s already introduced.
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  9. I 100% agree with all this, there's way too many storylines and characters going on. Wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle. I want something more focused.
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  10. Just watched the She-Hulk trailer...

    Is it SO HARD to just paint someone green?! Why do they go to CGI for the most pointless things, it's getting frustrating now. If it looked good I could allow it but it looks weird.
  11. This is 100% accurate. If you look at someone like Monica Rambeau- introduced in a TV show but now expected to headline a film along with Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel (again, another new character).

    The MCU always introduced new characters (Pepper, Rhodes, Jane Foster, Peggy etc) but they’ve remained secondary characters.

    The headline/main characters now include:
    Captain Marvel
    Ms Marvel
    Doctor Strange
    10x Eternals (some dead admittedly)
    7x Guardians
    Moon Knight
    Captain America
    Black Panther (whoever it ends up being)
    The Wasp
    She Hulk

    Not to mention new TV shows on Ironheart and Echo (who asked for this? I can’t remember a single thing about her from Hawkeye!)
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  12. I think it's because she gains height and some musculature when she is transformed? That's not something makeup can achieve. But yeah they could've found some ways to make it look better, but I also give them the benefit of the doubt that the technology just isn't good enough. I've never seen human/CGI characters look normal unless the whole thing is CGI.
  13. Im literally seeing the list of characters as possible Avengers in future movies. A couple of them stand out and I’m sure the shows and movies are sort of an audition process to who the execs will include.

    Also remember a Secret Invasion show is happening and could explain why so many characters are being introduced. I bet half of these people are not who they seem…
  14. The first point you make is exactly why I’m disappointed. They introduced so many characters in the first two phases with the full intentions of making them key players in The Avengers and it’s sequels. The only gamble they took was Guardians and that luckily paid off. The gambles they’ve taken recently don’t seem to have paid off in the same sense- Eternals and Moon Knight have received an exceptionally muted reception (even though I loved both). The only new character who seems to have been a huge hit with the MCU audience is Shang-Chi.

    The second point fills me with dread. I feel that they would end up in a complete mess of plot holes if characters ended up being Skrulls.
  15. I really wish they could maybe manage two big events for these next phases?

    Like an Avengers type event with the classic more established characters. (Doctor Strange, Shang Chi, Wanda(maybe), Kate Bishop, Thor, Carol, etc.

    And then a more different type event that brings some lessor developed characters?

    I am curious how they work this though.
    Because not every character needs to be in a ensemble film like Avengers. But many team ups in smaller groups would be nice.

    Like Hulk being in Ragnarok. Or Wanda in Multiverse of Madness. If they can just make it feel more organic and NOT forced, I'm happy
    Because we know that a BIG multiversal war is brewing on the horizon. How that'll match up to endgame in terms of a fight, who knows..
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  16. I love this poster! The trailer looks good too. It’ll be a lovely birthday present to watch. That new Thor outfit though is… questionable.
  17. Omg it looks so fun and cute and camp
  18. The movie is a straight up ode to 80’s fantasy/sci-fi. He-Man, She-Ra, Flash Gordon, Clash of The Titans etc...

    I LOVE IT!!
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