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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Yeah that looks pretty excellent. Natalie looks like she’s having so much fun.
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  2. I’m loving the look of that! I know people have criticised Ragnarok since it came out, but I still love it and love the overt comedy nature of it.

    The shot of Thor leaping towards the ship with the purple background at the end is beautiful.

    Jane looks great. However, is anyone already sensing that Gorr will be another MCU villain with no backstory and a boring MO and no personality?
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  3. If they chicken out of showing buns of Thor in the full film...

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  4. Okay I’m excited for the film now. Looks great.
  5. The end of that trailer…. That’s Asgard’s Ass!
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  6. Just finished bingeing Moon Knight with my friend and we both really enjoyed it? I don't get why it's so disliked. I don't think it should have been released weekly though so I'm glad we waited and binged it.
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  8. I can already tell I am going to be wishing Jane was with Valkyrie.

    Edit: Wait I just looked at the poster. The villain... That's Christian Bale?!
  9. Where you been sis?
  10. Christian Bale on that poster is giving Mumm-Ra
  11. The Thor movies have gone from strength to strength and this looks no different. Chris has some real comic talents and I am glad to see some lighter moments coming through with his Thor.
    Natalie looks phenomenal, as ever, too.
  12. It looks like great fun. My only worry is that they do Gorr dirty - the opening to Jason Aaron's run that introduces him felt absolutely terrifying and genuinely epic when I first read it. I hope he's treated as a meaningful threat amongst all the light-heartedness (that seems evident).

    Be interesting if they adapt Jane's story as it was in Mighty Thor, complete with the
  13. I think this is their way of...
    Ending Natalie Portman's presence in the MCU by giving her one last hurrah and her dying either from the cancer or in a final battle against Gorr with Thor.
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  14. lol these MCU established women can't catch a break huh
  15. From what I remember
    Jane's cancer returns anytime she de-Thors (in her Thor guise she is healed) so maybe she decides it's too much of a strain and we have an emotional dying in Thorsworth's arms ending to the movie which sets him off on the course he'll take in the future?
  16. I seriously hope not because I really don't like that as a concept. And I would like her to stick around.
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  17. Oh I was actually thinking she was maybe going to take over the role in future films and that Chris might be bowing out, now that he’s 4 solo films in.
  18. Hm...
    She's never felt that particularly attached to the role so I feel like that would be unusual and Chris apparently signed for more films
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  19. To be fair…
    Natalie wasn’t attached to playing Jane as the “girlfriend of Thor”. I feel like it’d be different actually getting to be a hero. Though I’m not sure if my response needs to be in spoilers…
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