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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Ms Marvel seems to be getting prettypositive social emdia reactions (important to note they are not full actual reviews) but it being compared to Mitchell's V Machines is pretty exciting to me.

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  2. [​IMG]
    What a relief! The trailer had that “spark” and I’m glad it’s genuine. I was about to lose faith in these shows with the average output we’ve been getting lately.
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  3. I'm not trusting anything because this is the same reaction Moon Knight had at first
  4. Am I the only one who loves the Black Widow film?

    I know there’s some dodgy CGI and Taskmaster is a complete let down. However, the action is top notch, the acting is brilliant (especially the relationship between Johannson and Pugh) but I feel like it’s an underappreciated film in the MCU. It’s destined to be remembered as one of the low points, which I don’t think is fair.
  5. It was great and far better than the rest of the mess that has been most of phase 4
  6. I love the Black Widow film. I do think it would've been received better if it had come sooner. It being not released anywhere near chronologically makes it feel very "side story" and low stakes.
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  7. Black Widow is one of Marvel’s first missteps. I don’t know it just felt so unnecessary? Honestly every movie after that has been “just ok” apart for Shang Chi and No Way Home for me. Those two movies felt special to me.

    A lot of the media is noticing the trouble that Phase 4 is having and one outlet made a very good point. In the earlier phases Feige and co. had great ideas that only had to be divided between 3-4 projects a year. Now these ideas are being shared between 7-10 projects a year, between movies and TV shows. On top of that Feige can’t realistically be hands on with all these projects anymore. It shows.

    An example is the Dr Strange 2 promotion campaign. As a producer I’d never have had so much revealed in the ad campaign. Granted it might not have been under his control but if he was on the project at 100%, that never would have happened.

    Who knows in the next year or so we might be eating our words with how this was all a setup for something amazing but for right now, the cracks are showing.
  8. Black Widow is my fourth favorite Phase 4 MCU release. It's an extremely great movie.
  9. Black Widow had a great start and cast, but that final act when they're all on that aircraft felt uninspired and tired. They should've kept it as a smaller scale spy-thriller.
  10. I guess I’m just really easily pleased, but am I the only one absolutely loving Phase 4? I’ve enjoyed every single movie so far and am always insanely excited for the next.
  11. Same, although I do recognise that I’m easily pleased as I enjoy the escapism of the world they’ve built up with the MCU!
  12. Black Widow is top tier marvel, but should have come much sooner than it did. The fact it came after Endgame, slightly ruined all suspense.

    Wandavision, Hawkeye and (for the most parts) Shang Chi have all delivered on the Phase 4 front.

    Hoping Ms Marvel, Thor and Black Panther can steer the ship slightly and course correct some of the messiness that has come from all this multiverse madness.
  13. Same!
    Also same!
  14. I think if they had to shoehorn in a common goal into every single movie/TV show it would just feel rushed. I'm fine with taking a breather from the big crossover events anyway.
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  15. 20220529_060612.jpg
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  16. Phase 4 so far for me is quite enjoyable. I like how some of the projects aren't connected to whatever the Big End is, after Endgame it's refreshing to see how some of the characters are coping and figuring out where they fit in within the world, and to see newer characters doing the same.
    A massive world has been created and I like seeing more aspects of it, I'm not too fussed about some of the projects having nothing to do with the multiverse/Kang, which I assume is where the Big stories are leading to.
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  17. I do think the Disney+ shows having a relatively mixed reception and less social media traction than one would expect might speed up audience fatigue if that is something on the horizon.

    Its a lot harder of a fall when there's entire TV shows of build up to something thats a let down too (speaking as someone who disliked Doctor Strange 2)
  18. I agree, I would very much like the production to be slowed down a touch, especially with some of the shows that have been announced. No one is here for Echo or Armor Wars.

    They need to follow the exceptional way Black Panther and Spider-Man were introduced, in someone else’s film, before being given their own project.
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  19. … I’m confused, Echo was introduced in Hawkeye And Armor Wars is apparently War Machine as a lead.

    Wouldn’t this criticism be more apt for Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk?
  20. I, haven't managed to finish a Marvel Series all the way through since Wanda-Vision

    I do need to try Hawkeye though, but Renner is so off-putting
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