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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Yes, I guess my point wasn’t particularly well-made. It was a point of two halves- shows that no one cares about (like Echo) and introducing future main characters in other projects before their own (like She Hulk and Moon Knight, yes).

    I just feel like they are slowly alienating the wider/casual audience by moving too quickly. My partner is a classic case of this- massive fan of the MCU up until Endgame, but now has to ask questions every time we watch a show or film because there are simply too many characters to follow for casual viewers.
  2. I'm here for Echo and her series. My major issue with Marvel content is when they treat "superhero" as a genre when all their best work has been when they make a film or series as a "superhero angle of a genre". I think they just need to make the stories of the series carry a little more emotional or story weight. Outside of WandaVision and maybe Hawkeye, I feel like they felt a little too light/not that important.
  3. I think that if you don’t want to watch everything then you can still get enjoyment from just watching what you want, taking everything at face value and not looking to connect all the dots.

    You can just be told within Doctor Strange that Wanda created a family and obtained the darkhold, you don’t have to see that play out if you don’t want to watch Wandavision.

    If you want a new character introduced in a movie then wait for The Marvels to come out. Then if you enjoy Ms Marvel in that you can go back and watch her TV show.

    We’re so used to consuming everything as soon as we get it but actually maybe it’s on us to pick and choose what we want from the MCU as it expands.
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  4. I hear all of these perfectly valid opinions and understand them.

    But I'm a greedy bitch and want absolutely everything. I love it.

    Having too much to choose from is a great problem to have.
  5. These people are wrong.
  6. Something we can all agree on.
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  7. I can understand parts of the casual audience feeling alienated, but if a series doesn't interest or grab you after an episode or two... just watch a recap on Youtube once it's done.

    I personally love that Marvel sees potential in smaller characters like Echo and Agatha and that they're allowed to be put in the spotlight. This is nothing out of the ordinary in the comic book world where everyone from Mary Jane to your grandmother has their own publication, albeit often limited.
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  8. I don't know if understanding all the back stories is that crucial. Homecoming got me into the MCU and I saw both Infinity War and Endgame with no additional context and still really enjoyed them. Then I jumped into Civil War and around the franchise.

    The films are definitely more exciting when you're hyped for a character to comeback or you pick up on the Easter eggs. Full disclosure, I couldn't get through the first Dr. Strange but was able to follow along.
  9. I agree with this. And I'm assuming a lot of the casuals are probably okay with just jumping around and watching whatever interests them based on trailers and biases. When I saw No Way Home, I overheard a couple people talking and from what I gathered, they only watched the three Spider-Man movies because they only cared about Spider-Man. I'm sure some people have only gone to see the four main Avengers movies and not bothered with anything else other than maybe Civil War (basically an Avengers movie in terms of scale/characters, even if it's a great third Cap movie as well). So I think it's okay for even hardcore fans to wanna jump around if there ends up being stuff they don't care about. And personally I love that we're getting so much content. I love that Marvel has expanded their scope so much. And I also don't see the drop in quality that others do in Phase 4. I get that it's kinda weird because it seems like there's a not a lot of focus and not everything ties into some big story doesn't have to? I mean, there aren't a lot of the standalone movies that need to be watched for the Infinity War saga. In fact...pretty much none of them are absolutely necessary. And since they need to rebuild so much from the aftermath of Endgame, it makes sense they feel "less focused" because they're telling mostly standalone stories, especially to introduce new characters, some of which will probably tie into whatever the next big team-up film is, which will then tie into whatever the next big saga is. It's the Marvel formula. It's what has worked since the beginning. It just feels different because they're introducing so many new characters, but that's what they were doing with Phase 1 (edit: and phase 2 with Guardians and Ant-Man. And phase 3 with Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel). They just have the ability to work on and release more and release faste, so they're taking advantage of that. And they're still focusing on established characters. Of the 11 confirmed Phase 4 films, 8 of them are about or sequels to established characters and previous films. Yes, Black Widow should have been released after Civil War, but it's still focused on a character we know, while introducing a character we need to get to know. And four of the six released shows have been about characters we already know as well. Moon Knight was the first show about a character we hadn't seen before. Yes, the same applies to Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk but as has been said, if you're not interested you can opt out. Honestly the MCU has never felt more comic book-y to me. I mean, the shows (apart from Loki, but that just depends on how much it'll tie into future stuff, and What If...? for obvious reasons) are basically the equivalent of comic book miniseries that focus on the characters and telling a specific story about them, even if it ties into previous (and possibly future) events. And that's awesome to me. The bigger the MCU has gotten, the wackier it's gotten and that's extremely exciting to me. I'm really looking forward to everything that's coming. I acknowledge that I'm someone who basically eat up anything they'll release because I'm generally easy to please, but I still think the MCU as a whole is more exciting now than it was in 2010.
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  10. Isn't Echo currently
    the Phoenix
    in the comics? That's what the internet tells me. Would they go there, I wonder?
  11. Hmmmm that's interesting. I seriously doubt they'd go there without introducing the X-Men, but I could see them introducing the Phoenix Force in one of the cosmic focused projects at some point.
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  12. I don’t think they’d go that route with her. Also it doesn’t need to be in spoilers. Especially when it’s the title of her current miniseries.
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  13. Black Widow is great. It's tight, well acted, and simple. The main issue is as mentioned; when it came out. If it had come out when it was set it would be far more of a fan favourite and would have given Natasha's death more gravity in Endgame.
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  14. I finally went to see 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'.

    Basically Wanda was everything. I liked the bit with the Illuminati. The story wasn't special.

    I haven't watched 'WandaVision' as I don't need/want Disney+. It was still easy to understand. These movies are easy to digest.

    I wonder how and when Shang-Chi will factor in again, since he met with Wong.
  15. Well watch it then.
  16. So when Kang said that there would be another multiversal war. That got me thinking.
    Would anybody be here for a fight that's got a massive amount of heroes like Endgame did, but much of it is variants of our main heroes. I'd love to see a few Wanda's team up and fight along side a few Cap marvels and such.

    No? Yes??
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  17. I watched the last two episodes of What If again and I thought how good a storyline it was, and how awesome Ultron is. Considering villains get brought back all the time in the comics, I’d love it if he returns, he was so creepy and for his impact to only last one film does the character a disservice.
  18. is it too early to call Doctor Strange 2 and underperformance because...I'd have expected a billion by now
  19. I don't think anyone could argue against it being hugely frontloaded and the drops being incredibly steep. Given the hype and the box office forecasts, it's definitely underperforming for an MCU movie of this scale, but it'll still finish somewhere between $950 million and $1 billion, which is still amazing. But it should give Feige some pause, as I'm sure the expectations for this were sky high.
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  20. Oh not to discredit the end total being BIG it's just...I'm intrigued to how it'll stack up at the year end Vs Thor, Black Panther, Avatar and maybe even Top Gun. Word of mouth seemed to hit hard this time round
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