The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Which is something else than the GP. I literally had to explain/remind friends of mine who went to see the movie who Wanda was. Completely different game than saying "It's Spiderman...and perhaps the first Spiderman will also be in it wink wink nudge nudge".
I guess I struggle with this. I don't know who would consider going to see this movie, with Wanda on the poster, and central to every trailer, but yet still not actually know who she was? I know Doctor Strange has his own fans, but to the point where he's all they know? That's crazy to me.
I remember back in my day at UGC cinema in Birmingham you could get tickets for £3.50! I hate how in london it’s now Odeon or nothing. Picturehouse is fun for a one off though.

That said, I’m excited to watch Dr Strange again when it comes to Disney+. I’m surprised it’s coming to streaming so soon but not mad about it.
What cinemas are you all going to that it’s £20 for a cinema ticket? Vue here in Scotland (or Edinburgh anyway, multiple venues) is £5.99 or something. I think even going to see something in the art house and indie cinemas is more like £12 at a push?
Odeon Dundee was charging £19 a ticket for Doctor Strange 2, but now I remember that was for their iSense screen, which is apparently their biggest screen. Looked the fucking same to me.

Top Gun is £17 on that screen at the moment.

Normal seats are £12.

I would go to Cineworld, as it's usually cheaper, but it's also a shithole in my experience. At least the Odeon has the comfier seats.
VUE is so cheap in the UK. crazy how well they undercut everyone

Their service is genuinely much better than any other cinema I've been to. Also, the ultimate test of quality is their nachos, which are better than any other server of the humble corn snack. I'm a big fan of Vue.
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I know this starts tomorrow on Disney+, but I dont know if the internet can handle the influx the angry Marvel and Star Wars fans.

The Marvel fans that dont like that a show (that as of writing, they haven;t seen), that is about a teenage girl, that they cant reate to, but can relate to a billionare or a norse god... Along with the angry Star Wars fans that are just angry at everything these days, espeically anything that isn't male, white or killing something... but, at least Ms Marvel is getting postive first reviews
I really hope that this is the little show that could - it's going to get attacked by the ant-woke guys jsut for existing and from the die-hards for the powers being different to the comics - but from the previews it looks really good.

I've found the series after Wandavision to be a slog so I'm hoping to be excited to watch this each week