The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

I was going to wait to watch this in a oner but the reviews have me too excited. I know next to nothing about her except her excellent showing in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and the underrated Avengers game so I am going into this fairly blind.
Im only 2/3 in but wow this looks like so much care was put into it. And it looks damn expensive? It feels there’s a vision.
Can’t we keep everything in the one thread? Otherwise we’re just going to have different Ms Marvel conversations going on.

I pretty much echo what everyone else said - it was pretty perfect.
I am here for any outing of Sebastian and his Thighs of Betrayal.

Also some of the more recent Thunderbolts comics have been pretty solid so this could be good. As long as Zemo is there with Yelena and Bucky.