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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Their service is genuinely much better than any other cinema I've been to. Also, the ultimate test of quality is their nachos, which are better than any other server of the humble corn snack. I'm a big fan of Vue.
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  2. I know this starts tomorrow on Disney+, but I dont know if the internet can handle the influx the angry Marvel and Star Wars fans.

    The Marvel fans that dont like that a show (that as of writing, they haven;t seen), that is about a teenage girl, that they cant reate to, but can relate to a billionare or a norse god... Along with the angry Star Wars fans that are just angry at everything these days, espeically anything that isn't male, white or killing something... but, at least Ms Marvel is getting postive first reviews
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  3. I really hope that this is the little show that could - it's going to get attacked by the ant-woke guys jsut for existing and from the die-hards for the powers being different to the comics - but from the previews it looks really good.

    I've found the series after Wandavision to be a slog so I'm hoping to be excited to watch this each week
  4. Kate and Kamala delivering acclaim? That's my girls
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  5. I'm so excited for it!
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  6. He


    The female led series leaving the others in the dust? Sounds just right.
  7. The first episode of Ms. Marvel was so good, oh my God.
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  8. Just finished Ms. Marvel…Run to your phone, tablet or TV and watch this now!!! My new favorite heroine! Amazing first episode!!
  9. I was going to wait to watch this in a oner but the reviews have me too excited. I know next to nothing about her except her excellent showing in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and the underrated Avengers game so I am going into this fairly blind.
  10. Iman is such a star I'm so happy for the her.
  11. LOVING the glowing reviews for Ms Marvel. Always here for valid and positive representation of Pakistani Muslim life. Can't wait to start watching it and stan to my heart's content.
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  12. Ms Marvel is such a breath of fresh air, what an excellent first episode.
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  13. The budget on this show has me gagged. It literally felt like a one hour movie? The direction and cinematography is gorgeous.
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  14. God the show just oozes confidence
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  15. Oh wow, first episode of Ms Marvel was fantastic!!
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  16. Totally and unexpectedly fab!

    (please don’t descend into rubbish)
  17. He


    Im only 2/3 in but wow this looks like so much care was put into it. And it looks damn expensive? It feels there’s a vision.
  18. This can’t be stated enough. I’m now 10x more confident in the ‘Marvels’ movie with Iman being in it. What a discovery!
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  19. That was a 5/5 pilot. Their best yet.
    Let me give her her own thread.
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  20. Everyone's said what I wanted to say - it was really good, confident, and one of the best pilots of the MCU series
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