The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Can’t we keep everything in the one thread? Otherwise we’re just going to have different Ms Marvel conversations going on.

I pretty much echo what everyone else said - it was pretty perfect.
I am here for any outing of Sebastian and his Thighs of Betrayal.

Also some of the more recent Thunderbolts comics have been pretty solid so this could be good. As long as Zemo is there with Yelena and Bucky.
I'm a little concerned about Ms. Marvel after learning whoever directed the first episode only directed 2 episodes this season, the first and last, so i'm hoping episode 2 will pass the vibe check. Hope so.
Just watched Ms Marvel. The story is very Turning Red, like very... but I still loved it.
Also, Bruno gave me nice boy Nick Nelson energy.

Can't wait to see more.
I mean, they HAVE to, right? Why else would they be bringing Simon of all people into the MCU if not to further the (still languishing!) White Vision / Wanda / real life procreation of Billy & Tommy storyline...?
Yeah it’s not a bad beat given where Vision was left at the end of WandaVision. I have yet to see MoM to know where Wanda currently is…

Plus Wonder Woman has a mildly interesting angle as a Hollywood actor-cum-superhero. That said… his classic friendship with Beast was one of his defining traits. I wonder if they’d put him in there?