The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

I'm a little concerned about Ms. Marvel after learning whoever directed the first episode only directed 2 episodes this season, the first and last, so i'm hoping episode 2 will pass the vibe check. Hope so.
Just watched Ms Marvel. The story is very Turning Red, like very... but I still loved it.
Also, Bruno gave me nice boy Nick Nelson energy.

Can't wait to see more.
I mean, they HAVE to, right? Why else would they be bringing Simon of all people into the MCU if not to further the (still languishing!) White Vision / Wanda / real life procreation of Billy & Tommy storyline...?
Yeah it’s not a bad beat given where Vision was left at the end of WandaVision. I have yet to see MoM to know where Wanda currently is…

Plus Wonder Woman has a mildly interesting angle as a Hollywood actor-cum-superhero. That said… his classic friendship with Beast was one of his defining traits. I wonder if they’d put him in there?
I think I’ll read up on some West Coast Avengers. I know the three characters are intertwined but didn’t know it went that deep. Some high drama soap opera shit!
These initial press reactions to Thor 4 are very encouraging.

Review embargo doesn't lift until July 5th though.

Apparently there are 2 amazing end credit scenes with "huge ramifications", that are on par with the early end credit scenes we used to get - real teases and set ups to something huge.

I know there's tons of spoilers out there as of today, but I'm actively avoiding them for this one. I think part of my enjoyment of recent movies has been slightly dampened by knowing a little too much beforehand.
It's good to hear people have enjoyed Thor! I personally haven't even paid attention to the trailers, if i'm being honest. I loved the last Thor movie and he was a star in the last two Avengers movie, so this is one I feel comfortable just walking in and knowing it'll be amazing.