The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

I think I’ll read up on some West Coast Avengers. I know the three characters are intertwined but didn’t know it went that deep. Some high drama soap opera shit!
These initial press reactions to Thor 4 are very encouraging.

Review embargo doesn't lift until July 5th though.

Apparently there are 2 amazing end credit scenes with "huge ramifications", that are on par with the early end credit scenes we used to get - real teases and set ups to something huge.

I know there's tons of spoilers out there as of today, but I'm actively avoiding them for this one. I think part of my enjoyment of recent movies has been slightly dampened by knowing a little too much beforehand.
It's good to hear people have enjoyed Thor! I personally haven't even paid attention to the trailers, if i'm being honest. I loved the last Thor movie and he was a star in the last two Avengers movie, so this is one I feel comfortable just walking in and knowing it'll be amazing.
I wonder if Phase 5 will have another Avengers or team up film. Phase 4 has seemed mostly like a random group of films to establish the players going forward without much of an overall arc. I do like that though since they had to retire some major characters. It's been nice to have a bit of a breather with these smaller films before the next big team up.
Didn’t Kevin Feige say something like “there wont be any more Avenger films”. Which I’m sure is more in regards to not the one that we’ve seen before. With the Thunderbolts coming and probably Young Avengers, I could see them doing alternate teams that aren’t the basic “Avengers”.

They need to retire characters. Yes, it’ll be sad but I think there’s so many characters to explore and introduce. I’d also love for the MCU to take characters that have shown up in other “universes” that some of us love (like Elektra and various other Netflix characters) and introduce them but not so connected with where they came before. Have Elektra leading The Hand and have her show up in something that isn’t Daredevil.
Ms Marvel revealing her super powered background to be related to the


is such a funny little deep cut.

Like such a deep cut that Alan Davis probably needs a cheque right now. Anyway, wish she could just be an Inhuman in the most straightforward way but that ship has sailed.
There's speculation the Agatha Harkness show will properly introduce
into the MCU and be a major setup for Phase 5.
I’d love if they did something along the lines of revealing the kids didn’t actually disappear after WestView and in reality were made real. With Agatha having had some kinda of back up plan to take them away and raise them or something. We know there’s an Agatha show in the works, so maybe she was never really under that Hex at the end of Wandavision.
Within next month we'll see what future films are planned. I really hope for a Scarlet Witch film/trilogy.

And given that, the best next direction would be Wanda dealing with the aftermath of destroying the DarkHold. If we get to see just how bad and evil Cthon is and what he plans, it'll help audiences resolve some of what Wanda did at the end of Multiverse of Madness.
Dakota, Sydney, Emma... one for the gays I think.

Rumour has it, the name attached to the film, ‘Madame Web’ is just a rouse, covering up the real name and identity of the film, so not to spoil anything.

Looking at the cast, they may be correct and I’d be willing to bet that it is actually a Spider Woman film featuring all three incarnations of them: Jessica, Julia and Matty, possibly with Madame Web bringing them together and guiding them through various high-octane adventures.
Let’s not forget as well that Dakota Johnson tagged Marvel Studios in her announcement post, could be a mistake on her part (or Sony trying to scam us) but I’m hopeful they do have some involvement!