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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Oh my God that's so annoying why do people make those?
  2. the mayan/aztec look surprisingly makes Namor look very unlike himself. Not the concept in and of itself, just the execution. Just feels like an major 'elseworlds' take where its like Namor is name only.

    Kinda like the new Aztec Batman they have coming out.

    Also, if there's any mutant that could have their mutant heritage ignored with ease... it'd be Namor. Even though its been really well used in the comics for the past 15 years, its a portion of him that's not as baked into his character as say... the Scarlet Witch. It probably won't come up explicitly. Other than him just looking 'different' from his people, no X-gene involved. But it'd be great if it did.
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  3. I don't see much of a difference with him other than the details of his costume referencing a different culture. I assume it was done because of Aquaman and Atlantis is already out there in the mainstream media in comic films. Which I think is wise. He still has his ears, wing feet and green briefs. I think it's totally in line with the base look of the character. I think the rest lies with the writing and if the character from the comics comes through.
  4. ah I don’t think he looks wildly ‘different’ I think he just looks unlike himself. Like I’m looking at him and not getting a Namor vibe at all. I also dont think much was needed to differentiate original flavour Namor from cinematic Aquaman tbh. If anything, the changes here bring Namor closer Momoa’s Aquaman at a glance for me.

    Maya/Aztec inspiration feels like kind of a random pull for me. Though I always saw Namor as East Asian-adjacent in my head when reading the comics so reinterpreting his background is fine by me.

    I just think the way they’ve implemented the details into his look just doesn’t feel like him. The actor’s face is probably making me feel this way too… wait, damn, the moustache. Yep. That’ll do it.

    Namor has such a specific face especially as far as western comics go that it would have been great to push for someone with those proportions. The eyebrows atleast!
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  5. Honestly I like the look of She Hulk. It doesn’t look too goofy and fits in with how Jennifer loves her life in the comics.
  6. The concept modeling is fine. She looks great as She-Hulk. It’s just the animation came off a bit hokey. Hopefully I’ll just get used to it as the episodes progress.
  7. Thor’s reviews are looking…not so great. Currently at 75%.

    General consensus seems to be that it’s not as good as Ragnarok and that it struggles to manage the tone between humour and drama.
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  8. I think Thor 4 was always going to struggle in the wake of Ragnarok and that it's a relatively low stakes film for the main character given the current Phase 4 films. When it's building to a larger purpose I suppose it'll be more cohesive, but I'm kind of treating it as a standalone film with no connection to the building MCU storylines.
  9. BTG


    Brett Goldstein as Hercules though. Yes father.
  10. I just saw Love & Thunder and hated it lol.
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  11. I've only seen the teaser trailer and it was a big fat meh. Can't wait to see it on Thursday.
  12. I’m not too worried, The Dark World gets a lot of hate but I enjoyed it more than most of the MCU movies honestly.
  13. I’m not reading too much into the reviews. No Way Home is the highest rated Phase 4 film and is the worst one in my eyes
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  14. The reviews are a little disappointing but I have complete faith in Taika. He’s yet to let me down!
  15. Critic reviews make no sense to me. Opinions are subjective and everyone's gonna have a different one. All critics do is write out their opinion for a bunch of people to read. For example:
    This! Not everyone is gonna agree with critics, whether the movie gets trashed or rave reviews.

    Also, imagine thinking No Way Home is the worst Phase 4 film instead of the best. Could not be me.
    (Kidding, I'm very aware of my bias towards Spider-Man as he's my favorite hero, different opinions are valid dddd.)

    I'm excited for this. I love the Thor trilogy (yes including The Dark World. Boring as hell villain but good emotional stakes, and a nice beginning to Loki's redemption) and so I'm really excited to see what the movie is gonna do. I'm excited to see Jane as Lady Thor and I'm hoping we get some movement on the Gamora stuff even though she isn't in the movie.

    I'm also in a weird place where I feel like I'm one of the few people to have genuinely enjoyed everything Phase 4 has had to offer so far. I've seen so many tweets and YouTube videos (haven't actually watched them but still) talking about how Phase 4 is absolutely terrible, the worst phase, etc. Or about how they wish we could go back to when they were making Phase 1 type stuff (which is weird to me because as great as it is I think it may be the weakest overall) and I don't get it. Phase 4 is honestly my favorite so far and I don't think I've ever been more excited to see where Marvel goes next.
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  16. In general I do think a lot of critics review MCU with a different lens because of how dominant they are, which is why The Eternals had worse reviews than Thor a Dark World and Iron Man 2 for example.

    Saying that, I have to say that Love & Thunder...was a real slog for me. No spoilers at all here but a little insight into why I didn't like it:

    The humour was a major turn off. I thought that Taika almost went into too "dumb" territory with Ragnarok but it still just about worked. But Taika is almost a bit too cocky here and it just gets a bit too irritating (I say that as a fan of Jojo Rabbit and What We Do in the Shadows). It's all very laddy, which is strange given it's a sort-of attempt at being knowingly camp.

    I think Jane's transition to Mighty Thor was too rushed and given we haven't seen her character for about 8 years it felt oddly empty and a bit jarring. We've had a couple of really underwhelming and pointless MCU shows and Mighty Thor origin show instead of one of them would have really done her character wonders because the character came across so empty and wooden.

    There were a handful of nice and fun moments in there and I loved Valkyrie despite them not giving her an ounce of character development, but these moments were surrounded by too much pointless garbage (to me) and a central story and character that were kind of...boring?
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  17. A friend of mine never watched any Marvel movies, well last weekend she met with another friend and watched 3 Marvel movies randomly:

    - Multiverse of Madness
    - Infinity War
    - Endgame

    I wanna scream. She doesn‘t understand why I am mad cause she thinks she can still rewatch some of the movies ddd.
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  18. Eh, not just that, but of course their buildups factor in. Etermals should have been a Disney+ show with each episode focusing on each Eternal. Then, maybe, anyone would give a care about any of them.

    Regarding Thor Love & Thunder, the people whose opinions I care about loved it a lot so I'm sure i'll enjoy it
  19. The direct quote and shade I love it.
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