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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Just watch the new Thor movie because of my office activity and it's terrible. Absolutely terrible.

    The humor is so dumb and unfunny. There is no sense of tension, every serious scenes are interrupted by unnecessary jokes like... We are on an important, life altering missions and they jokes around like a clown?

    Everything is so rushed, the explanation and existence of Jane Foster. The changing objection and strategy to face the villain. Terrible writing all around.

    The only good thing I could say about this movie is the villain is kinda cool, I guess. Oh and the battle / scene in black/white settings are also cool, it's like watching old cartoon come to live.
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  2. Literally. People are like "oh no it's on 70% on rotten tomatoes" and I'm like...yeah, that's far too high.
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  3. Yeah I’m gonna hate this.
  4. @Joe. and @Attis what do you make of them confirming there's a much, much longer cut that expands the story, has a lot more dialogue in places and seemingly connects some parts that are evidently disjointed and lacking.

    Think it'd make a difference, or potentially be a bigger disaster? Keeping in mind that much of the movie is apparently improvised.

    I'm going to see it Friday morning and I'm still excited because I adore Ragnarok, but some of the reactions are definitely lowering my expectations now.
  5. Not gonna lie, I love the sound of there being some dumb humour throughout the whole thing, I really don't want another *dark* slog of a movie from Marvel right now. Give me disjointed madcap adventures with dumb jokes that miss more than land.
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  6. Low-key this. I mean, I feel like everything has had a good dose of humor but have also been thematically or emotionally heavy for the most part that we haven't had anything actually fun and light in the MCU in a while.
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  7. I think I also just have a very low bar when it comes to movies (George Clooney is my favourite live action Batman for example). Plus I have a decent amount of prior knowledge about all the characters before seeing them so that might sway it a bit?
  8. Yes if they can make Thor the comic relief of the MCU I’m here for it, now that Chris Pratt is not in, he can take this more light hearted place and I trust Taika will deliver a fun movie, while not necessarily complex nor emotionally heavy.

    Thor has always being the weakest link in the MCU for me, very hit or miss, I think they found the correct tone in Ragnarok and even helped Chris Hemsworth find his groove.

    Whatever it is, it will for sure be better than the second one.
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  9. I think it might have given some depth to some of the writing, and made it overall more plausible, of course - This and MoM definitely felt underwritten, but unlike the former I think the bones of this just aren't interesting enough for a compelling enough story. There wasn't big enough stakes for the grand plot they were going for (which I don't always mind, Black Widow and even the first Ant-Man have managed more insular stories more successfully).

    There will of course be people who enjoy this (straights men will eat it up) but it just was not for me.
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  10. Same, but I have a low bar for pretty much anything.
    George Clooney isn't my favorite Batman though dddd.
    Huh? He's still in it though?
  11. I thought this was the best Thor-movie. A bit exposition-heavy at times, but Natalie Portman just steals the show. It felt very much like a comic book brought to life.

    It is visually such a treat, the black-and-white part was one of the best fight scenes of phase 4.
  12. Haven’t seen it yet but hearing that serious scenes are ruined by unfunny comedy…sounds like Thor 2.
  13. As a character, I prefer Thor in his first 2 solo movies and the first 3 Avengers movies. I didn't like him in Ragnarok and Endgame.

    MCU movies have always been hit and miss in the humour department, but most of the times the lame jokes are also quite harmless in the context of the movie. However, the humour in the Guardians movies and Ragnarok really aren't my cup of tea. So I'm definitely skipping 'Love & Thunder'.
  14. The movie having a 250 million budget is...wild
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  15. I think I’m the only person on the planet who liked The Dark World the most of all his films. The first film is absolute shit and Raganarok is….whatever it was.
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  16. It also isn't true
  17. It should still look better than it does even if those A list contracts are eating into the budget
  18. I'm gonna have to wait until this is on VOD methinks coz no way in hell am I gonna sit in a theatre with a bunch of straight men when every review I've seen says this movie is nonstop jokes
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  19. Eh it might explain the story better, though the writing and production is still at fault for failing to craft a cohesive yet effective plot without sacrificing the runtime. There is so much sub-plot and dumb scenes that could be cut out (in particular that annoying ass GOD).

    To me, a feel-good / turning off my brain movie doesn't has to be...this dumb. At least provides us some sense of conflict and tension, man. Multiverse of Madness with all its flaws is more fun to watch. There is a stake on the protagonist, like the murder of Kang's countless students and the Illuminati. What do we get in Thor ? A tease on a "death" of certain teammates which turns out to be...not happening because plot armor yay !
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  20. If the humor is anything like Taika’s Our Flag Means Death..i’m so here for this!
    I’m more eager to see this than the next Guardians movie. Like has been mentioned, It has a better leading man in Hemsworth and a better director with Taika.
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