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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. To be fair though, a trash can with abs painted on would be a better leading man than Chris Pratt.
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  2. Not me thinking MoM was mostly trash and this being hailed as worse. Marvel Studios need to come up with something real quick. The MCU was always chock full of blockbuster action of differing quality, but by and large adults could leave these movies going “hey, that was a good film” regardless of previous taste in/for superhero movies. There’s a magic in that first decade or so that they’re struggling with suddenly - arguably only with the established franchises. Shang-Chi was good, Black Widow was good (despite fanboy feelings) and I really liked Eternals too. It looked fantastic and was trying new things. If MoM and L&T represent returning to the classics… don’t!

    To be fair this may only be a wobble, but it’s a big one. They’ve come back from worse, sure. And I’ve yet to see it - maybe I’ll love the…jokes? Whoever told Taika that Korg (and associated humour) was hot, fly, sexy etc and that he should run with it lied to him several times.
  3. Is the humour on the same level as Guardians 2? The jokes in that are so cringey that I can’t bring myself to watch it again (even though I adore Mantis).
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  4. Despite the mediocre reviews, a short clip of THAT scene has been leaked on social media ready for everyone to screenshot!
  5. So I might be mustering the courage to go see this tomorrow. Not been out on my own in....years? And not been to a cinema since 2012-ish.
    I'm home alone for nearly a week and I feel really isolated and lonely which isn't good for my mental health so I need this. I also need to see Chris's butt in mega wide screen, although I honestly doubt the scene will beat the one in Rush where he's spread out, butt up, on the bed.
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  6. Do it!

  7. I thought it was lots of fun! Then again, Eternals is my favourite Phase Four entry and No Way Home possibly my least favourite, so what do I know...
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  8. Eternals is glorious and, yes, it is the best film of Phase 4.
  9. Every phase 4 film is at the very least enjoyable. I think Multiverse suffers the most in the writing department but on an entertainment standpoint is up there.
    Was I entertained? is the question I tend to ask myself first with any movie and it's always been a yes with the MCU. I'm sure that won't change with Love & Thunder.
  10. He


    For the first time I’m finding myself not as interested by what is happening or will happen in the MCU. I wonder if it’s the lack of obvious overarching narrative of phase 4, whilst also being short on substance as standalone films (I do enjoy all of them to be honest). Maybe Multiverse or Madness was just a tad tew disappointing. I’ll still watch Thor in the cinema eventually.
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  11. My friend snatched me a ticket to a Dolby Cinema showing on Saturday so I guess I'll be able to see Thor's ass in the largest screen possible and blow out my eardrums at the same time.
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  12. This seems to be a thing for a lot of people and I can see why. Phases 1 through 3 (so all of MCU up until Endgame) were all leading up to something and each new movie added something new to the mix and gave background on new characters etc. whereas now it feels like we are getting new characters with no real relation to one another and stories that are set in their own little worlds. I quite like the change but do wish we had some idea of how the new Big bad (Kang I assume?) plays in and what characters will be teaming up to form the new "team".
  13. He


    And all the stunts and post credit scenes scenes haven’t had much follow up. I wouldn’t mind if the movies were just stand alone (Shan Chi and Eternals are great introductions to new worlds), but it feels a tad aimless when so much is being introduced and not being given enough room to breathe and develop, or events are advertised to be larger than life and then they turn out to be inconsequential.
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  14. I get why that's a thing for people too but it isn't really true for Phase 1? Each movie was standalone (except Iron Man 2 for obvious reasons but you could probably watch it without watching the first one) with hints at a larger universe, until The Avengers as the finale. It wasn't until that movie's post-credits scene that anyone had an idea that Thanos was an overarching villain for the series.
    I think the thing with Phase 4 not feeling as focused or interconnected or having a goal, and even the lack of payoff with post-credits scenes is a natural result of the MCU being bigger than ever. The more projects that are in development, the more time it'll take for everything to come out, and the more time it'll take to get answers and understand the build-up. Not to mention 2020 fucking everything up with delays and being the first year since 2009 without a single movie. That clearly caused problems with the plan as well.
    I also don't think it's as unclear where they're headed? It's clear they're building up to Young Avengers and probably the Thunderbolts. I've been assuming they want to establish more teams than just the Avengers, since the state of the team is in question, and if they are building up to Secret Wars, which has been rumored, it makes sense for them to establish even more heroes/teams to make it as big as it should be. I'm not sure who the big villain for the next few phases will be (probably Kang, hopefully we'll know more when Ant-Man 3 comes out) but I'm also not sure they'll actually have a big overarching villain again. I feel like it's easy to assume that, but they had tremendous success with Thanos and I'm not sure they'd be able to repeat that, because of how much stuff is in development. I'm not sure it'd work as well. I feel like (and kinda hope) Marvel is transitioning into an even more stand-alone, spread out place than they were pre-Endgame, with occasional big crossover events. Similar to the comics. I think it makes sense to do that, but could lead to less overall investment in each and every project. But the last thing the MCU needs to worry about anymore is making money anyway so hopefully they'll expect that to happen if this is what they're planning. Obviously this is mostly speculation and theorizing and I could be wrong (hell, I probably am) but it's still fun to think about. Overall I think we'll have a much better idea about the current/future state of Marvel once we know when Phase 4 will actually end and with what.

    Sorry for the long ass post, I wasn't expecting it to be that lengthy ddd. I'm sure you can all tell my nerdy superhero-loving ass constantly has a lot of thoughts about the MCU and I don't really have a space or way to express them all the time besides here.

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  15. Well I really enjoyed Love and Thunder. It had a lot of heart to it
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  16. For me, it’s the long ass gaps between story elements being resolved.

    Like the variant Gamora doing a runner at the end of Endgame. The post credits scenes of Shang Chi and Eternals likely not to be dealt with for a few years.

    I enjoy it all as part of the wider story but I really don’t like the idea of so many plot elements taking several years to resolve.
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  17. I think we're going to get a link with Shang Chi and Ms Marvel very soon
  18. This is how I feel about it too. Now that there is so many characters... It takes forever to circle back to certain ones.
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  19. Y’know I thought that too.
  20. I don't know if I had lowered expectations but I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was fine. I laughed maybe twice but the humor didn't bother me and I actually didn't notice that any serious moments were ruined by it.
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