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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. There's absolutely going to be a Scarlet Witch solo movie.
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  2. We already know they're going to be fiddling with how to bring her kids (their adult hero versions) into the mix... So she will definitely be present. And we have her unresolved story with white Vision still being out there. And Agatha. And they will probably have her do some X-Men related things too since she has history with the xmen as well. AND because of her multiverse powers, they are probably going to need her at the end of this saga when it comes time to deal with Kang as the Avengers.
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  3. Yeah i have a feeling that when Wanda returns to the big screen, it will be in the Avengers movie. Despite that I won't be surprised if she shows up in the Agatha series or Wonder Man. I think anything that has to do with her character development is better suited in a series or two. The format gives the character room to be fleshed out.
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  4. I think the only thing MoM was really missing was really showing that the Darkhold was actively corrupting her. And the ending didn't really show her being freed from it's corruption. So the lines of "how much of this was her and how much of this was the book's hold on her" is really blurred and I think they will really need to clarify that in the character's next outing. Perhaps she will have remorse and anger that she let the book corrupt her and she will go on to help the good guys-- and hopefully be rewarded with her children.

    I imagine she will have to show up in the Agatha series. Very curious what that is going to be about really.
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  5. Nobody:

    Me: "I've exhausted my patience... but I do hope you understand... that even now, what's about to happen...

    ...this is me…



  6. I just can’t see them not bringing her back, she’s the only link they have to Mutants from the first Saga of films. They’ll retcon the fuck out of her backstory I’m sure!
    I don’t think she even needs to have survived Multiverse of Madness, even though I think she did. Imagine her film opening with her being tortured in hell and her either breaking free or bargaining with Mephisto or whoever to make her kids real and return her to the living!
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  7. Yes, that's the thing. There's such an army of characters waiting in the wings, that even if she did really die, there's someone waiting for her, somewhere, to bring her back. But I refuse to believe that the Scarlet Witch can be offed by a few rocks falling on her. No thank you.

    Fact is, she's the most interesting character they have. From a character-arc and visual impact point of view. They'd be absolutely fucking moronic to not already have Olsen tied into multiple projects.
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  8. The I Am Groot shorts are out and they're, uh, cute, I guess?
  9. I’m glad there is something for everyone on Disney+ but I’m just tired of anything related to GOTG. The only reason I’ll watch the third movie is to hate watch it and discard it from my brain right after.

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  10. There is no way she died at the end of MoM. There would've been a 20 minute long sob session and funeral scene for a character like her.
  11. Hmm… Not for a female character I fear, just look at Black Widow.
  12. It still leaves a sour taste in my mouth to me how things went for Black Widow. Her death was so...shit and her movie finally coming out after she died when there were no stakes or level of threat was such a failure. I think the movie itself was perfect, but there's absolutely no reason it couldn't have come out in sequence, where I am sure it would probably have gotten a lot more love.
  13. True. Take out the end credit scene at the grave and that movie is good to go right after Civil War.

    I really enjoy Black Widow. One thing I would like them to go back and tweak is the awful CGI when Yelena gets blown back and falls through the sky. Wooo lord, it's bad.
  14. The fact endgame was about reality-hopping instead of Natasha and Gamora fighting Thanos from within while the rest of the Avengers confront him until he is forced to revive them to get rid of them... But I guess that doesn't make an entire film as easily as revisiting previous moments and locations.
  15. I had no interest whatsoever in a Black Widow movie after she had already died but when I finally watched it I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Though I have to be honest and say I’ve never been fond of Scarlett’s portrayal of the character and even in her own film I thought she was overshadowed by Yelena. The family dynamics definitely made the film for me. Such a shame it came out too late.
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  16. Fine but, the rules of cinema is that characters arent dead unless you see the body. Which we did of Widow and not of Wanda.
  17. The Groot shorts… exist…

    It’s not that they’re bad it’s just a bit pointless, I get I’m not the target demographic but I struggle to see the point in them for anyone.

    Maybe putting them all up at once wasn’t the way to do it and it would have worked better released alongside something else.
  18. Groot really is a nothing character to the overarching storylines of the MCU (sorry to anyone who genuinely likes him dd) and I feel like they should've come out in 2015 when the viral moment of his catchphrase hadn't been run into the ground.
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  20. I’m really looking forward to this! She-Hulk is one of Marvel’s gems and probably a property that should most fit a TV format as opposed to film. Let’s hope it’s good.
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