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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Yeah I'm also really looking forward to it. It just looks really fun and it'll be great to see Charlie Cox squaring off against Jen in the courtroom, and donning the DD suit again.
  2. Charlie Cox is so hot and I can't wait to catch up with Daredevil purely based on that.
  3. He


    That smile… he’s just gorgeous.
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  4. Jameela with her signature ugly bangs really irks me.
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  5. aux


    Finally watched Thor: Love and Thunder… Damn, that was rough as fuck. Some of the humour just landed flat on its face and the story really didn’t work for me. A shame, really, because I was actually excited to see Jane as Mighty Thor.
  6. Grace Randolph (I know I know) gave first impressions of the first 4 episodes from the She Hulk show. She LOVES Jennifer/She-Hulk and think she's the best MCU character apart from Wanda. Why Jennifer/She-Hulk is not her absolute favorite is because She Hulk lacks the pathos that Wanda has. She brought up some good points on how Marvel is making the same mistakes with their newer Disney+ shows. Ms. Marvel suffered a bit from it and it's the same on this show. She also mentioned lovers of the 'Attorny at Law' comic run will love the show but thinks they should have added more from the original Sensational She-Hulk comic run.
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  7. I enjoyed her summary a lot. She loves the character, so it's really positive that she was so glowing about the TV version, but also that Tatiana is incredible. I did laugh at the feminism discussion too. She was being as honest as possible in what couldn't verge on a spoiler or review video, before the embargo lifts. She was definitely giving fair warning though.
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  8. A damn solid series if I may say. If people like the show then I recommend it to show more to the character.
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  10. I can't believe Episode 1 was originally Episode 8 (after heavy edits and last-minute rewrites).
  11. Finally watched Thor’s ass and tiddies love and thunder today.. despite the constant talking in the cinema I still enjoyed it. Not the best thing I’ve ever seen but Natalie Portman was great and I liked how stand alone and not too reliant on the stuff from previous phases it was
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  12. A friend of mine went to the She-Hulk premier and said it was amazing, so I’m cautiously optimistic.
  13. So I loved the first episode. Tatiana is an absolute star! I am thinking that Bruce is now not in the rest of the series which is a shame though.

    I wanted the fight with Titania to be an actual fight scene though, not just a quick stinger. I know she’ll be back but it would’ve been more impactful to see a full fight scene.

    Overall, I’m cautiously optimistic. Ms Marvel had a great first episode and then quickly turned pretty terrible.
  14. I really enjoyed the first episode of She-Hulk. The women stay winning in the Disney+ Marvel shows.
  15. I thought it was a great first episode.

    My expectations were lowered because the tv shows have been largely average, not due to the continued (infuriating) fanboy misogyny that’s been on a hate-campaign since the first teasers were revealed.
  16. First episode was great - I don't want to get too ahead of myself because these shows don't often know how to navigate the episodic formula and start out better than they end but I'm looking forward to episode 2.
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  17. Yup the unfortunate state of the MCU shows. Starts out great but fall shorts towards the end. Really enjoyed the episode. The FX didn't seem so jarring as it did in the trailer. However Smart Hulk's look just seems more polished. The years composing the character definitely helps.

    Also Interesting insight about Jen's and Bruce's genetic makeup. Totally forgot about the original HULK movie storyline where Bruce had a dormant “mutant” gene that was activated under gamma radiation. It still doesn’t explain how Jen has it.
  18. Rob


    I'm actually relieved he's not so the show can just develop its own stories without being shackled to the baggage of the MCU.

    All of the reviewers received the first 4 episodes and said episode 1 is by far the weakest so I'm really excited for the rest of the series.
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  19. I really enjoyed the first episode, I’m glad we’ve flown through the set up and I can’t wait to see where this goes next.

    It’s up there with Ms Marvell’s debut for me.
  20. This was enjoyable! I'm glad we got to see another side of Hulk.

    The fight scene with Titania was so shoddy and oddly cut though.
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