The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Even if you feel WandaVision dropped in quality (it didn’t bar the finale), the standard it had and the highs points just obliterate any of the other shows (and movies).

It’s quite different to say MoonKnight and Falcon and Bucky got worse as they went on, but they were never interesting or good to begin with.
Well, to be fair each Wandavision episode after the third one (I think it was the third one) was way worse than the previous one, so... It was simply strong enough overall regardless, otherwise they had no idea how to maintain the charm/appeal of the show and characters once the sitcom/real world dichotomy started to fade, and it only kept getting worse.
This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, the finale wasn’t spectacular but the episodes beforehand were exceptional.

Plus, the finale had her transformation scene which was worth the cost of Disney+ alone.
I feel like some of the new Marvel shows should be more Monster-Of-The-Week rather than 5 hour movie. Like it would be fun if She Hulk was a new case each week.

I’m still not convinced that any of them apart from Wandavision couldn’t have been regular 2 hour movies. I think there’s a great movie buried inside Loki and Hawkeye. Falcon and the Winter Soldier is unsalvageable.
I re-watched Infinity War recently and it really holds up as easily the best team-up or Avengers movie to date. I don't think they'll ever be able to out-do it. The way all the separate threads of story carefully lead up to that movie and the way the characters all felt so well balanced without feeling overstuffed. The pacing is perfect, too, it's never boring. I'd have even loved to have seen the invasion of the Asgardian ship, rather than just the aftermath, and some flashes of Thanos invading Nova corps.
The episode before the finale of WandaVision where Agatha takes Wanda back into her past is the best one. The finale was rushed due to Covid so I give it some grace but the series as a whole is still the best D+ Marvel show so far.
I started watching Moon Knight yesterday.
The back to looking iffy

Yeah it’s pretty obvious. In some scenes she looks so polished and then in others it looks like it hasn’t been fully rendered. Despite that I still enjoyed the episode. The length is going to be an issue. No way should this show be less than 25 minutes.
I loved Orphan Black and am familiar with Tatiana through that but it still kind of gets me every time I see the She Hulk because she just looks like green Marina.