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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. I think half the issue is just...lack of art direction and detail for the CGI. I'm not expecting Avatar by any means but I think its just a bit too rubbery and lacking physicality and texture that give that grounded sense of reality. This is TV show money though and the VFX teams evidently had neither the time or budget to make it work to a good standard (or indeed the creative direction).

    On a more positive note this feels like the MCU show with a sense that it exists purely as its own show. Give me a few seasons of She Hulk without any other connections and it would still work which I think would be a good direction.
  2. It looks fine… people expect way too much from these shows, just enjoy the ride and stop nitpicking every little detail.
  3. I think that was my favorite episode yet. Inane superhero cases of the week was always what I wanted from She-Hulk and I'm glad the show is finally starting to settle into that groove. I almost wish there was no overarching mystery and they would just let the show be completely episodic.
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  4. Amazing episode!
  5. Is She-Hulk only 6 episodes?
  6. 9 apparently
  7. The Megan clips doing numbers on twitter. A very smart cameo.

    Will she be in more episodes?
  8. Oh good so there is still time for Titania to actually be in it?
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  9. Jameela's said in interviews that her key episodes are 5 & 6.
  10. I like to believe Titania is in fact Tahani reincarnate.
  11. Do we think there will be any other big cameos other than Daredevil during the series?
  12. I've enjoyed episodes two and three much more then the first. My favorite aspect is her breaking the fourth wall. "Connecting the A and B plotlines....nice!" I screamed but I'm a sucker for meta humor. Also I think the lengths of the episodes are perfect for this kind of show. Some of the others shows would drag so much.
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  13. Episode 3 was so much fun! I'm actually happy for Emil and am glad he got parole.
    Also, "I will kill for you Megan Thee Stallion!" What a cameo!
  14. Well, Episode 1 was kind of slapped together anyways as all the origin story stuff with getting her powers and Bruce wasn't supposed to happen until towards the end of the season but then they decided the audience should know how she got the powers first. Probably for the best. Even though it made the first episode exposition heavy.
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  15. This genuinely looks better than any swinging shots from MCU Spidey.

    (It’s from some low-budget unofficial movie idk)
  16. Dddd that fan film has been a wild ride
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  17. This shit is SO UNFUNNY.
  18. Rumors are rampant that Jodie Comer will be announced as Sue Storm at D23…
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