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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Can we have a whole series of Madisynn please?
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  2. She Hulk is really getting better and better with every episode. This one was so much fun.
  3. I'm barely exaggerating when I say Madisynn is the best thing about phase 4 so far.
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  4. Are we ready?*


    *for disappointment
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  5. Watching Love And Thunder again and the decision to go total parody juxtaposed against the cancer storyline is just so weird.
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  6. I enjoyed it in the cinema but watching at home, I didn't really like it.

    When are we expecting (if any) announcements from D23 or whatever it is?
  7. Serve
  8. Love and Thunder was genuinely one of the worst films I have ever seen. The humour and direction, it felt like an Elizabeth Banks movie. Marvel slowly feels like it’s becoming the Netflix of movie studios.

    I hope that changes with X-Men and Fantastic Four and they don’t fuck them up.
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  9. Finally watched Love and Thunder now it’s on Disney+. Cute but definitely felt strangely lightweight plot-wise. The emotional side of it with Jane’s story, and how the visuals and Bale himself represented Gorr were the best parts. Otherwise it was a good representation of how Marvel needs to change things up. Everything / every location being cgi means nothing has weight. The directorial choices in some scenes left me going “why would you make the actors do that?” which is never good. And the “tee hee we can’t say gay” of Valkyrie… mama this is garbage.

    But yeah. Jane and Gorr were icons.
  10. Not even trying to be annoying because all I do is complain about how most of the Marvel TV shows should be movies but I low-key think the Jane Cancer storyline should’ve been a mini series . .
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  11. I agree but many people seem to not care for the MCU shows and prefer the movie format (ahem).

    I’ll say it until i’m blue in the face but most of the X-Men stories should be told in series format. With team ups and converging storylines told in movies. The X-Men stories are just too dense and layered to be told only in a two hour movie.
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  12. I've always said that. Introducing Jane after 8 years with all this story just did not work. They should have done a Jane and Darcy 6 episode show where she comes into her powers.

    Love and Thunder wouldn't have fallen as flat.
  13. Thor: Love and Thunder is so… boring. Honestly, what was all of that? The Jane Foster stuff was good but the rest was kind of just… there. Also, I’m getting tired of the lack of sets being built. The green screen world leaves a lot of iffy moments.

    SheHulk on the other hand was a joy to watch this week. I do wish the episodes were longer and we got a little more procedural energy but it is still so enjoyable.
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  14. Kim Kardashian mentioned in her Interview Magazine interview that she'd like to join the MCU.
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  15. She-Hulk episode 4 was a Marvel comic come to life perfectly. I’m not even exaggerating - it hit every kind of note an issue of She-Hulk should hit. So bloody fun.

    Something like Love and Thunder thinks it’s a comic book movie when in actual fact it’s just a cartoon (which is fine in principle). She Hulk might be the most successful adaptation (not that’s it’s a direct lift of any one story, just the feel of the comics is there) Marvel has done is forever.
  16. This is why I enjoyed Daredevil Season 2 so much. It felt like a year of reading a comic run. She Hulk is close to feeling that way too, especially her more comedic series (Slott). I wish Marvel would lean a little more into things and not do whatever they did with Thor: Love and Thunder.
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  17. Love & Thunder adapter parts of both The Mighty Thor (Jane is Thor story) and Godbomb and God Butcher - all of which are relatively long and complex storylines… and while I think the MCU should be plucking elements and making their own stories like they always have done, they could look more at how well these stories are told, and HOW. It’s not just about the fact there’s a creepy baddie and ooh Jane is Thor!! But in the format Waititi’s Thor movies operate, there’s not much room for nuance or development.

    I think that’ll be the last Thor movie, given how little of Asgard is actually left in any case, but I’d like to see a little more of the balance Ragnarok gave us with his stories.
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  18. Are they likely to take on any of the criticisms of the last few films and actually do something about them? I haven’t seen Thor yet but while Multiverse of Madness was so much fun, it was completely all over the place. No Way Home was less messy, and kinda pulled it off a bit better but even still, it could’ve come together a bit better. Pacing and context seem to be the biggest problems in my opinion. Adding 20-30 minutes of context for Wanda would’ve improved Multiverse of Madness 10 fold.
  19. I really hope She-Hulk gets a moment to shine in one of the movies in future.
  20. I actually enjoyed all the movies from this phase, maybe I'm the only one...

    When they won't generate such high sales, Spider-Man is the 3rd most watched movies in US history if I'm not wrong and has over 2B grosses worldwide
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