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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. A directors or extended cut of these newer MCU films would do a world of difference. Unfortunately Disney is not really into that.
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  2. I also enjoyed them all! That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement though.
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  3. Just to add some more info:

    Doctor Strange made a ~955.8 M$ Worldwide
    Thor ~755.3 M$ Worldwide
  4. Whenever I see those Dr. Strange numbers, I only see Disney mulling over wether they should put out a Scarlet Witch movie or not.
  5. I actually laughed more Madisynn than I have at anything in the MCU ever.
  6. MCU actually stands for Madisynn Cinematic Universe

    I'm here for replacing Stan Lee's cameos with Madisynn. Every MCU film and TV show, Madisynn pops up for some reason.
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  8. This is the only way forward.
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  9. Finally managed to watch Thor on D+, it wasn't that bad

    The most annoying thing was the aspect ratio changing towards the end
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  10. No, I have as well.
  11. I don’t mean to bang on about CGI but this is where She Hulk is falling apart.

    It’s so abundantly clear that the scenes in the law office are an afterthought because she looks awful in those scenes. The fight scene in the theatre, the dating scenes- the CGI looked MUCH better.

    This project is one where you can clearly see they ran out of time.
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  12. Exactly this. I liked all the films from Phase One, didn’t mean that Phases Two and Three were a huge improvement.

    I’m hoping Phase Five picks things up but I have liked all the movies, and some I’ve loved (Eternals and Shang Chi).

    My big learning curve with the MCU (and other projects like Rings Of Power) is to not look at Twitter…ever.
  13. The CGI in She Hulk doesn’t bother me. I don’t think the office scenes are not an after thought, they just have lighting you can’t hide behind much. There are less shadows, everything is lit and she has looser clothes which leave very little to cover up anything. It doesn’t bother me though. The only time it feels off is when the eyes feel flat/lifeless. Basically when there are no sort of shine/reflection in the eye.
  14. So what do we think they’ll announce today? The Scarlet Witch (2024) please!!

    In hindsight Jessica (and the whole old cast) fucking chewed this. The films have their problems but on the whole I still enjoy them and the cast was a bit spot on.

    I’m gagging for the Fantastic 4 announcement. Streets are saying Jodie Comer. I’m sure she’s being inundated with offers for these big budget films so I’m intrigued to see if she takes any. I kinda don’t want her to take it because I really want her to be in her critical acclaim Oscar-nominated bag for the next few years and Marvel could get in the way of that. She would eat in the role though of course.
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  15. I love how perched the world is for any kind of Fantastic Four announcement at this point. The comics are so special, and the literaly start of the Marvel universe, and so fans not being put off by the 2015 false-start is heartening.
  16. There were also (probably false) rumours a while ago about Chloé Zhao returning for a 'Eternals' sequel called 'Celestials' or something. Let's pray. Kit Harrington will probably appear as Black Knight in Blade, but I want to see more of the other characters... except for Harry Styles.
  17. Didn’t Patten Oswalt basically let the cat out of the bag?

    Eternals 2 is happening!
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  18. Controversial but Chris is a better Johnny Storm than Captain America. Not that he didn't nail Cap, but damn if he isn't the perfect Human Torch.

    Also, Jessica got such a bad rep as Sue. People saying she was too pretty to be a scientist when a) Sue isn't meant to be one in the comics, that was a silly choice by the movie, and b) in the comics she is a literal MODEL. She is meant to be stunning.
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