The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Ghost AND Yelena?!

Laughing at Florence Pugh sending in a video for the D23 panel from where she's currently shooting Dune 2. The Marvel panel is not immune from being roped into the DWD drama.

The Werewolf by Night special looks like a ton of fun, Secret Invasion is finally bringing Fury (with bonus Olivia Colman) fully back into the MCU fold and he's been an anchor I feel the universe has been missing for a long time now. Thunderbolts and the new Captain America movie are probably what I'm most excited for outside of the new Ant-Man and a Shang-Chi sequel.
Thunderbolts has the potential to be incredible. There is so much potential in that lineup, and I'm so glad they found a way to bring Ghost back.

I think the lack of Fantastic Four means they haven't actually signed all four yet.
Much as I loved Falcon & The Winter Soldier, I am really eager to see Bucky without Cap or Sam. He's been on a real journey and I just want my one armed cutie to shine. I love the Thunderbolts comics and can't wait for this. Part of me wishes it would be used to give us Songbird though.
Either way it's going to be fun.