The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Also, Jessica got such a bad rep as Sue. People saying she was too pretty to be a scientist when a) Sue isn't meant to be one in the comics, that was a silly choice by the movie, and b) in the comics she is a literal MODEL. She is meant to be stunning.

nn I'm with you on all this though the 'they're a model!' thing is because Stan Lee gave that job to basically every female character he invented in the 1960s. Sue Storm, Mary Jane Watson, Jean Grey (this may have been another 60s writer after Stan left but the point stands) and others were all models because...pretty girls do that I guess. And we must inform the readers that these are pretty girls. (The history of models and female characters' jobs in Marvel Comics is actually pretty interesting, given how prominent Romance and other styles of comic that weren't superhero were in the 20th century before the latter really became the ONE. That's a whole different topic though!)

Many/most adaptations of the the F4 origin story now have given Sue more agency in the form of being a scientist or in some kind of research that makes her inclusion in the space flight make more sense.
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Olivia Colman's taste level in choosing roles tells me Secret Invasion is going to be high cunt

Laughing at Florence Pugh sending in a video for the D23 panel from where she's currently shooting Dune 2. The Marvel panel is not immune from being roped into the DWD drama.

The Werewolf by Night special looks like a ton of fun, Secret Invasion is finally bringing Fury (with bonus Olivia Colman) fully back into the MCU fold and he's been an anchor I feel the universe has been missing for a long time now. Thunderbolts and the new Captain America movie are probably what I'm most excited for outside of the new Ant-Man and a Shang-Chi sequel.