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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. She-Hulk is the only show (aside from WandaVision) that I feel was written as a TV show.

    I feel like a lot of the other shows were written like films and then just chopped up into episodes.
  2. I mean, Wanda's fighting style in this was very much similar to her fights in Infinity War, so it would have fit in the film.
    Maybe too gory with the decapitation and what not, but we all know we would have loved it. Maybe they can save that concept for when she gets her own film and is doing it to the bad guys? That'll make it significantly less extreme for many people watching.

    I absolutely love She Hulk. That show has been so much fun to watch. My only complaint is just how short the episodes are.
    The last one was like what, 31 minutes? And that included the long credits, so really just 25 ish minutes of show?
    WandaVision had that same problem a few times. I want more show!
    But everyone they have in the show is killing it .. Nicky, Madisynn, Jen, Tatiana, etc.
  3. Whereas the weekly release felt appropriate for Wandavision, with it being a mystery unraveling and it growing more and more cinematic, I feel like She-Hulk should just have been released the entire season at once. I love it but it's kinda easy to forget about it after a couple of days.
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  4. I'm still really enjoying She-Hulk and I do find myself looking forward to it every week.
  5. I hate binge releases and don't think it'd help SheHulk in any way. I think it's works as a weekly show. I think the only thing that'd help would be slightly longer episodes and it leaned a little into the procedural aspect a bit more.
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  6. I watched Captain America: Winter Soldier earlier and *yikes* the difference in quality/taste when compared to Love & Thunder…
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  7. They're two completely different movies about completely different characters with completely different missions statements.
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  8. goals.
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  9. He


    I think the point is one feels like a realized vision and the other isn’t.
  10. Of course they are, and I get that it’s important to have different shades and tones across the MCU. Regardless of that, Love & Thunder is just quite tacky.
  11. Ddd fair enough but I enjoy the tackiness of it to be honest. My main issues with it are not enough screen time for Val and Jane, but that's not a tone problem obviously dddd.
  12. I loved "Love and Thunder", honestly. It's not without its faults, but I don't quite understand the strong negative reaction. It's probably my second favorite "Thor" movie.

    (Maybe I'm just a contrarian, I don't know)
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  13. He


    It’s not about the tackiness, I think leaning into the more fun and goofy side can be great. It just isn’t very successful at it.
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  14. I think it works pretty well in terms of the fun but maybe the balance was off a bit. It was just such a huge pivot in tone from pretty much every MCU project that came before it and after Ragnarok. It felt more like the Thor of the comics in the 70's and 80's who had more of a balance of fun and serious but not always the right balance.
    The only gripe I had was the fact we hadn't seen or heard of Jane in so long that it made her return feel a bit less impactful and kind of "Oh yeah, she exists. Let's plonk her back in" and didn't do justice to the Jane as Mighty Thor saga. The one and done villain is something I am glad to see return though, I like having movies that aren't widely connected to any bigger arc.
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  15. Well they basically just dumbed Thor down too much, there was an unnecessary joke every 30 seconds that really made the film feel off. It kinda reminded me of Joey in Friends going from being a bit dim in the first season to us wondering how he could breath on his own by the final season…..
    Ragnarok balanced seriousness and humour much better!
    There was so much could’ve been done with Love and Thunder to tone it down a bit but alas like all the other films this Phase, it was a victim of a bad script, not enough context and feels like the people making it couldn’t make up their minds what to actually do.
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  16. Having a rewatch of the Phase 4 shows and still not over how GOOD Wandavision was. Elizabeth Olsen really is my Mother. The show not only has all the magic and hero stuff we love but it does an amazing job of showing a woman dealing with grief and loneliness. It's not something many Superhero shows or movies deal with, the human side of these people. After MoM I hope she gets the redemption she deserves and reunited with Vision and her twins.
    It's the reason why I loved Falcon & The Winter Soldier too. Bucky gets a chance to grow as a person. it's hard to comprehend what this guy has been through in his life. He fights alongside his closest friend, nearly dies and loses an arm only to be found by Hydra and cruelly experimented on and tortured into a mindless killing machine for decades. Whenever he wasn't needed he was put on ice and treated like a weapon. Not only that but he remembers every single thing he's done and can do nothing about it. When he finally break free and is reunited with his friend, he is hounded by people for the crimes he was forced to commit and then he loses said friend and is left alone in a world he knows nothing about and with nobody he feels connected to. I admire the writers for showing him trying to right the wrongs he committed and trying to find his way in life. Sebastian Stan does a brilliant job. The show itself might have been lacking a tad in superhero antics but it was needed to let Sam and Bucky move on and start on a new path.

    tr;dr Wanda and Bucky deserve the world and a chance to be happy.
  17. I enjoyed Love and Thunder. Not the best Marvel film by any means but it was nice to see Jane back, and I thought Christian Bale played a great villain, he was really creepy. But yes, the attempted humour was too much.
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  18. BTG



  19. I love it when Marvel cast
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