The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

So once again the X-Men is all about Wolverine. I'm sick.

It’s tough to admit but Wolverine is the gateway door to the X-Men now. His popularity is really strong and it was Jackmans portrayal that kicked it all off. I think it’s sorta cool that Jackman will be triggering the whole X-Journey in the mainline MCU. ( That’s if this movie is in the mainline MCU)
Wolverine isn’t the gateway to the X-Men though. There are a lot of characters that you can launch with that would be a better foot to lead with. There’s already enough excitement for the MCU’s first X-Men film/series that they don’t need to depend on him. I don’t think Deadpool 3 will end with Jackman in the MCU either.

Honestly, Wolverine is overrated and I feel like they’ve done most of his stories already in the Fox movies, which left far more interesting characters in the dust. I’m tired of Weapon X, William Stryker and all of that. The only thing I’d hate to see more is the space aspect of the X-Men with the Shi’ar.
Well I'm here for it. Ryan and Hugh are good fun. The Deadpool movies are great. Hugh is Wolverine. It should be good. I agree that a cute little multiversal movie ending with Wade joining the MCU, where we meet the new Wolverine, might be the best way to go.

Not sure people need to be so stressed about Wolverine being the gateway. I mean, they already brought in Xavier. This also isn't out for another 2 years. I'd expect we'll have seen a couple of X-Men long before that. Storm would definitely be my guess.
Wolverine was the gateway to the X-Men for a very long time but not so much now. The Singer movies reducing most other main team characters to small parts to inflate Logan’s role made sense at the time but cost these incredible characters fans. Everyone who read the comics growing up or watched the cartoon has multiple favourite characters - and Wolverine is rarely anyone’s ultimate favourite.

Now…he’s a great Marvel character. So many brilliant stories are Wolverine-focused. But give it a rest. They nailed Logan.

Most people’s faves - especially online - will feature almost any of the other main iconic 90s team before Wolverine. From my experience.
I’m sure this will work with some multiverse explanation but… I want them to start putting distance between the Fox X-Men at some point before introducing them in the MCU.
I’m guessing this basically means they don’t have any MCU X-Men films/shows lined up for the next few years. It makes sense to do this if that’s the case but I really do hope this is the end of the Fox Actors coming back.
Like I get it, Hugh is popular but if the character is to be used going forward they need a recast. Hugh may be iconic in the role but he’s nothing like the character should be! I also always felt like they made the character fit the actor rather than the actor fit the character.
The Fox films completely sidelined so many great characters in favour of him, they never even had a chance to be honest.
So many complaints about this! For anyone who has seen the other Deadpool movies, it’ll clearly just be a one off adventure with Logan as fan service. Nothing more than that.

I very much doubt that Feige would introduce the Xmen using Wolverine, especially Hugh Jackman’s version, as it would just be a carbon copy of Singer’s franchise.

I don't think they'll be using Wolverine as the gateway to the X-Men/Mutants. Like someone said, this comes out in 2 years. We're getting *checks notes* Black Panther 2, Ant-Man 3, Guardians 3, The Marvels, Blade, Captain America 4 and Thunderbolts before this release date. That's a lot of films to potentially introduce more mutants. Not to mention the upcoming shows that could have them as well. The only movie that I think will have mutants (for now anyway) is The Marvels, because I really like the theory that
Mystique and Rogue are in it as secondary? villains and it ends with Rogue putting Carol in a coma.
But anyway, it's clear they're probably going for a slow build-up to introduce mutants gradually before debuting the X-Men as a team. I think this movie will be set in the Fox-verse and end with Deadpool crossing over. Like @SHYGUY said, an adaption of Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, but make it Fox could work really well, as long as the tone is in line with the first two films and it makes sense why he's doing it. I don't know who they'll cast as Logan, but I don't think it'll be Hugh as I can't see him wanting to come back for another decade+ as the character. If he did though, I wouldn't be mad about it, because I love him in the role. That's just me though I guess.
I’m sure this will work with some multiverse explanation but… I want them to start putting distance between the Fox X-Men at some point before introducing them in the MCU.

I think this is probably it? It’ll be a final hurrah for Hugh and the Foxverse, while Deadpool crosses over to the MCU. I’m expecting a few more cute cameos and then all-new mutants in the MCU from here on out.

Deadpool movies have never been my favourite but this is such a fun concept. I hope they go wild with it and being as many of them back as possible one final time. Then kill the Foxverse.
Despite the messiness of another Hugh-Wolverine picture coming now, Logan was the perfect closing chapter for an already overused character. Bringing him back again now kind of invalidates that.
This being a DeadPool movie I’m sure he’ll address this in his usual comedic banter.

I’m glad my comment triggered this discourse. Of course I don’t see Wolverine spearheading the X-Men. But this is the start of potential “X-Men” team members in the MCU. I think it’s obvious that Feige is peppering the MCU with mutants before the X-Men show up. There needs to be a reason why the X-Men is formed and the sudden appearance and eventual fallout of mutants in the MCU is the perfect catalyst.