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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. I'm exhausted already.
  2. BTG


    Okay, hear me out once more, bring back Halle.

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  3. I'm pretty sure Wolverine will only be there for the action and 4th wall breaking meta-humour. It's a Deadpool movie. They can practically do whatever. Whether you like the comedy or not, the 2 first movies were tonally a lot better for what they were aiming for than the Guardians movies, Ragnarok and Love and Thunder.

    I can't imagine Fox Wolverine really factoring into the MCU X-Men (when they get there).

    Eventhough I like Hugh Jackman, it's such an easy move by Disney to make lots of money. Also, I don't see how it harms his role in 'Logan'. If so, just don't watch Deadpool 3.
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  4. What's funny is the Marvel Cartel used to insist you watch everything, lest you be lost in the next film and that's on you, definitely not the storytellers, and now two years out from the film we're at "Just don't watch it!"

    Of course, Hugh Jackman bears no ethical responsibility to hold up 'Logan' as an untouchable finale (but... it was marketed as such!), he's an actor and he wants to get paid. And Ryan Reynolds will do anything for a dollar. It's just all so telegraphed, so predictable, so traded on nostalgia (Disney's number one product). You know it will be some meta-commentary about Disney buying Fox, and these two outsiders looking for a new home and adapting to the Disney-approved MCU. They'll throw in enough "fucks" to get their R-rating, a high-profile cameo (like bringing Evans out of retirement, or teasing Fantastic Four, another Fox to Disney property) to call back to the original Avengers, and it's on to the next one.

    They used to be good at this.
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  5. I just saw a report on this. I think we can officially say Marvel is starting its slump. To have an OSCAR winner championing this role and at the time it was announced, the highlight of the show, to this? WTF is going on?
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  6. Yeah that's a huge eek. Having Kevin oversee everything worked for so long, when they weren't churning out 55 projects a year, because he's genuinely passionate about Marvel. But the "spread too thin" complaint makes sense.

    Of all the projects they're producing right now, they cannot drop the ball with Mahershala for fuck sake.
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  7. The new She-Hulk episode was great!
    Death to Josh!!
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  8. There definitely is an element of Feige being spread too thin.

    They need to reduce the amount of content in order to main quality control. The issue is of course Disney Plus and this need to constantly have new material for it.
  9. Rob


    Blade's production sounds like it's going well.

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  10. I’ve just started the new episode of She-Hulk.

    The episode beginning with HAIM?! BOP!
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  11. It’s a shame the Disney+ strategy has worked, because I wish they’d ditch the TV shows.
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  12. Yeah, the 'need' to watch everything during the first 3 phases was more palpable. (They even tricked me into watching both Guardians movies and Ragnarok.) Obviously, there were lesser releases to keep up with and no Disney+. They also seem the aim for more surface-level, shock reveals, like Maguire, Garfield, Stewart and now Jackman returning. Nothing wrong with getting enjoyment from that, but it doesn't always translate in great storytelling.

    I haven't watched any of TV shows, as I don't need/want Disney+. It's just too much and I don't watch much television. I'm old.

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  13. Can't believe they wasted one She-Hulk episode on THAT storyline.
  14. It developed Jen’s character a lot though
  15. I thought it was fun and it was nice catching up with Blonsky.
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  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    But like...


  17. We're in the endgame now
  18. I hope they’re finally getting the hint. Stop selling us drivel.
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