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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. I think someone mentioned this recently somewhere on this forum, perhaps in the Star Wars thread. That TV shows these days essentially being 6-10 hour long movies cut up into hour long sections is just not what makes a show great. TV has unique aspects to it being episodic. And a lot of these Disney+ shows seem to be ran by people normally who are making movies and don't really understand how to create a compelling TV show and are instead just making 6 hour + long movies cut up. It's just not effective storytelling. It's why they're so hit or miss.
    I'd rather them do Disney+ Marvel films, than some of these tv shows- if they need content for Disney+ that badly.
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  2. I don't think Blade is doomed. All it needs is a re-write and a new director and they should be fine. It wouldn't be the first film (or Marvel film) to need re-writes. As long as the script is half decent they should be able to expand on it.
  3. That’s true, I’m sure it’ll be fine in the end. But this does seem to be a recurring theme with this phase of films so far.
  4. Now that I feel is because they’re spreading themselves too thin. So much of these films/tv shows are new characters which means a whole new development process to launch these new worlds and their slate is too ambition. If it were more traditional spin offs and sequels it would likely be easier to churn stuff out.
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  5. Wakanda Forever had a crazy troubled development/shooting schedule and then THAT trailer dropped so I'm erring on the side of optimism but yeah...things need to slow down.
  6. He


    Aren't most MCU productions messy? As they are always finishing scrips while shooting, changing things. I get the spreading too thin part, though.
  7. Edgar Wright left through the production of Ant Man and that turned out well. Obviously, this being the MCU, any and all problems are going to be drastically enhanced when they get leaked.
  8. Why Blade is being pinpointed is because the film was announced 3 years ago. They come up with a 90 page script after years of development? They dropped the ball on that big time.
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  9. BTG


    Eh. I don’t know if I necessarily buy this idea that Feige is spread too thin per se. It’s a criticism that people have been absolutely gagging to apply to him for years now. He’s long since stepped away from running Marvel singlehandedly. The entirety of Phase 4 has been overseen on the day to day by Feige’s sub-producers onset while Feige takes care of the bigger picture.

    There’s definitely a quality control problem though and it’s clear these Disney+ shows are being forced upon them because they’ll keep the viewers subscribed but this Blade situation just seems like a case of the crew they assembled just not working out.

    They’ve had great success in the last hiring independent/TV creatives and they’ve usually risen to the challenge, but I think this might be case where the talent didn’t quite deliver. The former director had only one (well received) independent movie to his name, and the writer hadn’t written one feature film before despite her accolades. This is a passion project for Mahershala too, so the usual ‘work is out along the way’ method wasn’t going to cut it.
  10. Okay but we're still getting the film.
  11. These MCU shows are simply waning.
    I would rather have a piece of drivel that is at least short, sweet and delivers in some manner. A movie is perfect in that sense.

    In my opinion the MCU shows that have truly delivered are the character studies: Wandavision, Falcon + Winter Soldier and to a lessor extent Loki and Ms Marvel. The studio should continue doing shows like this. The rest should have been done as movies.
  12. Falcon And The Winter Soldier and Loki delivering?
  13. Moon Knight sucked though.
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    Not Moon Knight being “impressive”. That was trash.
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  15. I liked Moon Knight but he only wrote 1 episode of it anyway.
  16. I loved Moon Knight, oops. My third favourite show after Wandavision and Falcon & Winter Soldier.
  17. Yeah I’ve liked all the shows so far! The only one that really just didn’t translate well was Falcon And The Winter Solider.
    I swear it’s always the same complaints people have watching tv shows, I’ve never understood it. They’re too long, they’re too short, they’re too much filler etc. For me, they’ve all done what they’re supposed to do! Which is highlight characters that, most likely, would be relegated to supporting cast or even worse not seen at all.
    If you don’t like the show, it’s pretty simple, just don’t watch it. Pick and choose, everything isn’t essential to the overall story, no matter how much they might want us to think it is.
    This isn’t me saying they’re perfect by the way, there’s plenty room for improvement! Just like there is with the films. Personally I’ve much preferred the shows this phase over the films.
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  18. I watched Captain Marvel again last night and that final rush of her coming into her powers makes me emotional every time.

    It’s so jarring that she had this huge build-up and then we’ve only seen her in 10 minutes of Endgame since. I know there have been release dates juggled around due to covid, so I’m not sure how much sooner The Marvels was supposed to have arrived, but it honestly kind of feels like they gave into the incels and abandoned her…

    I’m doing a chronological timeline rewatch and fell asleep watching Iron Man straight after.
  19. He


    Yeah I definitely think they reconfigured her importance in the MCU moving forward. Or maybe it will just get started with The Marvels.
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