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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. I mean there hasn’t been a team up movie yet. There’s a chance she still leads the next Avengers
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  2. He


    Exactly what I was thinking about. They said she’d lead the avengers from then on. So far they just have her as this big powerful character that is rarely used.

    But then again, with endgame around the corner they must have known there was no team to lead moving forward, ddd.
  3. Well she was before Multiverse of Madness dd*

    *different variant but still dd
  4. Also weren’t all the assertions as to what Carol would or wouldn’t do just from…marketing and studio execs? She arrived in the middle of the end of the Infinity Saga and the only confirmed plan was always a sequel (that has now expanded its remit somewhat, probably for the best). I feel like the “Carol will lead the Avengers!” comments were never actually going to be true.
  5. Incredible trailer for Wakanda Forever. This looks huge.
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  7. So, Shuri basically confirmed to be the new Black Panther?
  8. I don't even watch superhero movies but Tenoch Huerta looks incredible in this. I might have to see this one.
  9. I’ve just booked this for the IMAX Southbank for the day of release. I can’t wait!
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  10. I think it makes sense that if the next Phase includes Skrulls, Celestials/Eternals and Adam Warlock (ie, Cosmic Marvel), the Avengers will need/accept Carol as their leader, given that she has spent the most time in space (even more than Thor, teebs).
  11. I like that the new Wakanda Forever trailer doesn't use the 'Who'll be the next Black Panther?' trope to sell the movie. But I do wonder if there will be a final twist: someone else taking over at the very end, more than one Black Panther,... . Thankfully, Ramonda is featured a lot, but I still fear for her life.

    Namor looks amazing, green tights, ankle wings and all.
  12. Apparently so.
  13. I feel like it'll be Dr. Strange.
  14. I feel like Sam makes the most sense because he's the new Captain America ddd.
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  15. Please... anyone but him. I don't see him as a leader anyways.
  16. Wakanda Forever looks incredible. Trailers aren't movies, sure, but this has me actually hyped. It looks like it won't be trying to do too much at once and just tell an arresting story pulling from the Marvel canon. Namor could be an incredible, complex and morally grey character for them if they do it right.
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  17. He


    He is basically Tony with magic, so I’m sure he’ll be pushed to the center.
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  18. Yeah, and it also looks pretty self-contained? And it actually looks like a sequel to Black Panther only, rather than a sequel to Black Panther & three other Marvel films.
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  19. That fucking trailer... It should't be possible for a trailer to be that good. They sure haven't managed to make any other Marvel film look this interesting before, based on the trailer alone.
  20. Well, they have, it just feels different under the circumstances I think. But I will never forget watching the Infinity War trailer for the first time. My soul left my body. Similarly, the Spider-Man reveal in the Civil War trailer was masterful.

    They can do trailers very well. But there's just a whole aura around this movie that makes it feel like it's a real moment.
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