The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

It was good, not better than the first one in my opinion, but I do agree both are among the best Marvel projects up to date.

The Midnight Angels Suit was the worse thing, it took me off so much, especially with the mask up.

Namor was amazing, I think that was the most interesting part of the movie for me, the implications of finding yet another humanoid race on earth. A little more fanservice with Namor wouldn't have hurt.

I wonder if we will see this representation of Namor in the comics, and how will this affect the character's background in canon, I've seen a lot of positive comments so the fans are here for it, I guess.

I kept wondering if Shuri was going to take the mantel of BP for real or just once to protect her land and at the end they kinda made it ambiguous, which to be honest pissed me off a little. I know Letitia has some opinions but there's no denying of her talents, even in the first movie I was already dreaming for her role to grow and now, because of the circumstances, she can take the spotlight. I hope they keep her around in the suit for at least a couple more projects.


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I didn’t really like it. Way down on my list, would probably not even watch again on Disney+

Needed to lose half an hour runtime. Awful pacing. SET PIECE / speech / SET PIECE / speech / another speech / SET PIECE

I absolutely understand and appreciated that the spirit of Chadwick Boseman was a big part of this film (the opening Marvel logo put a lump in my throat) but that was also a problem to some degree - because it wasn’t about T’Challa’s death, it was about Chadwick’s and it took me out of the world they were in.

The cast were all great, wish Michaela Coel had been in it more, some of the CGI was ropey, bored of the end fight scene trope of it always being “significant baddie vs significant hero”. Meh.
The box office will be fine. Its got a month straight with no other major movie hitting or taking up premium screens. Word of mouth is great too. The only major factors I see hurting it are just the fact that its a bit more emotionally intense than other Marvel movies which might hinder repeat viewings and (bleakly) that its a more female led film.
and (bleakly) that its a more female led film.
This is sadly just facts. There's a vocal and active section of the "fanbase" that try their best to torpedo the female led movies and shows. I'm sure there's also lots that just don't ever want to look past the male heroes to actually realise that all the female leads we're getting are rooted in the comics and have been around just as long as the male ones in some cases. I see so much bullshit online from idiots that think it's the MCU being "woke" or turning into the "M-she-U". Absolute fucking morons.
I think this film can just about outrun it, but I feel like Marvel Fatigue Syndrome is starting to catch on a bit in the wider public. This is totally anecdotal and more feeling-driven than data driven, but I do feel it creeping in a bit more.
I think there's plenty of oil left in the tank but I often think about the Disney Parks setting up Avengers Campus to be heavily screen based so it could be easily swapped out. The more is more approach might eventually backfire, but then again the MCU really is unprecedented sustained success.
It will be interesting to see how Quantumania performs since no Ant Man film has crossed over 700 million. I think that film will be the first true test of the Marvel Fatigue Syndrome
I do think the Marvel catalog has gotten so large that it puts off new viewers from really joining the craze. It’s a huge commitment once you realize the back catalog and how they all connect.

I think the big saving grace for Marvel is that they have mutants and more importantly, the X-Men, waiting in the wings at some point. I feel like that could provide a second wind and significant enough change to excite a whole new group of people and the younger fans who will grow up with new characters, especially with the animated show coming out way before.

I just really hope they do mutants justice and don’t down-power them. I get it may make some of the Marvel heroes we know now seem inconsequential and useless, but the characters are so rich and diverse.
It will be interesting to see how things pan out further down the road, to both the audience and Marvel Studios. After all it is the first time that a cinematographic universe of this scope has been achieved.

Whether there is a burn out or if they can give it a twist by cleaning the palette, it will be unprecedented. I guess I could see them reinventing the wheel by introducing the X-Men, but will the audience be here for a restart of sorts? How long can they keep the continuity without alienating newcomers? Whatever happens the superhero genre is truly in their hands, if there's a burn out and a decline I'm sure DC will follow right after.
Comic books in general are hard-to-jump-in half the time because of the decades of backstory. But they either do new #1s or huge big resets to give people a new place to jump on. Of course, all of the "new #1s" this phase with all the new characters, people have complained about for one reason or another. Sooo we'll see.
And also- Marvel movies are multimillion dollar budgets, it takes only several thousand to produce a comic book from my understanding. So there's a bit more freedom there.
I’m glad the X-Men talk is starting to catch on. The mutant storylines is obviously going to be setup as the next set of phases in the MCU. I’ve been talking about this for ages and even one of “our favorite” X-Men fanatic put out a great video on this. Sure a bit of theory crafting but a great watch!

I’m glad the X-Men talk is starting to catch on. The mutant storylines is obviously going to be setup as the next set of phases in the MCU. I’ve been talking about this for ages and even one of “our favorite” X-Men fanatic put out a great video on this. Sure a bit of theory crafting but a great watch!

I just watched this earlier. This is a good video and she makes some good points and arguments and I think a lot of what she's hinting at is entirely possible/likely.
Aside from the Black Panther series I have mostly checked out of the MCU as a whole but bringing in the X-men in any form would get my interest again. I have been waiting for a mutant saga for a long time.
Just got home from watching Wakanda Forever. I really enjoyed it. It was way more emotional than I thought it would be, a lot of it felt very heavy without the usual levity that Marvel movies have. But I get why it was this way given the circumstances.

It was long, but I think that’s me not being able to stop getting fidgety after 90 mins more than an issue with the movie itself.