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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Talking about bops:

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  2. Just got home from seeing Wakanda Forever and I loved it. I became a Marvel fan after seeing the first film so I may be a little biased. I loved how much action revolved around the female stars. The starting credits were so beautiful and powerful, you could feel how it struck everyone in the room.

    Probably my favourite song in the film, it really helped sell the whole vibe of Talokan.

    I was also one of Namor’s thirsters. When he first appeared I actually said “Woah!” out loud. Now this is me:
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  3. I gotta say, I love and support cosplayers. And what a perfect choice of character for someone to cosplay.
  4. Not really cosplay so much as “Gay grabs necklaces he already had” but…work!

    A quick search of “Namor Cosplay” on Insta gets some brilliant (ahem) results.
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  5. I don’t want to be that guy who ask for feet, but I mean, we barely saw his wings on the movie…
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  6. this is gonna be every muscle gays Halloween ‘outfit’ next year isn’t it.
  7. I saw the movie yesterday night and wow this was amazing. As you all said, the silent scenes are breathtaking and the girls delivered.
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  8. I didnt know this thread existed… But.. That was spectacular I dont remember the last time a movie left me with so many emotions and mind you I am not even a Marvel stan like they really gagged me.
    Con La Brisa song of the year btw. That whole scene was spectacular.
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  9. Just got back from seeing 'Wakanda Forever'. Yesterday, I watched the first 'Black Panther' movie, because it has been a while.

    They did really well with paying tribute to Boseman in the opening scenes, the Marvel logo and the very last scene (+ mid-credit scene).

    As expected and just like in the first movie, Nyong'o, Bassett and Gurira are such a phenomenal trio. Wright and Huerta were solid. I like that Namor used that word to describe himself. Kasumba, Thorne and Coel didn't leave much of an expression. Especially Riri felt like a tacked on character and was one of the weaker plot points.

    I like that the story was mostly standalone and that the humour was kept at a minimum. The introduction of Talokan felt Eternals-ish (which is a good thing in my book).

    It did have many of the same problems as the first movie though:
    • The special effects are really bad in many places: those elephants at night, again the waterfalls, the Jabari mountain tribe, the panorama views of Wakanda,... . There was a little scene with Nakia in a bush/jungle, which took me out of the movie. It made me think why they couldn't have filmed it with actual plants.
    • It was often too dark. It's not a movie to watch during daytime with sunlight in your room.
    • The action scenes were lackluster with a few exceptions, namely Okoye fighting Attuma the first time. I did love the physicality of Namor in many ways. His wings gave him a unique way of moving/flying.
    • Wakanda was yet again too futuristic for my taste. There was a little bit more scenery on the streets than in the first movie, but overall the technology, the palace/lab and the planes feel so 'weightless' and alien.
    It was still enjoyable and, as a phase 4 movie, I would put it in 3rd spot:
    1. Eternals
    2. Shang-Chi
    3. Wakanda Forever
  10. LTG


    The underwater and nighttime scenes looked absolutely awful. Talokan looked like it could have had some really interesting production design but we couldn’t see it.
  11. The promotion has begun!

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  12. My Marvussy isn’t ready!

    Do we have any inkling yet which of her many code names Monica might take?

    Edit: she’s getting a new comic solo series next month under the name Photon (probably her best) with a costume very similar to the MCU outfit. Brand synergy dictates that this will be her code name.
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  13. I struggle with this because I think the set design used for Talokan was phenomenal, but the lighting was so dark you could barely see it. The small amounts I could see looked like they came right from a real mesoamerican site. Comparatively Atlantis from Aquaman was very well-lit due to the Atlantians being able to see underwater, but because it was all computer-generated it looked like a cartoon. I wish we could have gotten something in between. Something well-lit AND realistic.
  14. Rob


    I'm honestly just glad Captain Marvel has got rid of her Karen-cut.
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  15. As nice as it is to see Mantis get focus, the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is the fluff it seemed to be. Which is fine. But totally inessential.
  16. I'm worried The Marvels is coming to tank a bitsy but has potential to be very good.

    I'm excited for the musical planet stuff, if Brie gets a song I hope they do something as iconic as this;
  17. I feel like Ant Man 3 will be the one to watch in terms of box office impact in terms of audience fatigue. I'm curious to see what movie will break the billion mark for them again
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  18. I suspect it’ll need to have Avengers or Spider-Man in the title.
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  19. I don't think we'll see movies hitting a billion until they've started teasing Kang Dynasty.
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  20. Yep. Right now, only the team ups or Spider-Man seem like a dead cert for a billion. I'm worried for The Marvels, unless the trailers are absolutely knock-out. Everything we've heard make it sound very weird and really silly. If it bombs, it'll be a total nightmare for Brie after all the shit she got online even when her movie cleared a billion easily.

    Ant Man 3 is a bit of a guessing game, as the first 2 were relative flops for the MCU but with Kang on the board, that might elevate this one.

    Couple of months ago, I would have put money on Wakanda Forever sailing past a billion. But it's looking likely to stall with an 8 in front. For it to underperform against Dr Strange 2, which had awful word of mouth, is really disappointing. Things are just a bit up in the air in the MCU just now. Particularly after some fairly large quality issues in phase 4.
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