The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Guardians Of The Galaxy is exactly it, yes. That's the tone they need to make. With a bit of Kick Ass in there. Really, the director of 500 Days Of Summer and starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone should have made that happen, I wonder where it all went wrong behind the scenes and it suddenly became your generic superhero movie.
They could've easily continued on with Andrew Garfield and left the first two films as "Phase 1" so to speak. Gwen's death could've been addressed in Civil War with the next Spider-Man film starting a trilogy with Mary Jane and/or Felicia Hardy (who NEEDS to become Black Cat on screen at some point).

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Spider-Man 2 is my favourite thing out of 5, it is still amazing. I never liked Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man himself so I'm quite pleased with this news.
Why do other studios even try to compete with Disney on this? It's game over, and as long as the Fox films continue to (relatively) under perform commercially, it's only a matter of time for them too.

What Disney have realised is that IP rules, so rather than rely only licensing other people's IP, Sony should perhaps try to develop some that they wholly own.
The X-Men movies are hugely popular and starting over with a new film shows just so they can play happy families with the Hulk and co. wouldn't go down well.
As much as I loved Days of Future Past, look at it's takings compared to The Avengers and the (previously unheard of) Guardian of the Galaxy. That's why I said 'relative' commercial success. Fox (as Sony have) may soon realise that despite how much they rely on the (expensive) Jackman and Garner, there are actually caps on revenue for films that exist within their limited universe.
Marvel are only having that success because the X movies opened doors for them in the first place. I'd rather they went down a "multiverse" route and created a cross-studio production within existing continuities. Anything else would be a mess.
Why do other studios even try to compete with Disney on this? It's game over, and as long as the Fox films continue to (relatively) under perform commercially, it's only a matter of time for them too.

This is a very totalitarian point of view.

Even if it's not at the same level of The Avengers, the X-Men franchise is very successful, it helped Fox having the best summer o its history and ending #1 among all Hollywood studios. The fact it's the only survivor from the wave of superhero adaptations from the 2000s is an incredible feat in itself.
I'd love an all-inclusive Marvel universe as much as the next person but not at the expense of starting over or recasting.

In the comics the X-Men pretty much have their own little world going on anyway, and interactions with other super teams often feel forced. I've always preferred the likes of Spidey and co. making guest appearances over the big overblown crossover arcs anyway.
I don't know if I'd want Disney to have X-Men.

When Hugh Jackman retires as Wolverine, I don't want to see anymore Wolverine. He's played that role for so long but seeing anyone else play Logan is just...wrong.

Then again, I think Feige and Marvel would do an amazing job with Storm who Singer/Fox have completely wasted.
If Disney had all the rights to all the characters that wouldn't mean they'd release more films - they'd still only release 2 (3 max) a year, so you would never have had Iron Man, Thor or Cap films (plus the upcoming Captain Marvel and Black Panther). The X films are fine where they are as long as the quality is there (which it has been for First Class, The Wolverine and DoFP - I enjoyed those films as much - maybe even more - than the Marvel Studios movies).

Having said that, having one set of characters appear in other films would be amazing - imagine Hulk V Wolverine.
According to this, Garfield was offered the chance to return. Obviously we have no idea if it's true but it seems like Marvel possibly wanted to keep the actor but in a whole new continuity.
According to reports, Spidey is going back to high school with Logan Lerman and Dylan O'Brien are in talks for the role.

Anton Yelchin almost got the role in Amazing Spiderman and I really like him.
I have found the Wolverine movies to be decent at best, and they certainly do not hold a candle to First Class or Days of Future Past. If Fox gets Apocalypse right, then it's fine, and they can always get help from Marvel/Disney a la Sony.

This might open the future for some nice collaborations.
They never managed to get Mary Jane right, and that's quite a big problem because she's a huge icon in the Spideyverse. The new Spider-Man films were about to make the same mistake they did when they cast Kirsten Dunst...with Shailene Woodley. She is NOTHING like Mary Jane. Basically they need an actress who is beautiful, but who can bring depth and be Peter Parker's equal in a way not even Gwen managed. If Kirsten or Shailene are Mary Jane Watson Parker, then I'm Mel Gibson.

So if we can get something out of this, perhaps it will be great casting for a character who deserves it.
Tobey Maguire: Man lacks confidence. Man becomes Spiderman. Man gains confidence.

Andrew Garfield: Man is confident. Man becomes Spiderman. Man continues to be confident.

Serve me that character development on a silver platter Sony Pictures you storytelling artistes.
Tobey was a great Peter Parker, but a slight misfire as Spiderman, Andrew was a great Spiderman, but a slight misfire as Peter Parker. Maybe 3rd time will be the charm?
Has there been a superhero movie where we have several main characters, and the superhero has a mask and voice-changer, and we're actually not told which of the characters it is until the end?

Because there should be.