The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Joe Locke, our new Wiccan, has posted this from the set of what seems to now be "Agnes of Westview". I'm with Grace on this though, "Coven of Chaos" is way better.

EDIT: OoOoooh I like the suggestion in the replies that it's an episode title, and they're continuing with the TV show theme, as it's the same font and layout as the Mare of Easttown logo.

This is easily at the top of my most anticipated MCU list, along with the Avengers movies.

Joe needs to be careful nn, he has the Disney overlords watching over him now
Im sure the "Agnes of Westview" is the shooting name for the series. I hope there are some actual set photos caught but I'm sure it'll be all on backlots and such. Still very excited to see what they do with this one as it feels very "for the gays".
The name on the seat does not = name of the show
Yeah we all know that it can be different, but usually the name on the chair or the clipboard is different when the actual project hasn't officially been announced or is heavily under wraps. But the logo for this show was already revealed, so it's a bit unusual to have different logos/names printed on set at this point.

Hence, the episode title theory making a lot of sense.
Is it though? It's great marketing! The show will not come out for a year and people are already speculating and buzzing. Give Joe a raise Disney!!!
As much as I could see Disney wasting money on such a stupid and small thing, I doubt they are making individual seat backs for each episode. They could use that money to maybe pay their VFX people a little more... It's probably just the shooting name for the show.
It’s quite sad to think Captain Marvel was intended to be the face of the MCU post Thanos and now she’s not.

Was she thought? I’ve heard little things about her leading Avengers but it’s not like there’s been an obvious change in scheduling so that didn’t happen. Was this not Feige talking vaguely about possibilities? Sure if she’d been wildly popular they’d have worked her in somewhere maybe but as it stands she wouldn’t have appeared anywhere else yet surely?
She definitely was supposed to lead the Avengers, it was said quite a lot back then. It’s just that there’s been soooo many projects since that no one has been to face of the Avengers.
I always got the impression that Ironman, Cap and Thor would be replaced as a trio by Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Captain Marvel.

Nothing I’ve seen so far indicates that Carol won’t remain the godly mega powerful member of the trio but I wonder if Shang Chi will now fill the Black Panther shaped hole in the team or if we’ll see Anthony Mackie step up following his own Cap film.
I hope she'll be more prominent in Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. She hasn't really felt part of the team yet or felt that crucial to any overarching plot.

If there will be a proper Avengers line-up, I think Shang Chi, Mackie's Cap and the new Black Panther are likely to be there.

Thor, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man could have a different kind of presence, but still be prominent/integral to the plot.

Not sure about Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and Wasp. We'll see.

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