The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Eternals was boring, badly acted with dull characters, and looked crap. I failed to identify the so-called amazing cinematography that everyone said it had because it was all just so grey and brown and dull.

Thank you. I keep seeing praise for it in this thread and I just don't get it. The acting was terrible across the board with Gemma Chan giving the most wooden performance she could muster. At least Angelina in that awful blonde wig was kinda camp. The plot was nonsense too.
Saw Ant-Man yesterday and… I’m disappointed. I thought it was paced well, and Rudd, Pfeiffer and Majors were all great. I was expecting Cassie to be dreadful based on posts in this thread, but she was fine.

And yet. It was so unnecessarily goofy. I think it was objectively a better film than Love and Thunder, but I was expecting that to be a goofy comedy. This didn’t need to be, and it suffered for it.

The ‘Darren?!’ joke was done three times.

There was a surprise saviour by reinforcements three times.

Kang was overpowered by… a bunch of ants.

I said “I have holes!” under my breath before the character did, and then rolled my eyes.

“What’s the code?”
“I’d rather die”
*reads mind*
(UGH. A truly cursed script.)

And while I didn’t think the CGI was bad at all, the art design was so derivative, and the quantum realm just didn’t make any sense to me. Why would there be a broccoli man at the subatomic level? Why was it all basically Tattooine with a painted skybox?
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I wish they leaned a little more into the comics for the characters. Sersi being this party girl who loved earth and not just some... shell of that. I think we needed some more personalities put into them as they kind of just all felt half there and didn't really give anyone something to love or connect with.
Started watching Daredevil. NOT Charlie Cox being even hotter than I thought.
VFX is being dealt with. Disney can you start firing writers too please?!

Literally said the exact same thing on the last page.

I know people are saying it looks like they're just scapegoating, but the number of horror stories that are coming out about her and the way she treated workers is bad. Toxic is how she's being described.