The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

I’m guessing the thought process behind this was saving some major players for Phases 7-9(?) and hoping to ride high off the goodwill from The Infinity Saga.

It makes sense really, they’ve got some of the characters sticking around (Thor, Guardians) but X-Men gives them the opportunity to clear house and focus elsewhere.
Yup it looks like the new iteration of the X-Men is their back up plan. We are still getting the “current” X-Men that will show up in Deadpool 3 and Secret Wars.
Christ, thoughts with the victim. Seems she's at least in a stable condition and getting medical treatment. Can only imagine the gross discourse incoming about it all

I always had a feeling about him so this isn’t a huge shock. I’m glad this happened early on so Marvel can shift courses which they probably will need to do.
Oh wow, that is shocking. Hasn’t the talk around him been that he’s soft and kind?

Hope this woman will be ok. And I hope Marvel doesn’t do an Ezra and just sweep it under the rug if true.
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Fucking hell. Normally I'd say it's best to wait on some more details before passing judgement, but the more that comes out, the fucking worse it gets. Is he an actual monster??

I'm really shocked. I genuinely was unaware of this reputation. I thought he was loved and was known to be a super nice guy.

I hope the victim is getting the support they need.
Cast someone else and pass it off as Kang variants looking different or something, easy. I really hope Marvel doesn't try to just ignore all this and have an Ezra situation too.
Isn't he featured quite heavily in Loki S2?
Unfortunately I believe so. If Kang wasn’t such an integral part to Secret Wars and Kang Dynasty. I would say scrap the movies and Kang and fast track the X-Men.

Then again phase 4 has been such an incoherent mess in general they can do a soft reboot and close out the Avengers movies without Kang.