The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Apparently where? Like where do people get things like this? I don't think Marvel has even commented?

It's only been around 48 hours since this whole thing was reported, I really wish people would just sit and wait on concrete info rather then jumping in with tweets and rumors.

His laywer belongs to the buffet that works for Marvel...
You’d never be able to pin this on Marvel, but it’s obvious that *somebody* called Olivia Pope to clean this up. This about face is screaming PR assisted coverup.
Hate posting it here as 'news' but it's probably the agreed upon thread

I'm dreading the media circus and culture war lines this will draw. Especially as I can see his defense leaning into them what with the Depp precedent

Ooh this is bad.

Article says that division focuses on ‘consumer products’ - so is that like toys and lunchboxes?


Found a NYT article with more info.

By the end, Mr. Perlmutter’s job was limited to businesses like comics publishing, which generates $40 million to $60 million in sales annually, according to analysts. (To contextualize, Disney had about $83 billion in total revenue in 2022.) He was also involved in Marvel game licensing, certain consumer products and superhero arena shows.
So I suppose the big impact is on comics publishing.

Ooh this is bad.

Perlmutter was the one responsible for Phase 1 being all white men, because "superhero girl toys don't sell." He blocked Maya from being the main villain in Iron Man 3 for similar reasons. And when Terrence Howard was replaced, Ike reportedly said, "nobody would notice because black people all 'look the same'" So, yeah, good riddance.

He hasn't had power over the movies since 2015 though. The Vanity Fair article from that time has some insane stories about him:
So Victoria Alonso’s firing had nothing to do with VFX. It was for breach of contract.

It seems fair to note that her lawyer vehemently denies this, that Disney were fully aware of her involvement, gave her their blessing to produce it, and are now using it as cover because of her… hm, let’s say disruptive… tactics in speaking out about gay issues, specifically calling out Bob Chapek over the infamous Florida bill.

I think what’s most likely is Iger is cleaning house, and anyone who doesn’t fall in line or won’t go quietly is on the chopping block, and her disruptive nature made it easy for them in theory, although obviously not in practice.

Ooh this is bad.

It's not necessarily. He was awful (and reasons for why they tried to make Inhumans as a film, not allow any female lead films - the reason why Rebecca Hall's character was changed from the villain in IM3 to just... what she ended up being, and said many other awful things - along with being a Tr*mp supporter.)

They could let some other outsourced company run the comics, which would be crappy or have someone who costs less (and probably knows more) to run it.