The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Jonathon Majors is the easiest recast in history, storyline wise.
Of for sure. Plus I think from now on, Marvel will start to introduce variants played by different people instead of the same actor playing them all. I’m sure Majors was a special case because of his talent and the character itself.
Isn’t the 4th Avatar film the one where Cameron said the studio sent him no notes except “holy shit” or something along those lines? That bodes well
That's the one. Plus its the one with the kids aged up so its promising for a Fantastic Four movie with a lead writer whose done a fair bit of family dynamics in previous work (not just Avatar but with War of the Worlds and I imagine with the upcoming Planet of the Apes sequel).
Yeah, Secret Invasion looks great. I have my reservations but it looks...less cheap than the last few. I feel like there's quite a lot more hype around this, even more than the new Guardians film, so if it is good, it could put things into gear for Marvel again.

I hope Fury's storyline bleeds into The Marvels a bit, I think that could greatly help with interest around The Marvels.